Question? Or guidance

Is there a way to filter 2D videos/scripts ? I’m not sure if it’s not an available feature due to my current basic level? Sorry if it’s a stupid question

It is possible, but a bit tricky since the user interface won’t guide you.

This is the free scripts category with no filtering.

If you add -tags:tagname1,tagname2 you will filter out all posts with tagname1 or tagname2

What you are looking for might be this, the free scripts category, but nothing with the tags VR, hentai, CGI, HMV, Fap Hero, furry and many more. Basically a search for scripted 2D vanilla porn and nothing else.

If you want to include PMV then you need to remove that tag in the link.

For a complete guide and some more prepared queries go to How to filter topics to find what you are looking for


Thank you very much ! Very cool