Quest 3 and Keon to play videos & Scripts locally

Could anyone please advise me on how do I play videos and scripts locally from my quest3 while syncing with my Keon.
I can play the online SexlikeReal ones fine through DeoVR app while it is connected to my iPhone on the app.

Should my Keon be connected via bluetooth to the Quest 3 rather than my phone and the phone app to play locally?

Should all the videos and scripts be in the interactive folder on the quest, rather than the movie folder?

Should I be playing it via the DeoVR app or rather the Heresphere?


I believe HereSphere can do this.

You can install a Heresphere demo from inside your quest 3 from the Meta store, if that is what it is called. Just search Heresphere. It will tell you it is from the App Lab.

The thread already provided has a lot of info, especially at the end. You can always ask questions there, too.

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Actually just noticed the DeoVR app has had a new function to scan and recognise the Keon.
I know have it working for local files and Sexlikereal by using the Devour app.
Excellent to be able to bypass the iPhone app!

Thanks for the reply. I was actually able to sort it out with DeoVR alone.

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How? I am not seeing anything in DeoVR. I cant get mine working. Just got my quest 3. How did you do it?

So I made sure that my script name and video name is exactly the same (apart from adding the "Funscript extension.
I just copied them to the root of the movie folder on the Quest 3 head set via the android transfer file app that I have on my iMac.

Then I opened DeoVR. There is a new function in settings where it actually auto scan and detect your Keon. So you don’t even have to go the main settings of the headset to connect it. In DeoVr the bluetooth settings connect it for you.

Then at the bottom select the little icon that takes you to local files and navigate to your videos.
It then opens your videos and you have the choice for the interactive button, same as any videos from a site like SLR.

Well happy that you don’t have to use the app on the iPhone in between any more!

Good luck!

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