Slr, haptics connect, and keon not working

Iv been out of the loop and dont get to use my toys often. haptics connect no longer works and says its not connected to BT. did an update break this. is there a new method I should be using? thank you for your time.

Hi there! This is probably due to the permissions being reset, so the app now doesn’t have access to bluetooth anymore. You need to turn the option back on.

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Thank you changing permissions got me further but now it just never finds my device

I ended up having to setup the haptics connect on my iphone then login into slr on the phone and then going to the bottom of my profile settings and hit the connect to haptics connect button and now it works. I can now launch a video on my quest and everything syncs up. just have to use my phone again like way back in the day. leaving this incase someone else needs it thank you for your help it is much appreciated.


it happened to me as well , follow these steps when you having problems and it will fix it for sure

sometimes i go from about step 6-7 and it enough and fixing it for me

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