SLR flat 2D videos (Can they be scripted?)

@Realcumber ???

SLR has a section of good quality flat (2D) videos. Is it possible to script them? I don’t see any that are. There are a bunch that would really be good scripted. Here’s a link to one.

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Good job noticing @MnM01 :+1: - I am for sure aware - I actually have a few already scripted from the studios on there, but last times I checked there needed to be separate backend development added for script support for those 2D, and I dont think it will be priority anytime soon, but one day maybe

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@Realcumber Hopefully not too far in the future. Some good stuff in there for sure.

Another question while I have your ear. Seems like many days pass between 1 new script dropping on SLR. With the motion tracking software and I would assume more scripters scripting, why aren’t there more scripts available more often on SLR? Seems like there were more landing more often in the past.


Yes for sure, huge 2d market out there still to consider

I think its important to note that scripts per month have been ongoing and growing since day 1, and we probably had alot more scripts than expected in the recent past

I think its also important not to add too much pressure to this kind of work, and to note that nowhere else has as many total, consistently produced yet simultaneously high quality scripts in such short a time than at SLR, especially considering its all for less than $10 a month

That said, there are many reasons why guys script more or less, or stay or go:

Factors like ongoing backend distribution changes/announcements going on that create unpredictability (which can be potentially good or bad but definitely causes uncertainty)

Most also do this part time (difficult to do full time due to the monotony and long length scenes of VR) so guys often script in spurts when they have energy, need important breaks, and have families or life obligations, so maintaining flexibility is key

Also scripters have likely been trying to recently make use of scripts AI tool, but are finding its more so increasing script time due to constant setup, tweaking and always necessary adjusting points afterwards

Speaking of motion tracking / AI tools and SLR scripts, I would like to clear up a common misconception:

Many have been thinking SLR scripts have been generated with motion/AI tools, seemingly easily pumped out constantly, but everything at SLR we’ve released till now has been manually human made without any motion tracked/AI assistance to date

We’ve tried other tools, and unfortunately they all seem to require alot of supervision and post editing, in order to be usable (never mind the guaranteed significant drop in quality), and releasing anything too rushed, not properly checked, I think would be a disservice to our supportive paying customers who trust the quality at SLR, hence why I will personally always strive for maximum accuracy and immersion

Also for me personally, motion tracking/AI ends up actually taking the fun out scripting, which is hugely important for doing this long term, and adding pressure and deadlines quickly turns what was once a hobby into actual work, which often defeats the purpose of guys doing this in the first place

Sorry for the long winded post, but hope that helps clarifies some things


It’s appeared to be much harder than that.

Our fellow script creators are going to be the best in getting scripts done for a while.

I have big expectations to get more scripts with initiatives like Opening user scripts submission on SLR .

We are making ScriptsAI public soon. It works great for 50-75% of the video. Yet skilled script creators would rather do everything manually.

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you are correct in the past we had more scripts posted each month. but we had more scripters then as it was not required to set up a business, when it became known that it was required a good portion dropped as it was either too difficult or just not worth the effort for them, as most do this part time.

And correct we do not use AI as it just isnt accurate enough at the moment.
I am one of the scripters that would use it if it was accurate, as i understand that it is needed to speed up production. But when even at the easier to track parts only 1 out of every three points is set at the right time (wrong stroke depth is not a problem thats an easy fix), we end up redoing that part in its entirety thus costing us more time in the end.
The trackers might be more accurate at 2d scenes but i cant say as i havent tried it.

And just as Realc i have no problem scripting 2d scenes (there are 2 or 3 free ones on here that i made when i started doing this) but i have no idea if they are viewed a lot on SLR (when i am a member of VR sites i never check the 2d scenes, so i have no idea if they are popular on VR sites) but if they are just as much viewed as the VR scenes i would script them as they tend to be shorter and shot at 30fps.


I can only agree on that even if I’m not working as a paid scripter anywhere. I’ve been using the Motion Tracking tool a bit and I only use it when the conditions are perfect in the video, otherwise there’s too much post-editing.


No way!
At most maybe if you want crappy scripts like they used to be available from WankzVR or VirtualRealPorn. But I don’t want to go back to that time.


To the contrary, thanks for all the great insight from you, other scripters, and SLR. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Scripts are the best thing to come along in the porn industry since VR. Together they are awesome! Hopefully more ppl will script on SLR to increase the volume. Also looking forward to the initiatives mentioned by @doublevr

Sounds like “setting up as a business” is an obstacle that might need to be changed to open things back up again and increase volume. How do you guys feel about it?

@doublevr Any plans to have your SLR flat 2D video section available for scripting? @Realcumber mentioned that separate backend development needs to be added for script support (for flat 2D).

It’s a complicated task. We have it on to-do list, but not exact timeline in place

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it would be great but not possible as according to european law it is required.

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I wanted to update my comment/observation about scripts dropping slow on SLR because lately the scripts are dropping a lot faster. Seems like every day one or more are landing. Nice job to all those that make them possible. Keep up the good work!