ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)

I thought about something like that, but I have about 2TBs of videos on a newly purchased 4TB external hard drive that needs to last me for the remainder of the year. If I start making multiple copies of videos for playlists then I can almost immediately kiss that brand new 4TB HDD goodbye. It also doesn’t resolve the issue of just going “click” (save as), “click” (select playlist) to save playlists on the fly when I see something that belongs in a playlist.

Yeah, that’s true. Especially longer full hd+ videos are eating some space. Before scripts it wasn’t much of a problem and there was not much reason to download any videos. But now with scripts, you need all the videos and the space. I hope that script streaming gets better over time and a playlist feature like this will be implemented.

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Hoping someone can provide some advice. I feel like I’m missing something.

Current setup is Oculus Go + XBVR + DeoVR + ScriptPlayer —

Say I have a video, TEST_180_180x180_3dh_LR.mp4, that is served through XBVR and viewed in DeoVR. With a connected DeoVR session, I will see a message similar to “No script for '1234 - TEST' found!” in ScriptPlayer.

I then take my TEST.funscript file, move it to a Path accessible to ScriptPlayer, and rename it to 1234 - TEST.funscript. Similarly, I move/rename TEST.mp3 estim audio to 1234 - TEST.mp3.

Viewing the video in again DeoVR successfully loads 1234 - TEST.funscript but does not load 1234 - TEST.mp3. How can I get the estim audio to load?

Oddly enough, if I create a copy of TEST_180_180x180_3dh_LR.mp4, rename it to TEST.mp4 and play the video locally in ScriptPlayer, both 1234 - TEST.funscript and 1234 - TEST.mp3 are successfully loaded.

Even more odd, if I then switch the video playback back to DeoVR (making no other changes in ScriptPlayer) and resume the video in DeoVR, both 1234 - TEST.funscript and 1234 - TEST.mp3 will remain loaded and resume in sync with DeoVR. While this is an OK workaround, it would be ideal to load the estim audio without depending on a local copy of the reference video.

Just a suggestion, but would it be possible to display playlists differently?

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Feature request: Improve generated heatmap image files

Submissions on EroScripts are increasingly using heatmaps generated from Their heatmaps show vertical height and include some metadata (duration, speed, actions). Additionally, I believe the way they calculate speed takes into account action magnitude, rather than only using action frequency. I have several scripts where ScriptPlayer’s heatbar is basically a red rectangle, while’s heatbar has much more detail.

This script is a bit of an outlier, it basically tries to make sine waves so there’s an INSANE number of points. But it illustrates my point.

For whatever it’s worth, here’s defucilis saying that speed is “the number one most important metric that determines whether [they’ll] enjoy a script or not”: Add speeds to tags? - #6 by defucilis

I’d love to have easy access to good heatbars locally, rather than downloading from EroScripts (what if I edit the script and want to update the heatmap) or making them on (requires internet connection, no batch generating).

You could probably go a bit further and include the script title in the generated image (why not). You could even go way further: (optionally) include thumbnails along with the heatbar, since you’re generating previews anyway, so you have one single easily shareable file that previewing both the video and script. This could make browsing large local script collections a much better experience.

Sounds like you are using an old version - the height should vary in ScriptPlayer too, although not as detailed.

The “heat” is still calculated purely by commands/second, but that’s mainly because I didn’t have time to come up with a good way to calculate an intensity based on speed, stroke-length and change of direction yet.

Some heatmaps from the current version:
HMV - Crowd Control
HMV - Summer Time Eroge
(AmateurThrowaway) Persona 5 - Mitsuru

All my handy-related code is open-source, feel free to copy at will ;D

This is the script responsible for rendering heatmaps, it should be reasonably easy to reimplement in other languages since it doesn’t do much javascript-specific stuff. Just calculating colors based on position changes between two actions and rendering a bunch of little rectangles :slight_smile:

seems like i experienced the same issue as described by [Condogville] here - ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them) - #44 by Condogville

and the same workaround as described by [47dahc] here - ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them) - #56 by 47dahc

not sure if I can request something to be added here or in GitHub so I’m doing both :sweat_smile:.

could you please look into adding Potplayer to the supported video players?

this video player is very optimized for basically everything especially to play VR videos on a 2D screen
additionally, it has a lot of features and is customizable.

I know you have Whirligig for VR but unfortunately, it doesn’t work great for touchscreens, it’s a bit buggy.

here’s the link for the official website
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding its usage.

thank you for your work.

Well, I’d say that’s a solid maybe eventually.
There are so many things people have asked for (including several players) that I still haven’t done yet …

It might happen, but don’t expect it to happen soon.
(And only if the player has a suitable API of course)

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New beta feature: Subtitles
More here: New ScriptPlayer Beta Feature: Subtitles

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Unfortunately PotPlayer doesn’t seem to have a dedicated API or something that can be used as such (like an integrated web interface). Which honestly is surprising considering the vast functionality, but I couldn’t find anything.

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Hey Liquid!
As i requested before, is it possible to show the videos differently in the playlist tab? Like the picture i edited?

Yes - but it might be a while. I’m just now getting to some requests from a year ago :sweat_smile:

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Hi, first off all hands down for this amazing program!

But i do wonder, is/can it be possible to have an orgasm mode? That when you want those (whatever you like) strokes when you bust, you could easily hit that mode, and the orgasm will be just the way you want it to, without stoping the video ofc.

A bit to lazy/not good enough to use the manual pattern control for it…


There should be a key-bindable command to switch to pattern mode - you just need to set it once and can use a key on your keyboard to switch to this mode whenever you want.

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Time gap * distance is a good way to obtain the speed since it doesnt care if its a full stroke over 1s, or a 10% stroke in 0.1s. And can be easily calculated.
An advantage is that for vibrations which are very dense in points, it can still detect the vibration intensity since it only has to consider the speed. And since the overview already shows height, its already easy to see what sort of action is going on. A red bar with only 10% of height in use is a clear indicator then.

I have the weirdest issue (please tell me off if I should post this on github instead, but I do not believe it is a bug with the software).
First of all, I’d been using scriptplayer for about a year, reinstalled Win11 yesterday onto a new SSD, everything worked fine.
Today however, I am stuck on a black screen when I try to load any video it just stays black (the script heatmap doesn’t load either, it is this weird grey color.

It loads and works properly in blind mode.

So it seems to be a purely video related issue.

What I have tried:

  • Verifying videos load in mpc-hc, mpv, vlc, ffplay
  • Tried h264, h265, mp4, mkv, wmv
  • Tried K-Lite codecs; LAV-Filters
  • Tried reinstalling the HEVC Video Extensions from Microsoft Store
  • Many reboots
  • Tried launching the video via spcli, it crashed and produced this dump (note the file was located in the scriptplayer folder for ease of testing, path given was ./test.mp4
  • Many reboots
  • Tried both the stable and beta versions

Now here’s the kicker. I was able to boot my old windows off the old ssd and it still works, exactly the same hardware, same drivers.

I can not for the life of me figure out why the hell this won’t work all of a sudden, I tried uninstalling everything I put onto the new windows since last night, but to no avail.

My question is two-fold, first, what is the embedded video player within scriptplayer? I’d like to test it directly and troubleshoot from that direction. Secondly, is there any way to enable full verbose debug logging to see where it fails?

This is likely a very niche problem, so like I said at the beginning of the post, I don’t feel like it is a bug with the program, but a very random incompatibility on my part.

Any help would be much appreciated

Unfortunately I can’t help you debugging this, but I can answer some of your questions

Windows Media Player (or at least very close to it)

No, but if you are lucky DebugView might catch something (if there is anything)

The spcli crash seems unrelated - probably because the path is relative

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That actually fixed my issue. I completely forgot I uninstalled Media Player and Windows Media Player Legacy yesterday since I don’t like random ass Windows bloatware.

Turns out Windows Media Player Legacy is a hard dependency.

Thanks a lot!

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