Script Plagiarism Discussion

I bought the script and it’s pretty fucking close to mine, maybe too close at parts for my taste…

thanks @defucilis - Im sure that will just be a matter of time till we get to that style of scene and more of it, but VR is getting to be around for quite, but so far so good support so far for this new studio :+1:

I mentioned you already made a great script and I mentioned that this script was from scratch my own version.

Could you please go through the script thoroughly frame by frame in any editor before making an unfair passive aggressive accusation and needless drama like that?

Are these pics showing my raw script in JFS satisfactory evidence for you @Husky ?

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Yes, I did. In my opinion you pretty much copied my script, moved some points here and there and are taking money for it. I say it would take around 30 minutes to make it like that.

No, it’s not that hard to add points like this. OFS for example has a function that let’s you do that, add a little jitter which also is a function (not only in OFS) and you can pretty much get the same effect out of any script. I will post some screens tomorrow too.

Thats ludicrous @Husky - with your line of thinking, then you can accuse anyone of copying your work even if they truly didnt and they would have almost no way to prove it if they didnt script OTF

Im going to send you a PM of my raw script - fortunately I script majority OTF, you will clearly be able to see that its completely written from scratch

Do you really think I didnt expect you to check the script once I released it to ensure it wasn’t yours copied?


I think that I had every reason to be concerned. Not so sure now after you sent me the raw file, but imagine if you were in my place and a week after the release of the script on SLR you see free script here like this (top script is yours, bottom is mine):


Not sure if thats an apology, but if it is, thanks I guess - this is the reason why its better to message concerns in private, not publically like you have

I could have showed you easily many ways that I did not copy your script and never would
I am more than capable of creating scripts from scratch.
Could have even put you in contact with my wife who watched me script the whole thing sitting on the couch right next to me lol

I dont get how you still are ‘not so sure’ man - If you scripted it good, then yes of course it should look like mine
I havent even looked at your script and I havent even used a single second of OFS in my life, simply because I’ve never needed to

Like come on - All you need to do is even look at the depths - who in their right mind is going to go copy an entire script and alter every single depth point to be entirely different (which you can even see in your pics) think how much time that would take …

I get where you’re coming from but please, just send private messages before publicly accusing me or others in the future like this

Unnecessary drama is exactly that - unnecessary


Yeah, it would take the whole 5 minutes. What a terrible vision… If you think that changing depth is really something hard to accomplish then you are totally wrong.

Please go ahead Sherlock and tell me this version of the script is not mine because I shifted most of the points - timings are shifted too:
Swallowbay - Candy Clouds - Anna Claire Clouds.funscript (115.8 KB)

Imagine if I spent on this more than 5 minutes. Anyone can make the same thing with your paid scripts + change few transitions here and there, it’s “completely made from scratch” script afterwards. And instead of few days you only need an hour tops.

I spent more time on this reply than on shifting points :thinking:

I’m guessing that wasnt an apology then :confused:

I really hope everything is ok in your life @Husky , to be thinking the way you do

I sent you my raw file which was more than enough proof that the raw cannot be recreated by any app - if you dont believe that then there’s nothing I can do to change your mind

Any reasonable person should be able to figure that out, and again would have kept concerns like this private and look at all evidence man to man before making such hurtful public statements like you have


Nope, I’m still thinking that this script is partially copy of mine. Pretty normal to me that money goes first in your case. Same reason why you asked me on rts to not show others a thread where they can download JFS so they can create scripts, same reason why you asked me to postpone my script for one of the SLR Originals scene. Not falling once again for that.

Its unfair to simplify things like as you say, but its all good @Husky - I’d rather not argue with you

I’d also rather not give up trying to show you that this script was completely my own, since its not right to leave you upset thinking that, so if there’s anything else I can show you to prove that none of your work was used, please let me know what will help further prove that to you

I still thought you would believe the raw file I sent you, since I have no idea how you can reproduce the the unique curve strokes in that file that are only possible by OTF


Blowjob scenes like this allow for close following of the action with fewer “hmm how should I script this” moments.
So any two scripts made by sufficiently talented scripters will end up being virtually identical in many sections.

I made a point of going through both scripts and I think it’s pretty obvious that Realcumber’s script isn’t a copy of yours, Husky. Many parts, like the ones you highlighted, are pretty much identical. But that’s because in those parts there’s not much to script other than simple up/down motion, so of course they’re going to end up the same (aside from subtle differences in frame-timing and depth, which there are throughout the script).

Some major differences in more subjective sections that I found in five minutes of looking through the scripts side-by-side:

  • 5:22 - 5:24
  • 5:38 - 5:50
  • 8:30 - 8:33
  • The whole sequence from 19:45 - 20:30

etc. I’m sure I could create a list of a hundred of these differences, but I don’t think its necessary.

Before making accusations like this, I think it’s important for you to think about what the person has to gain, and what they risk, by doing something like this.

If it was a direct copy that Realcumber had only spent an hour modifying, he might have saved himself say 12 hours of work. At $30 an hour, that’s $360 (and I doubt scripting pays that well!). But if discovered and his reputation is trashed he risks losing thousands of dollars in sales well into the future, as well as potential future opportunities and new scripters working with him because of his bad reputation.

So even before going through the script, I was very skeptical that Realcumber would take such a huge risk for so little reward - especially when it’s so easy to be caught. I also imagine that if he was trying to steal people’s scripts, he wouldn’t be posting them here under his own name shortly after the script that he copied was posted.

As an aside, Realcumber is right, this should absolutely have been a private message at first, and potentially a message to one of the mods asking for some arbitration, before making a public accusation.


I am very grateful for you stepping in and taking the time to make your post @defucilis

Thank you for clarifying things in a clear unbiased way - your moderation is very much appreciated and goes a long way in helping this community exist and thrive in as positive way as possible

Hopefully husky is able to see reasoning and take your comments to heart hearing it from you

Thank you for being able to point this out, even without seeing my raw file

Basically the main reason why it makes no sense for me, or any scripter (paid or free) to ever copy anyone’s work as their own - the cons if (and when) discovered are way worse than any negligible time/cost saving advantage - completely not worth it any way you think about it, and again considering how much content I’ve output to date

Thank you for that @defucilis

I was hoping for an apology for the accusation at least, but if Im not getting one, at least an apology that things should have started off private before defaming me publicly would have been at least appreciated :confused:


Also had a look at the script and can’t see a copy here.

You are both good scripters and so I would expect that you script everything close to realism. The difference would be bigger if someone less skilled had done this. There are differences in your techniques in most parts of the script that are not just up/down. The stroke lenghts changes over the whole script and both script have sections where the one or other have added more details than the other or have longer/shorter strokes in a section.

The jitter is probably just a conversion result from spline mode to basic mode to reduce the timestamps.
If you just add jitter like in HandyControl you will mess up a hand crafted script and you would see this in the short movement sections. Jitter is only meant to improve scripts which have too less variance.

I take no side in this conversation. It’s just an objective opinion on looking at the script data.


Husky, appreciate your free script however, you Sir have made a mistake publicly accusing Realcumber of plagiarism, he is a long term asset to this community with free scripts, paid scripts, technical support, and a leader in this community for years, even before this site was available. It’s just my opinion but it would be a travesty if you have damaged his reputation with your accusations. Realcumber, I recognize the value you provide to this community, it’s unfortunate that someone would make such a mistake, not knowing or not considering what you have provided for us in the past.


@Husky this is ridiculous do you actually know @Realcumber he is more than willing to help people out and teach. Quit the playground antics.

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Maybe I’m the only person here, but to me the images that @Husky sent look pretty much identical, so I can totally see where the assumptions came from, especially that he and @Realcumber had some issues in the past.

I think that all scripters should work together on some plagiarism laws. When I wrote my thesis it was really clear to me what can be assumed as plagiarism and what not. Here you can’t really tell - can the long sections of repitive motions be assumed as plagiarism? Are the changed sections in-between enough to make it completely separate work even if they are really small percentage of the whole script? I think this is something that needs to be brought to wider audience of scripters since eventually we will have a lot of cases of duplicated scripts for the same video.

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Thank you for your input @Lucifie - I dont know it cant be anymore obvious or clear, especially with proof of my full Raw script file that literally shows every single point recorded in realtime of the script from scratch

Thank you @cannonmajor and thank you @gayscripter for posting - I appreciate all the private messages of support but public support like this is extremely appreciated, especially when accused like this.

I completely deserve any damaged reputation if indeed I copied his script, without a doubt, but its completely provable that I did not, and Im glad leaders here on ES support that finding.

I fear that you have damaged your own reputation with doing this publicly @Husky, especially since you still have yet to apologize even for starting this unnecessarily in public and not privately first

I completely do not blame Husky for being skeptical, he has every right to be - but I have no idea why he wouldnt privately discuss this with me when we have many private discussions before, and because of how damaging such an accusation can be, to anyone here on ES

You would need to look at our scripts in its entirety, like @defucilis and @Lucifie have, to see how apparent that they are way more different than just a few screenshots hes chosen to show

Thats cool you wrote a thesis on plagiarism laws - maybe you can help come up with some idea to keep scripts distinguishable or avoid issues like this?

There definitely needs to be a discussion or method on how to proceed with distinguishing one’s script from another, because it seems some people just wont believe what they are shown, but the current script format would likely need to change at least I think, since its just a notepad file and meta data is too easily overwritten anyways.

Overall, I personally am not concerned with issues with any of my scripts because almost all my scripts (at least from the last few years) have accompanying large size raw files with fractional data points included due to scripting OTF, and show unique curves that are impossible to fake or reproduce, which should be the end of discussion for anyone thinking anything was copied or not.

I fear for everyone else’s scripts though since almost everyone here scripts solely frame by frame and I have no clue how you guys would be able to defend yourselves against accusations like this should they arise

You could have a look at security mechanisms on how to restrict executing scripts like powershell scripts in Windows or how e.g. PDF-documents are signed. By generating a digital signature for the contents you can verify who the creator is. Sure you can remove the signature and add your own signature, but the signing mechanism requires you to have access to an internet time server during the signing process to ensure a correct time. The script that has a valid signature that was signed first will then be considered the original script if it has been made publicly available in some way. Players supporting scripts could then add mechanisms that verify the signature and show the outcome. If someone edit the funscript after the signing then the signature will not match the contents so it isn’t possible to first sign and then edit the contents. But remember, this is not a copy protection. It’s comparable to signing a document with name and date/time.

There are drawbacks though. Getting a certificate used to sign code and other things is usually requires that the identity of the requestor can be established. Usually it’s companies that request a certificate in the name of the company. Looking at how individuals can get a certificate you often see some kind of identity validation in the process, i.e. the certificate can’t be issued to realcumber or sentinel, it will most likely require your real name. This might not be something everyone is comfortable with and for those scripting as a hobby will most likely not start a company just to be able to request a certificate for an organization using the company name on the certificate to remain anonymous.

I think it was reasonably for Husky to be suspicious, and his only mistake was to make a public accusation before discussing it with Realcumber in person. Which is an honest mistake to make.

The way I see it, funscripts fall into a similar IP situation as computer code. Two pieces of code can do the same thing, in the same way, and so long as the code isn’t literally the same or using some explicitly patented technique, then nothing illegal has taken place. It’s not illegal or immoral in any way to look at someone’s open-source code and use it as a template to write your own code that does the same thing.

Scripting is the same - unless someone has literally used big chunks of a funscript in their own script without modifications, then nothing can be proven, and in a sense it’s just a derivative work anyway. It would be polite to credit the original creator in this case, but even that’s not necessary. That’s part of the situation of creating ‘open-source’ funscripts.

In terms of discussions about copy-protection and authorship certificates and whatnot, I think that’s a super interesting discussion that should probably be moved to a separate thread. This thread has gone off enough tangents as it is!

Sorry, you misunderstood. When I wrote my thesis it went through special anti-plagiarism system to ensure it’s completely individual work. It was a little ridiculous, because even 10% of repeated work could act as copy of someone else work. I think that if you run whatever two versions of the same script it would show you that it’s plagiarism :crazy_face: