Touching prank game-type ona-support ASMR application - Realistic MAX ona-support voice that advances by touching a loli girl.

-Game Rules-
This is a crime game about secretly touching a young girl.
You have to masturbate without the girl noticing.
The speed of masturbation is as per the sound effects on the side.
There are 3 scenes in total and you lose if you ejaculate.

There are multiple endings
Whenever you clear the game, it will show you a hint about the ending.
The tips file in resources\app\data\fgimage\default is the hint.
You can not look at it if you don’t want spoilers.

It is integrated to handy using funscript player.

Run funscriptplayer.exe.
Connect the handy to the player in Bluetooth mode.
No intiface is required.
Run Itazura.exe

There are two script speeds available.
Delete the filler if you don’t want it.

moded full game download link