Scriptplayer connection intiface help

Hello everyone,
It’s been a week since I tried to use scriptplayer with all the available information on conversations, I understood how it works.
But I have a connection problem between intiface desktop that connects me well my KEON (test ok) but scriptplayer does not see anything I must have missed a parameter? if you have time to help me thank you
P.S I am French so sorry for the translation

Same problem?

not the same problem I happen to the connected on the computer
when I test it on intiface desktop it works and on faptap it also works
it’s with scriptplayer that doesn’t find it

Old Scriptplayer version or firewall problem?

Scriptplayer 1.1.1

I may have reinstalled everything correctly scriptplayer never finds my Keon .
intiface connects well to Keon.
someone has another player to play the videos and script .

Try Multifunplayer.

its not working either

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