Scriptaxis dead?

Just noticed that the site hasn’t changed or had any updates in awhile…

See the thread here:

It’s not dead, but it understandably a tremendous work to add scripts by just one person. We have more releases than before now and it’s too much work for one person to keep this site updated.


I didn’t realize it was just one individual personally updating the site…thx for the explanation!

Can we automate a feed into the site to refresh it with popular scripts from here?
This place seems to be dripping with programming talent (amongst other things)…

I remember when I was first given this mysterious OSR device the scriptaxis site was a user friendly interface that made sense to me (until I got the hang of the forum).

Technically this should be possible, but not everyone wants their scripts shared across other sites. You’d need individual permission.

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I don’t see another website linking to a script on this forum any different than someone on this forum linking to a video on a website to use with their script. Neither asked permission to link to the content. They just linked to information that google could get for you. The only reason I can see why this forum wouldn’t want to support something like ScriptAxis is that it would likely lower engagement in the forum(this and the aggressive scraping that was involved).

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I have no idea, when it comes to any website coding / html or whatever programming language it uses ^^
Best thing is to ask @defucilis about this, because he is the admin of ScriptAxis.

Nothing gets uploaded there, besides a heatmap. ScriptAxis only directly links to EroScript. There isn’t much reason to ask for permission for just a link.


Hey everyone! ScriptAxis isn’t dead, but it’s definitely been sleeping. (I’m the creator of the site, as well as the person who posted all the scripts, one-by-one :stuck_out_tongue: )

Long story short, I stopped working on it when I got VERY VERY VERY BUSY between September 2021 and January 2022. I ended up being so busy for so long that I got quite sick and I’m kind of still recovering. My productive capacity has gone way, way down so I’ve not had the time/motivation to be regularly adding scripts to the site, let alone work on all the new features I had planned.

Nothing posted on ScriptAxis was scraped, everything was added manually by me (more or less - some very basic metadata like post title and date is scraped during the posting process just to save me having to manually copy and paste stuff, especially emojis).

The core idea behind the site has always been to add an additional layer of sortable, filterable metadata to scripts, so that it’s possible to say “give me all the really slow blowjob scripts that are more than 15 minutes long”, since a forum-type site like EroScripts can’t do that kind of thing. And as @Slibowitz says, the reason that ScriptAxis doesn’t host scripts themselves and only links back to EroScripts is to avoid upsetting script creators - it means that it’s fundamentally a ‘linking’ website, like Reddit that doesn’t host any content itself - only metadata.
(well, to be precise, scripts are hosted by the site, but only for the purpose of calculating heatmaps and other script-specific metadata like average speed and length, site users aren’t able to download them)

I definitely haven’t abandoned ScriptAxis in my heart, it’s just in the big pile of projects that are on hiatus while I slowly grow back to my old productive capacity. I’m getting there!! (FWIW is also in this pile!)

Some people have offered to start adding scripts themselves. Initially I was very on-board with this idea, although I have to admit it makes me a little uneasy - I worked hard to make sure that the quality of posts on ScriptAxis is very high (as the search / filter functions are only as good as the metadata in the database), so I worry that if I let other people take over adding scripts, things might start getting inconsistent and confusing, resulting in even more work required to bring everything back into alignment.

Really, the only good solution for now would be for me to add some kind of automatic scraping system, which I desperately want to get to. I just don’t think I’m going to have the time to do it anytime in the very near future (i.e. the next month or two)


If the database is the only problem in the future, we will find a way to bring it up to date. My IRL script database is up2date with 4700 scripts atm. I just don’t find time to tag those script properly or to enter more details like average speed and actions.

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The tags are the important part!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But also the time-consuming part, since I have to flick through each video to decide what its primary tag should be (i.e. a video with a 2 minute blowjob followed by 6 minutes of sex I categorize as a ‘vaginal’ script, since people looking for blowjob scripts won’t be interested in it) and what other tags should be in it…

@defucilis, hey what is this verified checkmark icon? As far as I have seen you are the only one that has one.

4700 scripts holy shit :saluting_face:
I did not even know that so many scripts exist :face_with_monocle:
How can I imagine this IRL database? Written on a piece of paper or what?
Would be great if you could share a screenshot how it looks like :smiling_face:

Ok. Here some screens:














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Holy fuck that looks really nice :exploding_head:
That must have been a lot of work :+1:

May I ask what your intention is behind this?
It looks like it will be accessible for certain people one day.
Because it says at the end in the footer: “private and exclusive”.

It started as a design suggestions for scriptaxis and ended in this :exploding_head:

I was thinking about a patreon only site but then I realisied that I never get enough patreons to run this website without a great loss. So a few of the high performer from eroscripts have access to it, as a thank you from my side. But I don’t spend much time on it anymore.

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Thanks for the info :+1:

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thanks for the info

I feel like it far, far surpassed ScriptAxis. I’m still in awe that you have almost 5,000 scripts in your database…
Depending on what you want to do with the site, down the line I have nothing against adding them to ScriptAxis in some way! Obviously if you want to commercialize that database in some way instead then that’s understandable!!

Oh, it’s just a little experiment that I was running as part of some discussions with the other mods that I forgot to turn off, nothing to see here :innocent: