Site broken?

Dont know if this is just me (i suspect not)
But all links are broken?


its been like that since yesterday morning. lots of other having same issue

There is another thread about it already. Most only have issues with images and script downloads.

If you use VPN:
Some solved it by changing VPN settings or if they disabled VPN. You can try using the Opera web browser and its built-in VPN in case you don’t want to disable it. Otherwise, try selecting another endpoint for your VPN, e.g. change from North America to Europe or something similar.

I personally don’t have any issues.


having to use a VPN or proxy is a workaround, but there’s definitely an issue someone needs to look into. It would be nice to have an update from the admins to know what’s going on.

It has nothing to do with the site, more so the ISP (Spectrum). I was having the same issue yesterday but it seems to have resolved itself after a few days.

to keep the discussion centralized, I’m closing this topic. Please use this other topic for any discussion going forward

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