Scripting is incredibly easy to learn, and everyone should give it a try at least once

So I decided to script some tongue fetish stuff I have from a friend of mine and a few personal PMVs.

I just want to say that I really hope everyone gives scripting a try at least once because its INCREDIBLY easy with Open Fun Scripter. Its super intuitive and easy to learn. Once you get going, you get really good at it, really fast. Especially if you are just scripting to a beat.

PLEASE, everyone, if you visit this place a lot, dont be afraid to try out scripting!


I completely agree with this. I was lurking on this site for a long time before i started scripting stuff because i wasn’t really sure how to start. so i started digging around and found the How to script in OpenFunScripter - video tutorial by Husky which was extremely helpful. I find it’s also helpful to look at how other people script their videos in OFS to get a general idea of what a script should look like.


Can confirm, went from having no idea how to do it to making something half-way decent in a couple hours.

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true the basics of scripting with the apps we have is very simple to get into especialy the PMV or JOI scripts. Creating a pro script is a lot harder though, it takes a lot of dedication.

Im at the moment redoing one of my first scripts that i made so its good enough to go on SLR i thought it would be a case of just editing some points. But it turned out it was so bad (it was good enough for a free one but not for a paid one), that it was better to start all over again as i had to edit almost all the points.