Quest 3 SR6/SLR Passthrough Problem

So I recently got the Quest 3 I opened the Virtual Desktop app and accessed DeoVR that way. The scripts are playing correctly. I wanted to try to use Passthrough but when I opened Settings → Personalize → there’s no Passthrough virtual background. I opened the DeoVR app on the Quest 3 itself, signed on SLR through DeoVR built-in browser, opened Settings → Personalize and there was the Passthrough virtual background.

TL;DR SR6 connects to SLR when opened on the VD app, but no passthrough. There is passthrough when SLR is opened on the DeoVR app, but no SR6 connection. What do?

Thank you for your time.

From what I understand the virtual desktop app is just showing you whats on your monitor. If your using the Deo VR app on your pc and not the headset it would be looking for the cameras on your PC as the PC app is broadcasting to your Quest 3.

You have to open the videos on deovr app on the quest and then in Multifun player, under the connection to deovr click the little drop down carrot to expand the section and you should see the IP address. Replace the IP address with the IP of your Quest 3 which you can get from the Wi-Fi settings on your Quest 3. Then it should connect. The problem I have now is that the scripts don’t load automatically when I stream to deovr app from my PC using a dlna server so I have to manually load script each time which is super annoying. If anyone knows fix for this let me know. Also the Alpha passthrough shortcut doesn’t work when streaming from PC using dlna, but dude on the slr forums said they’re working on a fix for that for next release. So for now you have to transfer alpha videos onto the quest 3 storage and play from there or stream from if you have an account.

Yea, so I looked up my Quest 3 IP address and typed it in MFP and didn’t work. I chose an unassigned port number but still won’t connect using the DeoVR app. Any other ideas? Thanks

Edit: I got it fixed now. I did have to update MFP. Thank you.

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