Seal of Lutellaria - device integration

Upon finding a renewed interest in this project, I present to you: An (untested) update! There’s some good news and some bad news. The good news first: with this update, you should be able to run the newest version of the game with all the integration the mod provides to the old version. The bad news is that the new scenes are still un-scripted. Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but for now you can at least enjoy the little things like the ability to re-fight bosses. Cheers! Oh, and the nightmare mode has a file for this new version as well.

GAME AND MOD (extract and play):

NIGHTMARE MODE (replace in above file):

If you encounter any news errors I somehow introduced, let me know.


How did you get the integration working? I could not get it to connect with the player? Also uh…did you use the version that has some of the mosaics lessened? (needs an artist to finish the mosaic removing)

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I went through and found every reference to “scr_launcher” and re-created every change manually. I did some basic testing and the scripts ran like they’re supposed to for me, but I haven’t done anything in-depth, so there may be errors. Also, I did not use that version. If it gets finished, let me know and I’ll push an update. The added h scenes don’t crash the game or anything, they just don’t have scripts yet. Hopefully that is subject to change.

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Dang I wonder what I missed then…as when I tried I thought I got everything hm…weird.

No idea if it will get fully de-censored as no one has stepped forward to do so yet but if it ends up left for too long I might give it a go and then delete it all from my bad artwork as well…better to have tried than not and miss the chance for sure.

Anyway, thank you for fixing it so the integration works once more.

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