Scripting with mobile?

Is there any way to make scripts with mobilephone? I don’t have a pc right now, but I’d wanna give a crack at scripting.

Not the answer you want but an answer:

So…yes one can…but you can not.

I use Splashtop or Remote Desktop on my phone and sometimes an iPad w/keyboard. I connect to a computer remotely located in my unfinished basement. No monitor or keyboard or anything on that machine. I’m not as fast as other scripters but I’ve gotten pretty good at using a Pc on my phone this way.

I recently upgraded to a high-spec PC but prior to that I was using an intel5095 Beelink miniPC off Amazon. I splurged and upgraded the ran for $30 which would bring the cost to like $200 or less.

It worked well for scripting anything up to 4K but couldn’t handle 7k+. The solution was to convert high end VR to 720p then script off that. I wasn’t able to use oculus airlink but could share videos via samba perfectly. It was actually a decent little PC for browsing and very light gaming. Right now it’s a Plex server.

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