Should i Buy The Handy?

Well my question is about that…

First of all its my first time in the community i never was in here so please if this message didn’t came here please move it to the correct place…

One of my friends is traveling to the US in June and i saved money to buy the handy with all the sleeves available (400 usd total) but i saw that there are another options right now for the toy…

I usually play Fap heros and JOI’s but i want to experience a new level of pleasure than using my hand (i saw videos where pleople use like vibrating dildos for Hands Free Orgasms or different kínd of styles of things)…

Im planning to buy it from the oficial page of the company all the products but what i want to know if its more better to buy like something else than the handy and with that total sum of money spend it in another toys… If so wich ones should i buy?

Thanks in advance!

This highly depends on the person. If you can orgasm easily from anal, then going for those toys is an option. But not everyone can do that (or it needs a very long break in between).

Strokers are the most simple things that do work. And most scripts (on this site) are designed for this. Milovana does often also have estim scripts, which on that behave more similar to vibrators in sensation (often more intense, but good setups can also be a bit harder to obtain/use). A vibrator with sleeve is on that still very reliable and effective.

But if you cannot reliably get an orgasm from anal, i would avoid focussing on that and only consider it later on as an upgrade to your setup (it can be a great addition).

For fap/cock hero videos you generaly only need up and down movement. And a lot of jois dont work with any of the strokers due to lacking double hand movement. A spinning sleeve can do something here, but its not going to match the video.

And last: if this is your first toy, i wouldnt instantly go for the most expensive, so on that the handy is just reliable. A cheap single axis toy, exactly what 90% of the videos are scripted for anyway. If you want more later on, then going for these more upgraded devices can work, especialy since you then most likely also have a better idea of which sensation you are missing.

The handy while being powerfull cannot do the same things your own hand can. Some sensations will be missing! All toys suffer here to some degree.

Second what SomeoneRandom said on this - not everyone gain pleasure from prostate stimulation. You could explore it a little using your own fingers or smaller plugs. Douche first.

Strokers are almost guaranteed to do the job. They will not feel the same as jacking yourself in the sense that someone else is doing it for you. Different sleeve also provides different feelings and is an interesting ground to explore - onaholes feels massively different to bare hands and there are a hundred thousands of them.

The Handy is definitely a solid option to get started. However I would recommend the OSR2 as an alternative as it has better performance and allows a wider range of sleeves - it does require some tinker’s spirit to be able to use one effectively.

Why do you have to buy the Handy in the US though? Thing is that if the Handy is not selling in your region, there’s a chance that their server (HandyFeeling) would have poor coverage in your place too. In which case you will have to either rely on their half-baked Bluetooth mode or endure the massive buffering before playback. I’d recommend checking with their customer service on that first.

Cant recommend the handy at all, i dont know why so many like it. Its everything else than “handy”. To hold it is awkward, the sleeves are awkward and the most aonnoying part are the straps. You need to buy extra straps with silicone on it so it doesnt slip all the time and still the sleeves slip around very much and doesnt stay in place at all.

And the hand cant really handle other sleeves than its own. Fleshlights? No Chance for a good experience, even with selfmade adapter the handy cant really work with the sleeves in a satisfying way, cause you cant hold it in a good way.

You can get for the SAME price a OSR2+ already. And those are on a WHOOOLE other level. But well, you need to sit on a desk an attach them to the desk, and you need to be a little crafty too and it needs time to configure everything… but in the end, it would be worth it.

And buying all the sleeves for the handy? Dont do it. They are not worth it… if you are dead set on the handy, just buy the sleeve “lips” its all around the best one… you will get the standard sleeve with the handy anyways and that is all you need, the other sleeves (i have 4) dont feel that different to the lips or the standard one. Its a waste of money… especially the open ended sleeves are… well… messy.

I played with the thaught to sell my handy, but i still own it. I dont know… if iam in the mood to tinker around a bit i can improve it a little, maybe attach something to it to hold it better or so.

If you are afraid of the OSR2+… there are so many people around here to help to get started with it.

Though… if you want a kinda “plug and play” solution, the handy might be the safest solution so far. But yeah… iam not really happy with it and woudl recommend everyone to go for a different solution, like the OSR2+.


The unassembled kit is already over €200 on its own. with €40 shipping thats already 25% above the handy price and you still need to assemble it. Assembled the end price with delivery to europe even reaches €400.
Price wise its not on the same level as the handy, not even close. As in the EU the handy already has its taxes covered, the OSR2 hasnt and this can easily be 30% of its total price.

Now obviously, for both you want a system to mount it. There are a lot of ways here (not everything has to be official), so its still some hidden added cost you should consider. If not, the complaint of holding the device awkwardly is applied for both.

It reduces the diffirence here, but not by such huge margin it makes the OSR cheaper. And this ignores better or cheaper methods of making it hands free (its still a main flaw of the handy after all).

I think you are downplaying the handy too much. Yes, its not optimal, it has its flaws, but thats why you pay a lot less. The handy does have several other advantages though

What you are suggesting is for someone to buy a more expensive device while they dont even know if the most basic one does fine. Why buy a BMW when a Toyota does the job fine at half the price?

You can always decice to upgrade later, both devices have a limited timespan in which they work well, they eventualy do both break or start to show performance issues.

If you do have the money and were already planning to spend a lot more, then directly going for the OSR2 is a risk worth to take. But if not sure whether you will truly like it, its quite the investment risk.

Now you might wonder why i assumed europe. Since he didnt state the country he is from, but confirmed not being the US, there is a high chance of it being europe. And if so, the cost diffirences are significantly higher (as tbh, in for example canada tranport costs from the US are lower, and tax wise could also be cheaper).


There are more than one source to get the OSR2+, dont know why you think it cost 400$ pre assembled, it doesnt… there are way better ways to get you fingers on the OSR2+ than a 200$ DIY kit. G90ak is selling a full functional OSR2+ for 160$ + shipping (for me the overall price was 205€) already and looking into this forum there are every week some sales from other users too.

So no the handy is not really that much cheaper. It depends on where you buy the OSR2+. Iam from europe and bought the OSR2+ for overall 205€ (shipping included) from g90ak (delivery is not finished though) which is overall the same price the handy costs. With the flaws the handy has… its just not worth it compared to a OSR2+ from the right seller.

Oh an falafel posted the link already… you can get it from mosaic too, pre-assembled for around 206€… well whatever, dont know why you think it cost 400, it doesnt.

Hi, I actually started off with the handy then upgraded to a OSR2+ and both has its pros and cons:

My handy setup was pretty much at its final stage other than upgrading from the OG handy sleeve. I have a handsfree setup with VR and it’s very convenient with just a quest 2 and the handy. I was able to enjoy it seated or lying down but the only downside is that it’s single axis (up/down) and not much option for using different types of sleeves like onaholes or fleshlights.

The handy is definitely an upgrade from using your hand but still nowhere near being with an actual person. But if you’re going from using your hands to the handy, then it’s not a bad start to be honest. I would suggest not spending 400 usd on getting handy accessories other than the handsfree setup they have (my handsfree was made before they released their official one).

Now for the osr2+, if you know how to use the search function on the forums and you can follow directions from guides, then it’s not that hard to set up. It can be a hassle at first but setting up the osr2+ is really worth it when you find the right sleeve for you. The osr2+ has up/down axis, pitch and roll which can mimic the grinding if done right

Not only does the other axis feel better, but any scripts made for the handy is improved if played on osr2+ with MultiFunPlayer (MFP) because it has a randomizer for the pitch and roll axis.

osr2+ is technically cheaper but shipping costs might be pricey depending on where you’re at. And who you order it from will depend on what you’re looking for. You might also spend more if you decide to try onaholes or fleshlight unless you read up on reviews so you don’t end up with a sleeve you don’t like.

Overall, it’ll depend on what you’re looking for. The handy isn’t a bad starting point if you’ve only been using your hands. It’s easy to setup and convenient to put away, it’s plug & play out of the box, and it’s enjoyable if you can do a handsfree handy and VR setup.

But the osr2+ is definitely worth considering if you’re somewhat tech savvy and looking for a new level of pleasure. With the right sleeve, it feels amazing. I am a fan of slow bjs and I’m using the kmp ginguchi dirty sister onahole with a usb warmer and it feels close to the real thing.

The only downside is that I haven’t found a reliable way to set it up lying down when using vr.


The comfortability with a 3d printed belt and the coral sleeve isn’t gunna be found anywhere else, it’s worth every penny.

I have an SR6, Syncbot, and Handy. I use the Handy over the other two regularly. The main reason is convenience. I run HereSphere on my VR headset, connect to xbvr where my videos and scripts are located, and go. HereSphere plays the video and sends the associated funscript file to my Handy over wifi. It generally just works and is very quick to get started, which is important when I just want to jerk off. I don’t like needing 3 or 4 programs on my PC and having to debug various issues.

I have a microphone arm attached to my desk the Handy and Syncbot can connect to, which makes using either a hands-free experience. Only way to go in my opinion.

I’ve tried all the Handy sleeves, plus a few other recommended alternatives. I use the Handy Gen 2 sleeve - my consistent favorite - with a rigid sleeve extension 3D printed for the Handy. The extender puts the sleeve further from the bottom of the Handy, which is helpful for those of us carrying a few extra pounds around the middle. The rigidity is helpful for “cold starts” too.

Your experience may be different - length and girth make a difference in the fit, feel, and function of any sex toy.


Woah i have a ton of feedback right now!!

Thank you all i will first cover some questions that you ask me!

Where i am from? Im from Argentina and here the range of devices like that are horrible the “most top brand” you could get is Lovense and not all Lovense products

Why i want to buy it in the US? Because in my country when you arrive at customs all the things that come from outside costs like the double of the price you buy it (the reglamentations of my country are awfull) so if my friends are going there he can take it to here without a problem because its a “personal object” who carries and dont need to paid the extra amount.

About the anal thingy? Its not about that i mean yesterday i was looking in different posts about that you use like 2 or 3 toys attached to have a really nice sensation but what i was talking about was a hitachi(i think its called) who vibrates for each beat when he was playing Fap heros here its some sauce about what im talking:

Either way im not a conventional person i mean since i started watching Fap Heros i started to develop this kind of exploration about different ways of masturbation and i want to go even further… So if i want to explore the anal play i have some plugs/dildos (i live with my girlfriend) to use…

Why all the accesories for the handy? Because i want to feel different sensations aside of the conventional ones who gives one sleeve

Its my first toy? No, 4 years ago my girlfriend gift me my first fleshlight and since then i use 4 different types of onaholes (only 1 from Japan and was really tiny for my cock) and i dont know really a lot of that thats why i want to jump to a different kind of sensation i know its expensive and like one person says a Toyota do the trick but if all the ppl crafts scripts for the handy then i need the handy if i Can have the same much more cheaper then i Can go for a different variation but what i need to know is i need to do it like in this month because my friend will be there in 3 weeks and i need to ship to the place where hes going to stay so he Can take the product to here!

For the end of this reply i want to have the “setup” to be like attached to my desktop but its not possible because i have a maid who cleans in the place where i have my computer and i dont want to take on and off all the desktop things (thats why im not considering buying the desktop arm because i dont have a “ton” of privacy in the places where i want to use it)

Im keep reading it please take those answers in consideration and help me decide what to buy!!

P.D: Im starting to like JOIs more than Fap Heros thats why i like to have diffent options to purchase too!

P.D2: Sorry for my English

You could have a desktop arm on the desk and just detach the Handy when not in use. Most arms will fold up and stay out of the way when desired.

Yes i want to have that in the future! Here those are common to buy so i can have one later because i want to have that kind of hands free experience (in the start i will have the product in my belly or i will be holding it) but what i want is to experience the same sensation that you could feel when someone craft the script to recreate the “experience” of the video you are watching it!

Okay so it seems to be one of those AV Vibrator Wands with an adapter sleeve for the penis. The adapter seems to be this one:

(Pretty sure you can find it on AliExpress for cheaper)

For the wand to vibrate according to the beat you will need one that has support. I recommend checking out the IoST Index for this (this is also a great website to search for other interactive toys).

I have personally tried some penis vibrators in the past. They feel interesting but not entirely pleasurable. Yes it stimulates and makes you cum, but not all that satisfying as compared to stroking. I think it’ll be very different if you let your partner use it on you, though.

I still recommend one since it feels completely different to use it hands-free. Magic arms aren’t huge, they are generally under 10 inch and can be folded and stored very easily. But I don’t recommend buying the official Handsfree Mount from the Handy. I think they are overpriced and prone to fail. You can easily build a handy mount yourself following this recipe.

The OSR2 must be mounted to the desk. They generally comes with a 3D-printed desk clamp that is attached to the back of the unit. They are still compact and can be stored away into the drawer together.

Nah. You can use Funscripts on any stroker toys. They aren’t exclusive to the Handy. And if you want to use a stroker script on a vibrator, there’s always a method to convert them.

You can strap any toys to the Handy as long as they don’t exceed 400 gram and is in a cylindrical shape. I personally don’t like the Handy’s sleeves and have been using it with onaholes, the MIL-MIX+ 2 for example.

Which is to say it’s unnecessary to buy all their sleeve at once. Go and give the default sleeve a try. If you like it, buy more. If you don’t, try strap other sleeves you have onto it and see what works.

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I have the Handy since about 1 1/2 years now and it used it about 600+ times and it still works like a charme. Only had to put some grease in after some time and it still works perfectly fine. I won’t ever get any of the devices that you just cant use on your couch. Too much of a hassle for that. If you are only someone that looks into using a toy to jerk off then the Handy is the best automatic one on the market currently.

In my case:

Smoke weed
Lube sleeve up depending on what type of sleeve I use
Put cable into the Handy
Get dick into sleeve and jerk a bit to have a certain level of hardness
Put on Quest 3, start Heresphere
Start video
Let’s gooo

I always lay down on my couch and just hold the Handy.

Never had any issues with the Handy itself when it comes to product, only the rare server problems like we had a few days ago. The strap that comes with the Handy is okayish, but I prefer the Pro one. Put sleeve over dick, be hard of course, strap the Handy over the sleeve and the thing never gives me issues - regardless of the Handy sleeve or some onaholes I have. The super heavy onaholes dont work though, but that’s more a power issues of the device itself which… makes sense with the size of the thing… it’s quiet handy. :slight_smile:

So yeah maybe I am a bit alone in this, but I often watch series, smoke some weed with that (which also takes immersion in VR to another level) and then…just do it all on the couch. The Handy is just on my tummy where I hold it. Done.

So yeah for the price and as a “I wanna get it done and have some good fun” toy I can recommend it.

TL;DR The Handy is way more convenient for normies that also lay down on their bed/couch without having to mount anything at all or having to set up any players and shit (if you have VR).


I don’t really like the Handy, I made a review here for that sextoy.
There is a lot of free website to play with it sure… But it prefer larger sleeves and I dislike the fact that the sleeves are on the side for the Handy.

My suggestion would be to take a look to other alternatives such as the Keon if you want an autostroker or the Syncbot.

The Pulse Solo Interactive isn’t an autostroker but it’s the sextoy I use on a daily basis. You may be interested

Shame to admit this but building the OSR2 myself cost me less than $70 and that includes the mounting solution. A bit scrappy but works till this day :slight_smile:

But do I recommend that to a newbie like the OP? Absolutely no. Unless they are the type that gets attracted to this hobby.

Oh papa, don’t recommend something you’ve left behind for almost half a year…
And they wanted swappable sleeves. The Syncbot hasn’t got a 2nd scabbard to this date.

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Yeah about the osr2 much you talk about more interested i am but those pictures you post are really a hassle i mean i love to fap i want to have really awesome onaholes from Japan and really feel the quality of those products…

But as i said… Im from Argentina is like one bullet to expend with sonething that if i need to paid it here will cost me the double of what it is outside…

What are the things ill need to have for the OS2? I mean from where comes from? Its from the US? Or its European or Japanese? Can i use it without that mount? Or why you imply i need to have it?

I want to bring some onahole with me but those are real squetchy with the boxes and my friend its not into Hentai or those kind of things xD.

For the handy it seems i only need to have like the normal sleeves that comes with the product and one or two not the 7 that they have…

I don’t know about Argentina but do a search on local web and see if there are discussions on this device. Mayhaps someone near your region could build it for you? The OSR2 isn’t produced by a specific company - anyone can build one as long they have the recipe, a 3D printer, and knows where to source screws and nuts.

But there are two business building and selling the OSR2 in the US. M0SAIC and G90ak. Maybe you could catch one from them.

And yes you will need a mount to use the OSR2. They work directly with the Fleshlight (which you had one).

You don’t like hassle? Okay maybe it’s not the right toy for you. Buy a Handy and start fapping. xD

My 2 cents. If you don’t want to mess around with settings. Just get the Handy, but don’t go overboard and buy a ton of sleeves and accessories. Think of it as an entry into this world. If you love it, buy accessories as needed. If you think you need something more, then look into more fancy devices.


I like the hassle but i didnt thought it was builded from a 3D printer :open_mouth:

When i saw your pictures was woah so you need a 3D printer so for me was like a thing thats really tricky to get i mean here are persons who do things with 3D printers but i dont think they go go that level or at least if i have the recipe as you mentions it then could it be awesome to try it :O.

As you mentions g90 i think its much more versatile to buy the handy and then start purchasing onas to reach my country from Japan and then build an Osx2 because here in Argentina i dont think he Can ship it to here xD.

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