Search with minus or NOT operator

I find it difficult to weed through all the PMV/HMV/Cockhero (aka rhythm) scripts. Is there a way to use a search option to remove those results?

I’ve tried
‘pov -pmv’
‘pov and not pmv’

But that does the opposite and show only pmv results. As another for-instance, searching for VR scripts works, but most of the time I’m looking for non-VR and I have the same issue there. I’ll appreciate any tips to get more specific search results.

try the action tag. usually scripts like hmv or pmv cock hero are all audio based that might help although i agree and i wish you could do negative tags like in a booru site

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In the preferences section on your profile go to tracking and you can mute certain tags like pmv for example and they will not show up on the feed.

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Use this format:

> #scripts:free-scripts tags:pov -tags:hmv,pmv,cockhero


Excluding tags that way works. Perfect!

The advanced search dialogue needs to be updated to utilize it. Also needs a link to that How to filter topics to find what you are looking for post labelled “Advanced Search Help”.

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i think they still show up if u search but i could be wrong