[RJ292498][BF同好会 - Battle Fuck Club] with funscriptplayer



Full game download link, mode is already applied

play in funscriptplayer 1.3

It was a difficult task, but 99dm make good script so I finish it quickly.

use this script


thx for 99DM and to4st


When I try to launch Funscript Player.exe it keeps popping up with
“To run this application, you must install .NET Core.
Would you like to download it now?”
It also doesn’t take me anywhere when I click yes.

I’ve tried installing " ASP.NET Core Runtime 7.0.10" and " .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0.10" to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated people :confused:

Sorry for the copy pasting but I thought it was more apropiated to post this here…

Maybe should install the net core 3.1 version

This topic will help you

Ok, this helped.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Ok I need help again :cry:

I managed to get funscript to start but i’m unable to send any command to my device (max 2)
I tried to use the convert to vib function and it doesn’t work either.
When I try to simulate game option i’m unable to send any command.
And when the game is started the same goes…

This came bundled with 1.3 of my player, which I think had the bug where the convert function wasn’t working. At the top of the of the post in the link above you can find 1.3.1 which should have it fixed. You’ll only need to replace the exe


Anyone happen to know where to get an English translation of the game?

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to translate it yourself for the mod to work.

Because it was remodeled inside the game

Tweaked machine translation

Drag and drop into the www folder


Could you maybe do a reupload MKN? Would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Folder is down @MKN :slightly_frowning_face:
Could you reupload?

Tried to exchange the www folder with one of another downloaded version, but then the Funscript Player wont work.

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Would be great if someone reuploads this. I haven’t been able to find a translation for this game.

so is this a game that controlls the handy or is this a game that you watch a movie along with

Reupload for the file pls

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Reupload mode only

I hope someone will support the latest version of this game

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It already has bluetooth toy implementation. There’s a text file and a setting in the game that contains instructions you can translate. :v:

OK, I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I’ve had no issues getting any integration mods I’ve tried so far to work, but this one fought me every step of the way (although, to be fair, that was mostly because the version of the game I found at first was outdated; though things like reading the integration .js to get the name of the folder the scripts needed to be in for funscript player might be a bit beyond some of the users here). So I’m gonna save you all a ton of work:

Full game with integration mod, Engrish (I know what I said) MTL, Funscript Player 1.4, and funscripts included, all setup and ready to start playing:

Pixeldrain premium bypass: https://pixeldrain-bypass.cybar.xyz/ (no ads or restrictions, but only works for pixeldrain, and may have issues with pixeldrain folder links).

The included save is in the recollection room, with all scenes unlocked, but unable to leave the recollection room.

If you get this error message:
You can just close it or click “OK” to dismiss it, it won’t have any affect of your gameplay or integration (anyone knows what’s causing it or how to fix it?).

If you want a ‘filler’ script to run, open “script-config.json” in the game’s root folder in Notepad (or better yet, Notepad++), and change the:
"filler": false,
line into:
"filler": true,
and save the changes.


@edale Not all heroes wear capes. :superhero:

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Note: this post is about the game’s sequel “BF Club New Term”, not the game this thread is primarily about.

Scouring the net, it seems like absolutely no one anywhere has uploaded a copy of the newest update of that (2.0 released 2023/12/17), though I was able to find a MTL version of 1.0, and an untranslated version of 1.10.

Here’s a link to the MTL 1.0 version:

Pixeldrain premium bypass: https://pixeldrain-bypass.cybar.xyz/

You have to be using Interface Central and Bluetooth mode for the integration to work.

I’ve posted on one or two of the sites that have uploaded it requesting an update to 2.0, but no clue if that’ll happen. If it does, I’ll be trying to get a copy of it to the guy who did the MTL of 1.0, and asking to get a MTL of the newest version.

*edit- Version 2.0 located, and copy of it sent to the guy who did the MTL of v1.0, hopefully he’ll be able to MTL this one as well.

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