G90ak Edition OSR2+ Feedback Thread

A few of my customers have asked if I could start a feedback thread for them to give reviews/thoughts on their experience with purchasing and using my g90ak Edition OSR2+. So here it is!

Would love for any feedback around:

  1. Pre-sales experience - responsiveness, clarity of communication, flexibility
  2. Sales experience - ease of payment/transaction, clarity of tracking/shipping info
  3. Prep/setup experience - information provided, user/setup guide feedback
  4. Packaging/Shipping experience - how was the item delivered/packaged, speed of shipping
  5. Product quality - print quality, build quality, attention to detail
  6. Use experience - how was the actual use experience - be sure and note which servos you utilized
  7. Anything else!

Hey guys! So, I have had the g90ak edition of the OSR2+ for about 3 weeks now. I wanted to take my time learning the basics of this product before I wrote my review. For starters I want to address the elephant in the room and let everyone know that the entry level for the OSR2+ is not extremely high. I have read countless posts from people that claim they are not tech savvy enough and that they are unaware if this would be the product for them. I would consider myself leaning more towards the side of “plug and play,” and this device, with the perfect step by step instructions supplied by g90ak, is as close to plug and play as DIY can get! SO, do not worry about whether you can get this thing up and running. It will take some time getting all the finer details down, but I promise it will be worth it. For me, it took about an hour to get it set up from opening the package to play.

A couple of quick bullet points:
-Fast shipping (I live domestic)
-The package was safely wrapped and even double boxed!
-G90ak provides the option to purchase multiple different adapters for sleeves
-G90ak provides step-by-step start up instructions for the OSR2+ (Includes links to programs and photos)
-G90ak offers servo upgrades! (I got Flash Hobby for stealth)
-G90ak is also very resourceful and a pleasure to chat with when you come across issues!
-G90ak provides a free “before purchase guide” that I highly recommend reading!
-The product comes with a desk mount!

Now moving on to my main issue with the OSR2+. I have only found one issue, but it is the problem all DIY products face. You must keep up with the maintenance of your unit. I am formally a handy user and the most I had ever done for it was to re-grease the screw in the trackpad every other month. Very minimal maintenance for a product that is mass produced but the handy is simply not comparable to the OSR2+. The OSR2+ is a 3D printing masterpiece with multiple parts. My biggest issue with the OSR2+ is you must retighten the screws every now and then. That is it! My routine is to check the screw tightness on the arms after I use the unit. This way they will be ready to go the next time I pull the unit out. Extremely basic stuff but I thought I would mention it for the new guys like me before they mess around and lose a screw due to poor maintenance.

Adapters Galore!

G90ak offers several types of adapters for the OSR2+ but the base receiver holds fleshlights. I own the onahole and flight adapters. I have used both adapters and the main receiver enough to notice that the experience is drastically different depending on the choice of sleeve. If you have a collection of sleeves like me, I highly recommend grabbing extra adapters from g90ak. They are solid quality and affordable for people without access to a 3D printer. They are also extremely easy to install and swap around. I typically like to just pick a specific type of sleeve I am going to use before I start the session, so I have never swapped them around mid-session. Would not surprise me if it were doable though! A quick little ranking of my favorite adapters and sleeves I have used with the OSR2+.

  1. Fleshlight Flight adapter with the Fleshlight Pilot
  2. Base Fleshlight receiver with Kumzumi
  3. Onahole receiver with Lips (Handy Sleeve Dream Collection)
  4. Base Fleshlight receiver with Waifu
  5. Base Fleshlight receiver with Destroya

This review is getting exceedingly long, but I wanted to address the points I saw that needed to be addressed. I was extremely overwhelmed initially reading about the OSR2+ but thanks to G90ak’s guide, I was able to better understand the basics of this device. I still have a lot to learn but, in this review, I hope I was able to clear the worry from some of my fellow “plug-and-play" users! I highly recommend the g90ak edition of the OSR2+ and I will be coming back in the future!

  1. Super responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions.

  2. Payment was easy, it was made fast and shipped fast, with tracking.

  3. Setup guide was easy, but it really depends on how tech savy you are, I’ve personally worked with computers and programming for quite a while, but I can even tell that the instructions where quite clear and precise.

  4. Item was shipped with standard shipping, you can probably pay for fast shipping if you really wanted to, otherwise it came to me within a few days. Boxed pretty securely.

  5. Print quality was good, no noticeable defects (which is fairly normal with 3D prints). Attention to detail was awesome, everything worked as intended.

  6. I didn’t take a look at exactly what servos I received since I asked for “upgraded servos”, but they are doing good with no issues so far.

  7. @g90ak is doing a great job for the community by offering a service for an reasonable rate. Which allows people to get into the multi-axis space

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At risk of sounding repetitive I had a similarly positive experience to others

  1. G90ak is really easy to talk to, and responded as quickly as could be expected with my fucked up sleep cycle
  2. Payment was straightforward / processed by standard avenues and shipping was fast once it got shipped out. I had a delay because of a mix up with servos I asked to be put in and he was very accommodating
  3. The setup guide he provided helped a lot and made the initial experience a lot easier. I would have been pretty lost without it.
  4. Packaging was solid, didn’t have any concerns about damage from shipping
  5. Product quality is very nice, I almost forgot this was 3d printed because of how smooth the finish is and how sturdy it feels. No fitting issues, noticeable defects, etc.
  6. I got the flash hobby servos mentioned back in the initial post G90ak made and they seem to work well. I dont really have a good point of comparison, but they aren’t super loud and are plenty strong. Only minor complaint I have from use is the basic desk mount included is sturdy, but has trouble getting purchase on the edge of my desk because of the shape of my desk, so it’s a little more wobbly than might be ideal. That isn’t really a point against g90ak’s design, just the basic desk mount.
  7. I had been getting interested in the osr2 / sr6, but the price points / build knowledge required were high enough I wasn’t able to see myself getting into them. G90ak’s price point and upgrades from the basic osr changed that, and I’m very happy I decided to go for it. He is the reason I started posting scripts here, since I’m more excited to make multi axis scripts and have less of a hardware limitation.
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  1. Very quick to respond and answered questions very well. Asked how everything was after it arrived, and after expressing issues with my desk being thin for the desk mount, was really quick to find a solution for me.
  2. Payment was nice and simple, sent out tracking/shipping info as soon as it was shipped. Was nice about it when asked if he would do that.
  3. Prep/Setup experience was nice and smooth, the guide to setup was easy to read and covered just about anything important.
  4. Packaging was good, shipping got delayed, but not his fault.
  5. Product was good, liked the design. Seems to hold up well.
  6. The use is nice. I opted for the Flash Hobby servos which have had no issues so far.
  7. Honestly good experience overall, g90ak has been very nice and helpful throughout the whole process. Reached out to me after one of the monthly sales posts was sold out and was very kind about everything.
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Hi all,

I was able to get a custom build for March. Been here for a while and G90ak has been a staple for this community. I’ve actually been wanting to buy a OSR2+ from him when he did the first announcement thread in 2023. I would’ve had to wait longer if he didn’t start doing custom builds for the March announcement.

Here is my experience with purchasing one from G90ak:

  1. pre-sales experience: fast response time. Opted for flash hobby servos based on his recommendation. Upfront about pricing and provided quotes depending on the build I wanted.

  2. Sales experience: No hassle or issues with sending payment through paypal. Got confirmation that payment was received on his end.

  3. prep / setup - He will provide a detailed guide. Very friendly and helpful vibes with reasonable response times.

  4. packaging / shipping experience: This was my biggest worry since shipping to where I stay is hit or miss (syncbot couldnt ship to where I stay). I got lucky that I was able to get domestic shipping and it came a day early. The box he used is very durable (the box toydemon sent had a hole that showed what I ordered inside). packaging for item was sturdy, I had no worries of damages once I saw how he packed it.

  5. Product quality: Got custom build but didn’t care much for the design. It’s a neutral finish but build quality is amazing. No cracks or scratches upon arrival.

  6. Use experience: Using Flash hobby servos as mentioned above. Setup can be tedious but very worth it. It’s so worth it that I never went back to my hands-free setup on the handy. Scripts that had fast strokes are actually enjoyable now compared to the handy. The slow bj scripts are amazing with the right sleeve. Once I’m able to do a hands-free VR setup lying down, then it’s game over and my bloodline ends with me.

  7. Some thoughts:
    -make sure to have right power supply ready. g90ak was helpful in pointing me in the right direction

-being tech savvy isn’t a requirement for owning a osr2+. Just knowing how to search on forums is all you need. g90ak was always there to help but I was able to figure things out by searching the forums

-sleeves matter. I initially only had the handy sleeve og and once I got onaholes, it is addicting.

-another selling point was access to g90ak scripts. :grin:

OSR2+ is a huge upgrade from the handy. Setup is tedious but worth it. g90ak was very helpful and still gave tips on setup after receiving item. Would purchase from again (probably will for adapters).

Once we get an AI similar to the movie “Her (2013)” paired with VAM and right sleeve, then humanity is doomed. :partying_face:

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I’ve purchased an OSR2+ from G90ak way back in February. For a variety of reasons (including delays on the power supply shipment which were entirely my fault), I’ve only been able to test it out recently.

  1. Pre-purchase: G90ak is quick to respond and communicative. He was very helpful with exploring shipping options and designs, provided exact quotas and photos of the product - even an in-progress video of an addon being printed.

  2. Sales: Very professional. The payment was quick and simple, the package was sent fast, and shipping info was provided as soon as it was available.

  3. Prep/setup: You’ll get instructions on the basics of the device, and how to set it up. The instruction are clear, easy to follow, and explain everything you need to get started. If you do get stuck or want more info, you can just ask.

  4. Packaging/Shipping: Since I’m in EU, shipping was going to be expensive, at no fault of the seller. After checking out other options, I concluded that this was still the best deal at the time.
    The shipment was sent quickly, and it arrived surprisingly fast, in about two weeks. No issues with customs, no extra fees, no delays.
    The packaging was very solid. The courier couldn’t damage it if they tried to, and the device arrived clean, shiny, with no damage or defects. I’ve received high-end CPUs in more fragile boxes.

  5. Product quality: Top notch. What initially interested me was the visual presentation, and it looks even better in-person. The surface is shiny and smooth, and the wires are neatly organized. The desk mount being included is a great bonus, and it even has proper anti-slip stickers. My desk was a bit thin for the mount, but I solved it by adding some padding, and it worked out perfectly fine. Replacing the adapters is also very simple and quick.

  6. I went with the default servos. Noticeably louder than the Handy, but that’s a given. They still move smooth, and fast. Even single-axis scripts are better than the Handy, and the availability of different adapter options makes it a very flexible device.

  7. Highly recommended. G90ak is a pleasure to do business with, the OSR2+ is a great device, and the pricing is very good. It’s a solid upgrade to the Handy, and a great entry point into multi-axis devices. The only regret I have is that I didn’t future-proof enough and get more adapters.

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Short Experience of my purchase Used snips from original post to keep in order.

“* Pre-sales experience - responsiveness, clarity of communication, flexibility”

Response was very fast and extremely clear in what you are ordering and flexibility before he starts the build process.

“* Sales experience - ease of payment/transaction, clarity of tracking/shipping info”

Very easy payment method affordable product and shipping. Tracking information was provided immediately

“* Prep/setup experience - information provided, user/setup guide feedback”

User guide is provided to setup correctly and make sure everything is in working order. Very detailed

"* Packaging/Shipping experience - how was the item delivered/packaged, speed of shipping "

Shipping was super fast and packed very well in a discreet packing heavily protected from the throwing of shipping companies.

“* Product quality - print quality, build quality, attention to detail”
Seems like a solid built, Looks professionally built and detailed as described in the order process.

“* Use experience - how was the actual use experience - be sure and note which servos you utilized”
Quiet servos ordered and seems about on par with handy device maybe a little quieter. Few adapters ordered and everything seems to work as it should and super easy to swap out.

“* Anything else!”
The follow through to make sure the customer is happy and amount of detailed work going into this I will definitely be a returning customer for any other purchases needed. Keep up the good work G90ak.

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Coming from VaM, I knew about the OSR2 for a while before finding eroscripts. I just didn’t have the time to start another project and wasn’t sure about building it so I eventually went for a Keon instead. After a few weeks with it, I started looking at prebuilt OSR2’s and noticed g90ak was selling a few built units per month. After a few more weeks I happened to check for any running sales and snagged the all white “Clorox” at the base configuration with adapters.

g90ak was very easy to talk to and responded relatively quickly to my questions. The whole process went pretty smoothly. I was up front with him about being locked out of my PayPal account but since he accepts Venmo, it was just as easy.

I got to reading the provided ppt documentation which, after setting up, was thorough enough in my opinion. It was missing the receiver swapping tutorial but it’s easy to see which screws attach so it wasn’t a problem. I did have to ask about the design of the ona receiver while it was in transit since it was missing in the main thread and docs but g90ak quickly sent the diagram and let me know I’d be need my own straps.

The shipment was very quick (to California) and I immediately swapped to the onahole receiver to try out my newly received batch of onas (first timer). I did have the kiiroo feelstroker and fleshlights to try with their respective receivers but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

It was well packaged with everything arriving with no damage. The unit itself is pretty clean and all the 3d printed parts are pretty hefty on their own (especially the adapters). The parts might seem delicate but in hand it feels solid. The included desk mount works well enough, you just gotta reach under and tighten or loosen the wing nuts.

As for actually using the thing, I’ve only used it a couple of times but it’s gonna be a learning experience lol. The straps seem to hold the ona well enough in the receiver without being too tight. I do need to do some fine tuning on the settings and I think once it’s dialed in I’ll have a better time. This is not the builder’s fault, it’s just the nature of the device. Since I have the standard servos I’m also self conscious about how loud they are since I’m no longer living alone lol. I should’ve went with the flash hobby servos in the first place as they’re already in my Amazon cart… but I’ll definitely give it some more time before upgrading. I’d say they’re loud enough to be potentially distracting if you’re not wearing headphones.

Overall I think if you’re looking to buy an OSR2+ and don’t want to build your own you can’t go wrong with any of g90ak’s work. Exclusive scripts are even included as an added bonus. I just wish I had gone straight to him instead of trying out the Keon first, for practically the same price.

I would definitely buy from G90ak again and I’ll definitely be watching to see what’s released next, whether it’s more hardware or more great scripts.

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