SexLikeReal is looking for script partners

Hey guys.

We are looking to boost Interactive sex toys support. VR and interactives seem to fit really well. There might be a way to get things even better.

First off we are working on Vorze Cyclone (both ways rotation) and Piston (up and down) integration. These are very popular in Japane and we have a great JAV library. Lovense Max 2 (pumping up) comes next. And OSR 2 at some point.

@Realcumber and @raser1 are working on script creation knowledgebase. Hopefully we can get JFS Editor available for everyone along with details on how to script. You will be able to upload the scripts on SexLikeReal and put it up for sale.

Also we are looking into ML tools to generate scripts. It’s expected that scripting time will get down from 7-8 hours for one VR video up to 30 mins required for fine tuning. That way we can significantly boost the number of available scripts with the highest quality in mind.

How would you like scripts Premium? Hope we can get one by the end of the year. $9.99/mo should give you unlimited streaming and some 5 script downloads a month.

Looking for more talented people to join us to make things happen. Mail me any time


Love to see JAV mentioned. I check in once in a while to see the new scripts, and for a good while there hasn’t been any new JAV scripts :frowning: Hope any potential Vorze integration doesn’t mean that new JAV scripts won’t be available for The Handy also!

I can’t script for shit, but you have a customer for JAV scripts should you decide to release more of them, for sure.


We are trying to get a deal with Afesta to re-sell their scripts on SLR. Also we make the scripts universal for all devices. Hopefully we can get the same scripts working everywhere.

Also looking for JAV communities to introduce our scripting tools. That way we can expect some uploads. Otherwise big hopes for our ML tools. If succeeded we should get significant library of scripts in no time.

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Blockquote We are trying to get a deal with Afesta to re-sell their scripts on SLR. Also we make the scripts universal for all devices …

I like the sound of that! But aren’t Vorze scripts completely unusable for the Handy out of the box? I assume they would need to be re-worked for other devices. Seems like a lot of work. Hope it happens, though!

I don’t think there should be problems making it compatible. Their quality might be lower compared to what we have now. Anyway we will see. Haven’t been able to look into it

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I really dislike the way you guys have the vendor system set up. It puts all of the risk on the script creator, and gives the bulk of the reward to someone else. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person doing this work. You put in 40 hours, and instead of a paycheck you can pay your bills with, you wait a month for someone to send you sales data you have to take their word for, so you can invoice a foreign business, which makes your taxes complicated, and hope for the best, which is 35% of the reward of your effort. You should have happy employees making a living wage working together to provide the best experience to the customer, not this competitive clusterfuck that only benefits the few skimming from everyone at the top.


This is really the same as that article writing shit during the 2008 recession where people were desperately trying to write enough $0.25 articles to make ends meet.

If you need full-time script writers, why not just hire full-time script writers?

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It was experimental launch when nothing was there. No one knew how it’s going to work. Now as we have things functioning we definitely should look into better vendor terms. On the other hand there aren’t many vendors around.

There’re no problems to release payments to any sort of legal entity all over the world. The problem is paying natural persons which is a big NO in our jurisdiction. We are looking into what it could be done, but it’s rather a question for finances experts. If you are serious about scripting you should incorporate.

We are the first company that took script creation out of the shadows and made it a viable business. A lot more is yet to come.

Higher vendor value is about to be introduced in the near future.

The idea of SLR is a market place. We want to have passionate motivated people all over the world joining us.

Interactives have a bright future. It’s built on ideas

People like this would make excellent full-time employees.

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Would you? Or you know any such person? We are specifically talking VR.

Oh man I just realized I missed an opportunity to use one of those cool formatting techniques from @Husky’s tutorial. Oh well, I’ll just fix it here.


You’re talking to an entire community full of talented people that would love nothing more than to earn a dependable living wage making 2D and VR scripts.

That doesn’t sound like someone we could be working with ¯\(ツ)

Could we not harass companies coming here looking for scripters?



Maybe my mind would change if I would understand who is part of this company. It’s realy confusing/non-transparent which members here work for SLR or who is head of the company. Also I heard that JFS is still in development but no member here can use the new versions since it seems to be only available to SLR. Correct me if I am wrong.

So why should I contribute to a site that hides tools or information and then asks for help?
Another point is the advertisement of paid scripts on a free platform to make money.
SLR is a market place - EroScripts not.

Why we just not invite other studios / scripting sites / toy manufacturers and [add company name here] to promote their stuff on EroScripts? Would just be fair…


Not a big fan of this site becoming playground for commercial scripting either. Posts advertising paid scripts are one thing, but all this recruting is beyond everything I saw back on RTS. And I agree, it’s not really transparent whos opinion can be biased or not.

Many times I see the phrase that SLR is the first in scripting buisness and their scripts are the best and you can’t find quality like this anywhere in the net. This statement is totally untrue, because a lot of scripts on SLR are also made by the same guy who did a lot of scripts for CzechVR. It’s a little ridiculous to say that all those scripts are better on one site than the other.

Also the practices used by RS / SLR are imo controversial at least. When I started scripting, maybe it was a week or two before I got message: how about you join us? I was told that the message was unique in my case, but who would send a message to some random guy after two weeks of scripting unless you don’t want competition in any form of free scripts? (especially that back then almost noone wanted to script VR for free). Something that gives a lot to think about.

Post a script that you want to be paid for, but don’t want to be a part of Realsync / SLR? Your post will be instantly hidden until you state that you didn’t use JFS. Wouldn’t be surprised if you also have to send your script as a proof to make your post unhidden, which can result in a big no for trying to make a profit from other sources than RS / SLR. Especially that your post can be lost relatively quick in a paid section - even few hours can be significant for your sales.

Just some loose thoughts from my side.


I don’t think I was ever asked about scripting structure.

We managed to get a deal with Raser and Realcumber to get things going like a year ago. Basically we started with integrating Realcumber scripts into SLR app and videos. He also managed to get on board some few script creators.

As of now we have no relation to JFS. It’s something that Raser and Realcumber prefer to use and I was surprised when I learned it’s not available for a general public. I’m pushing to get it available for everyone with no conditions.

That said SLR hides nothing. There’s a lack of cooperation from community, so I’m on my own doing the best I can to get things going. Hope you won’t blame me for that. On a contrary I’m greatly disappointed how uncooperative you guys are. I have no desire to work with such an attitude people

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what’s that?

SLR managed to put everything together so you can enjoy scripts while being in VR with little setup required. No other site ever developed interactives support like we did and that’s really great what we have got. We are all set to make it even better.

If what you say about posts is true I’m highly disappointed that ever happened. We have no relation to JFS nor we ever had a company policy like that. I’ll bring it to people who might be responsible for that.