[Review] OSR2+ G90ak’s Custom Edition - “Shade of Gray"

I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to share my honest thoughts on the OSR2 and @g90ak’s offerings. This is not a paid of solicited review. I’ll include a transparent breakdown of cost of exactly what I paid here:

$160 - Standard g90ak Edition OSR2+ (desk mount, fleshlight adapter)
$10 - Handy adapter
$10 - Onahole adapter
$22.80 - USPS Priority Shipping
$202.80 - Total

And here are some pictures of this beauty!


I’m going to follow the format from this feedback thread. I’d highly recommend checking it out before making a purchase. I’m glad I did.

1. Pre-sales experience - responsiveness, clarity of communication, flexibility

@g90ak drops a few of these units each month. I missed the May drop, but I commented on it after all the units were “claimed” saying that I’d be willing to buy one if someone fell through. Well, that didn’t happen, but he contacted me 2 days later.

2. Sales experience - ease of payment/transaction, clarity of tracking/shipping info

Hell yeah, I was interested! Within about an hour, I received a cost breakdown and a Paypal address. I sent the money, and he immediately sent me confirmation, as well as a link to a setup guide, and a link to his exclusive Mega for customers (which is FULL of some seriously great shit)!

Two days after that, the unit was out the door. I got tracking immediately, and it arrived 3 days later.

3. Prep/setup experience - information provided, user/setup guide feedback

Admittedly, this thing was not the easiest to setup. If you’re looking for something that “just works” out of the box, this ain’t it. BUUUUUT if you’re here, I think the chances are pretty good that you’re willing to do a bit of work for a solid payoff.

That’s where the setup guide comes in. I won’t say it was simple, but @g90ak makes the time-consuming process as painless as possible. I’m confident that if you can read, you can get this working.

AND, when I had questions, he responded almost immediately. I had an issue with the desk mount (the screw wasn’t long enough for my THICC desk), so he pointed me in the direction of an appropriate M6 screw. I wasn’t sure what power supply to purchase and he helped me find one.

4. Packaging/Shipping experience - how was the item delivered/packaged, speed of shipping

5 days from “Hey, I am building one for you,” to it arriving at my door.

Everything was well protected with bubble wrap, cardboard, paper, etc. The box was standard issue USPS from a residential address (your neighbors will not know you ordered a sex robot).

5. Product quality - print quality, build quality, attention to detail

The attention to detail here is impressive! The dude takes amazing pictures of his work, but the machine looks even better in person. It feels solid, professional, polished. The print lines are almost invisible, and if I didn’t KNOW where this came from, I’d believe it came from a much larger operation.

6. Use experience - how was the actual use experience - be sure and note which servos you utilized

I went with the standard servos to keep the cost down. I’m not terribly worried about noise, but it is noticeably louder than The Handy. Keep that in mind if you’re looking to buy one. @g90ak actually did some noise testing here, if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • “Preparing” to use the OSR2
    There’s no way around it. This is just fucking awkward…
    Run multifunplayer, run Heresphere in Quest 2 (If I want to watch VR content), find a video, lube up, get hard, quickly fumble with getting myself and the toy in position, try not to leak lube onto a towel/the floor, tweak the top/bottom points of each axis, hope that I’m still hard enough to use the script.

  • “Using” the OSR2
    There are a lot of parameters to mess with… These are especially challenging to mess with when you have a VR headset on and also need to wear glasses to see your computer monitor. To put it bluntly, it’s kind of a pain in the ass! Comparatively, The Handy puts all of the controls at your fingertips and pretty much just works.

  • “Enjoying” the OSR2
    That said… is it worth this time and effort?

Your efforts will be rewarded. I have never been so satisfied as I was after testing out my first multi-axis script. AND I’m sure that my script sucks in comparison to some of them out there! Jesus FUCKING Christ! You don’t know until you know. It’s worth every bit of frustration and every god damn penny!

7. Anything else!

Let’s sum this up.

Do you enjoy funscripts?
Can you comfortably afford this purchase?
Can you handle a little bit of setup?
Are you okay with getting a little messy/taking a bit longer to get “ready” to use a device?

If you answered yes to all of the above, buy one RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

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Thank you so much for the kind words! And I really appreciate that my attention to detail is recognized. Obsessing over every screw, washer, and printed part is such a zen thing for me - really thankful that it shows up in my actual work.


I couldn’t agree more with this review, the whole ordering experience was outstanding.

And to top it all off, the build quality and attention to detail blew me away as soon as I opened the package…