ScriptPlayer Crashing

I know there are a couple other threads out there was the same basic issue but none of the fixes in those threads worked. The base issue is that Script Player will crash, seemingly randomly, while playing media regardless of the type or length of the file selected

I set up everything using this thread. I followed it all and my Handy connects via bluetooth just fine. However, I noticed that the time/duration on the player is never correct. For example, the video is 6:40 long but ScriptPlayer is reporting 5:05. You can also see in the picture that it thinks the playhead is currently at 0:00:00 even though the video is playing.


If i click ahead on the timeline,

you can see that the preview reports the correct time, but the time in the corner is still incorrect.

I was on version 1.1.0 and then uninstalled, updated to 1.1.1 and still had the same issue. All of the videos/scripts I’ve tried work just fine with HandyFeeling.

Any ideas?

Please use the beta…

The video play time issue might be a setting issue only. I don’t have ScriptPlayer available at the moment to suggest where to look; but there is a setting that allows you to pick whether the “clock” reflects total video time, or only video time that has scripted data.

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Gave that a try, downloaded version

Unfortunately the problem still exists. However instead of the program locking up (program window goes white and Task Manager reports Not Responding), the script/media just stops playing but I can exit out of ScriptPlayer normally. Clock/timer is still reporting the same incorrect times.

Ah! Found the setting you’re talking about, thanks!

Now if I could get it to stop crashing…

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