SLR App needs premium account to use?

My current set up is 2 mobile devices one for slr app and one for gearvr using the deo player.

I been using SLR App in combo with gearvr. Worked perfect till lately. Now it says I need a premium account to use/login. Does anyone have a workaround or an alternative way to play Scripted videos on GearVR?

Thanks for any feedback!


I second this. It was disappointing to see this implemented in the latest update.


Why wouldn’t you like to pay for a service? There’s no workaround the same like you getting paid for your job.
It is really discouraging to read posts like that while we put a lot of effort to make things work

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I see what your saying but it’s a bit different.

The slr app i would pay for as a one time payment. What they want is a subscription service every month. I don’t use their site. I purchase scripts here and use the slr app.

I also like being frugal. There are millions of free apps all i am asking is if someone knows of one. Otherwise i don’t think $30 a month is worth it for an app.

I’m sure you have some free apps on your phone google chrome perhaps? Imagine they charge subscription to use it. Firefox it is.


Will you refund all script purchases too? I and many paid for scripts separately and can’t use them anymore, because of your greddy policy. Reading comments like yours is really discouraging for people who supported scripters way back in the day and put a lot of money into it.

This change means that there is no point in buying scripts separately anymore.


Purchased scripts should be working just fine. We are investigating the issue. Should be fixed soon. Sorry about that.

You buy scripts for your convenience whatever you like it. Script creators get credited in any way.

The app should work for pay per script users as well.

Btw I’m actually donating monthly firefox, though I don’t use it. Some services are free, some are paid. There’s nothing wrong for services to be paid. I have like 50 active subscriptions with all the services that I use. It makes my life cooler without ever thinking of workarounds.

Hi @doublevr,

Thought it was worth giving some measured feedback. I understand that you are trying to move the company towards a streaming model (Netflix for VR porn i think has been mentioned.)

I do believe if this is the plan a few things need to be taken into account.

  1. The technology from the consumer side is not there yet. Not everyone has a high end VR rig and the superfast broadband needed to stream the video and the script at the same time. Some places also still cap internet usage meaning a one off download is much cheaper than streaming everytime.

  2. We consume pornography in a very different way to TV. It’s short bursts less frequently. If you can binge watch 4 hours of porn in one go you have better stamina than me.

  3. The cost is a very different factor. Netflix is less than £10 a month and there is a big difference between this and the $32.99 a month for scripts and videos on offer.

  4. The current model allows downloading of 3 scripts (or it did) there was no mention that these would only be watchable if a current premium subscriber.

  5. Messaging. This site is one of if not the largest community for scripting and is probably the best free advertising you can get. Currently the official messaging feels defensive and reactionary.

  6. Final point I promise. If interactive porn takes off some large companies will try and muscle in on what your doing. I get that you are trying to innovate to stay ahead of the pack as a defence but the best defence is a large userbase. Every webtech company that has succeeded has prioritised a large user base over getting maximum revenue from a smaller group. That userbase is also your best selling point when getting companies to work with you and its what will drive your value if you ever decide to sell the company.

Finally not a point but a question about the SLR app. I dont know exactly how it works and the costs to your company of someone playing a purchased or free script on the app through DeoVR. I’m not asking for an exact number, but if people using the app costs you explaining this may be useful.


If so the app may need fixing. It’s right at the login. It will only accept premium account logins and we need to be logged in to sync. The paid for scripts were not direct purchases to slr but to creators so my account was never upgraded to premium for that reason.

Seriously just put a one time charge on the app that makes sense. Since some people hace subs to the direct sites like badoinkvr.

The point i was making with firefox was you pay for what makes sense. Like you said it’s convenient for you maybe because you use it frequently. In my case it’s occasionally and that’s not enough to convince an average joe to pump $30 a month for.

Slr offers lifetime plan for 1000 why not 10 for the app? Multiply that by the users I’d say good chunk of change :smiley:

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Technically speaking SLR app and Haptics connect is meant to be free for SLR Premium users ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There’s a ton of cool functionality coming once we manage to introduce integrity within a pipeline. Apple products is a good example of where things are going.

There will be also SLR Interactive sex toy coming for ultimate ergonomics and connectivity with SLR products.

Selling a separate app is like buying a ticket to war. It requires a whole dedicated infrastructure we are not capable of even at a thinking level. We are well overloaded now, yet we come up with simple and super efficient solutions. The whole tech is nowhere near towards what it’s heading for.

Just get Premium and be cool :+1: If anyone is serious about cash issues we will give you a dirt cheap offer. Just mail support. I’d really wish to come up with a way to make it affordable for everyone. Actually we are adding request form for custom price if you can’t afford it.

I get that it’s fun to dunk on slr for their sometimes questionable business decisions but this seems unreasonable.

What you’re saying here is that you’re not an slr customer. You don’t buy scripts or videos from slr. They have no responsibility to ensure their proprietary software works for non customers.

It’s up to them whether they want to make their apps accessable to non (past or present) subscribers and there may be valid reasons for them not to do that.

All of that said I to agree with almost everything @quiffed1 said. I think that rushing into a streaming only model will alienate existing customers that don’t have the infrastructure set up to stream at good quality and I hope slr continues to support users that need to download.

That’s very disappointing to hear :face_holding_back_tears: I despise Apple’s walled garden and anti consumer business model

Oh @doublevr and I’d just like to say that your attitude in this thread has been very polite and professional

You should mention this on Reddit if you haven’t already, it’d probably go some ways towards improving your reputation there


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I’d consider it if they fix the part where we have to do the work of downloading the script and setting it up correctly.

Stream live interactive with a 2 step process such as connect device and play. Then it’s worth it.

It’s not about affordability. Would you pay 500 for a haircut? From a customer point of view it’s not worth it. Especially that i dont use the site just the app. Kinda like morons buying gamestop at 300. I don’t like to be the moron.


That’s the current set up for the handy. Which device do you use?

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As my original post i am set up with two mobile devices one for the slr app and one for gearvr connected to launch.

I am onboard on what you last posted. Which is why in my original post i was looking for an alternative. Which should be a sign to slr. If one person is posting it how many are thinking it?

On another note, slr is a marketplace where they sell other creator’s content. I like purchasing direct from the creators. So slr is more of a convenience thing but whats the convenience when most of this content is free from sites like phub. So to me the value they have is the app. I’m sure that’s not everyones position but i dont like to pay for a whole tuxedo when i just need a bow tie. Other than that your right it’s their business model and i am looking for a dev out there to make an alternative which i know one was but i am scraping brains out there.


IIRC the heresphere video player dev is working on handy t-code integration and that app is available on both quest and PC.

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Thank you comrade! Never heard of this, looking into this now.

this is the heresphere discord

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With thinking like that that exactly what it stands for. It’s like a drunk man explaining his wife why soft is better than hard.

Last I checked he’s trying to use butplug to implement that support so it will work for most interactive devices