SexLikeReal update: Submit Scripts Directly to the Community!

Hello beautiful people!

Some exciting news that we hope you will enjoy:

Now you can share your scripts with the SLR community in the Haptics tab.

Our AI buddy will give them a once-over, and if they pass the vibe check, they’ll be up for grabs by our premium users. Each of you can upload just one script per scene, and if you drop another, it’ll smoothly replace the old one.

How do I know the status?

You’ll get a heads-up in notifications as soon as your script gets the green light or if it has been rejected.

Can I delete my script?

No delete button yet—it’s just the first round. But don’t worry, it’s in the works! If you ever want a script to be taken down, send an email to, and we’ll sort you out.

We believe this is an awesome opportunity for the community to share with one another and for you guys to show-off your work to the people in the neighbourhood.

Let us know what you guys think and go try submitting some scripts :slight_smile:


How will this handle community free/paid scripts, that we didn’t originally author? Can it be kept private?


This sounds great and all, But this just seems like free labour to generate more revenue for the SLR site. Ill pass, i rather generate more traffic for Eroscripts. Also i assume my scripts posted here wont be on SLR?

No attack to you keishi, but to work for u guys as a paid scripter is just to much hassle for non americans.


No private option yet. And this is intended for scripts that you have created and have rights for, you should not upload scripts from someone else (this is in ToS)

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Other than metadata on a funscript file how can you verify that someone is posting their own work and not the work of others? You’re putting that burden on the script creator to monitor SLR and make sure their scripts aren’t being published by someone else, which they would only be able to do with a premium sub.

My thoughts exactly. This isn’t giving scripters the opportunity to share with the community like you say. This is profiting off of someone else’s work. And these scripts are going to be for premium users? So that means that you are directly charging your customers to use something provided to SLR for free without compensating the creator.

I’ve seen many scripters that I consider very good on eroscripts say that they have submitted scripts to SLR only to get thrown through a QA gauntlet and denied. So their scripts aren’t “good enough” for you to pay them for their work but they are “good enough” for you to profit off of them?


That’s the biggie right there. Community scripts should be open to all if no scripter recompense is part of the program.


This is our offer to the community to be able to share free of charge between yourselves, only premium users can upload scripts too, you cannot upload if you are a guest or a free user.
You can upload to SLR and keep these scripts here as well, we do not expect exclusivity for those scripts as we are not paying anything for them.

Thank you for mentioning this!
We are working on uniqueness validation atm, so there will be a check in place.
This is experimental for us and this is just a first iteration, as mentioned in the OP, so we will be adding features to it and see if we need to change the logic.

I don’t think this really solves the problem. I post my scripts on here for free because I want people to use them for free. Why would I pay for a subscription to upload a script so that only people that are paying SLR for a sub can use them? With that logic you’re profiting 2x off of something provided to you for free. You’re basically putting the whole idea of sharing scripts behind a paywall.


Why did i get the “SLR Fair Use Policy” message if i want download the user script by ussinternal for this video:


Why do I have a feeling this is gonna get extremely abused? How do you decide something is unique? If I run the script trough a simple script that will offset everything by 1ms and 1 point is this considered unique?


There’s no control to keep users from uploading someone else’s script–saw it on scenes on the second day after the feature was released.
The way its done, authors can’t even really check to see if its their work aside from running the script or comparing with SLR’s heatmap.

Here’s an example: Foursome Christmas for Everyone - CzechVR | SexLikeReal
The user ussinternal appears to have uploaded a script that exactly matches the SLR AI script.
I saw a couple more earlier that when tested had the same strokes as scripts that were released here on ES, but they’re gone from SLR now.

Its not even clear what the use case for this is. If I have a script for an SLR vid, I just run it locally via the “interactive” folder. What advantage do I gain by uploading it?

As for other users: if these uploaded scripts aren’t private, then why would they upload for free? If they created the script, they should be able to profit off it if SLR is going to hype it as “value added” for premium users.


And I’d be curious to see if the script uploaded by ussinternal to
Out of Bounds - SLR Originals - VR Porn Video | SexLikeReal is a match for

Especially given that SLR supposedly gave HughNormous the runaround when he tried to submit a different script to the SLR script program.


it looks like it actually. someone double check, but i think if you’re a subscriber too this ‘free user uploaded script’ consumes one of your monthly allotted SLR script downloads it appears.

man that is really shitty.


What do you want to bet that they’ll use all of these scripts to train their AI?

“We trained the model on 1,300 craft scripts created over many years…” is what doublevr bragged on u/datascience regarding their shitty AI model. I wonder where he got all those scripts…


Hi everyone! Thank you very much for being so vigilant, indeed there are a few bugs in place around the topics you have raised and we are now working to get them fixed. I will get back to you as soon as I have more info


This whole thing feels like the beginning to something really bad for the community


That does look like my script. I didn’t upload it.


Who is the target audience for this program?

Like what reason would a script creator have for uploading a script to SLR for free instead of just posting it here?


I let the team know about this

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