Rules / Terms of service for this Forum?

“Acceptable Use:
4. You may not send advertisements, chain letters, or other solicitations through the forum, or use the forum to gather addresses or other personal data for commercial mailing lists or databases.”

Why are the moderators not deleting advertisements for Scriptvendors? Or is it allowed here?
If yes, this Forum gets as useless as RTS for new scripters…

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Hey thanks for bringing this up. That text all came pre-generated by the forum software and I haven’t gotten around to updating it yet. The site is basically a baby right now. But I will take a look :bowing_man:

Edit: I have updated the ToS to allow for scripters to advertise their own scripts so long as they are the creator and/or have rights to sell it.
This does not mean that spamming will be allowed, but standard script postings that point to a vendor site like RealSync is fine.

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Actually can you expand on this? I’m not sure how allowing script vendors hurts new scripters.

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On RTS the new scripters arent posting anymore after they get messaged by scriptvendors. Instead they joined Scriptvendors. (maybe they promising them money and if not they promising to share their scripts) So no Scripters / scripts for RTS.
The Community leaving RTS because they only see advertising for another Website.
Scripters doesnt want to script videos that already has been scripted by vendors because they think they get in trouble. They doesnt know what is already scripted… so if they do scripts for themself, they are not gonna post it… because they dont want to get in trouble OR the script is not “good” enough OR the script isnt complete…
I saw posts from new scripters on RTS who apologized for posting a script. “i am sorry, i hope i dont get in trouble posting this script i made”. I also saw Vendors laughing about people who didnt post complete scripts… (maybe because they didnt want to join their Vendorsite…)
In my opinion Vendors recruiting new scripters to pretend scripts to be free in general and to force people pay for it instead building a Community where u script something for yourself and share it for free for the others. Sharing is Caring. Thats how RTS got big. Thats how the Creators of Scriptsoftware did it.

… And if u allow those advertisement here, they gonna leech everything to empty like on RTS.

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Yea, let us leech everything including this pretty girl!

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No, they get contacted because they are trying to sell their scripts without an agreement with raser1 or the rare occasion that they post our paid scripts for free (I.e. piracy). There is no contract saying that you have to release any script behind a paywall. If we really wanted to, we could post as many free scripts as we want. Fievel has done this for one of his. Most scripters approached @Realcumber and @raser1 on their own, including me. No one is holding a gun to our heads.

I think you’re assuming a lot of things here. Anyone can script and release your own creations. There’s no rule saying that you can’t. For example, there is some overlap on Cock/Fap Heroes because people do it in a different way. I have my own versions of Hentai scripts that others have already done.

Incomplete or amateur scripts can be posted. And people can ask for critiques as well. If what you’re assuming is true, I’m pretty sure no one wants to post their own versions (if they exist) because that’s essentially time wasted. I don’t want to spend several hours to make a script that already exists and is of good quality.

I’m not sure what post you’re referring to, but my interpretation of that is like I stated previously. I think he doesn’t want to redo what has already been done.

I’d like a link of what you’re referring to. I don’t recall any current vendor laughing at someone because a script was incomplete. If you’re referring to billsmith from over a year ago, I don’t agree with that either.

Once again, most vendors approached @Realcumber or @raser1 themselves. Plus, some people were upset before because the opportunity to join wasn’t known. Now they make the opportunity known, and you’re upset lol.

Sharing is caring, but the fact is many people weren’t sharing. They make the scripts for themselves (or none at all) and download all the free ones people were willing to share. This was happening while JFS was freely available so vendors being around doesn’t change that. There are some scripts on RTS with near 1000 downloads. But there’s not 1000 people sharing.


Just my opinion on the “advertising” side of things, which I know not everyone will agree with.

Personally, I feel this forum should be focused on post surrounding free to share scripts and discussions etc on how to create and improve scripting.

I feel that paid script sites should perhaps be given a single post/thread or even a banner in which to “advertise” their site rather than “advertisement” posts being created for each new script that is created.

If individuals feel they want to buy scripts they can browse their paid script site of choice.

I have nothing against people selling scripts (and I totally get why they sell them) and I am grateful for everyone who posts their scripts for free but seeing “advertisement” posts for me (and I’m sure a handful of other) puts me off posting “amateur” scripts and doesn’t give off the right vibe for a sharing community.

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thanks for explaining your feelings on paid vs free and how that skews your perception.

In my opinion, a script is a script and I think there should be visibility into new scripts instead of ‘banning’ all paid scripts. I’m willing to pay for a script if it looks interesting to me, so I want to see everything. And I doubt that the RealSync scripters are intentionally trying to make other scripters feel inferior.

However, it seems like this is a huge opportunity to shift the culture of this community to be more welcoming to new scripters.

I’d love to have a conversation with everyone on how to move in that direction.

I created another topic to discuss this as well as keep this particular topic more on track.

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Thanks for your voicing your opinion @Dimboy
Unfortunately you have made many (false) assumptions and needless negative accusations which you need to at least back up with actual direct sources or links to prove your point like @bumdude requested, otherwise you are simply spreading false rumours which does not benefit the community in any way whatsoever.

The best way to encourage free scripters to continue to scripting free is to make and share scripts you create yourself, ‘like’ or ‘thank’ scripters creations or make a positive comment on their work - How else will they know their work is meaningful or appreciated or even being enjoyed to keep it up?

Many of them feel their work goes unnoticed and so find that becoming a commercial script vendor at SexlikeReal or Realsync is a perfect way to keep up their scripting passion, to get even better at scripting, and to see support directly by allowing fans to optionally buy and support their work and show their appreciation in a mutually beneficial way

Thank for creating that topic @hugecat - I think its best we further discuss better ideas to improve there