SLR interactive sex toy

SLR has anounced that an interactive stroker is in the making.

Specs that have been mentioned:

  • easy integration and connectivity with SLR app like Apple products
  • cool ergonomics, aesthetics and body pleasant materials
  • likely working with Fleshlights and other popular sleeves
  • up to 12cm working distance
  • battery (mentioned in the comments that both battery and run while plugged in the mains is to be present)
  • waterproof
  • changeable covers so it can look whatever you want it to be
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • “control my sex toy” feature
  • mount to keep it hands free

Any opinions? I don’t think there is any waterproof option in the market yet.


On their forum their guy started talking about it being for SLR, deo and offline only. When i tried to question if the toy would work on other sites he got all defensive, deleted my comments and suspeneded my forum account.


i think the answer is not that difficult if it can run funscripts offline (stored locally) then it will run czech vr scripts. It will likely not run Naughty America sripts as those are stored on the Handy server and they might not let an SLR toy connect to their server. Just as it will not let a kiiroo toy connect to it.

Also if its battery only i would not buy it. But if it got both it might be interesting. if it has the same reaction time and speed as the handy or better.

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I am shocked–shocked I say–to hear that SLR has engaged in shitty, hostile customer service when confronted with any sort of pushback.


looking forward to seeing it when release, the more options innovation and competition we have in the space the better

Nothing about responsiveness and max. speed which are imo the biggest things. Announcing and releasing a product are two different things, wish them luck tho.

I can see people falling for the marketing hype and buying this only to regret it when they realized they’re locked into SLR and they can’t take advantage of all the amazing scenes and scripts that aren’t offered there.

So basically an SR6 plus DRM? Pass on the DRM, hells to the yeah on SR6.

…it’s single axis for now, ‘Rotation to be added next iteration’.

Also, they are being VERY cagey about whether the device supports scripts outside of SLR, to quote, ‘The main idea is a perfect connectivity with the SLR products and essential non-VR use (offline)…’. So they haven’t completely shut the door on the idea, but from the tenure of the reply, one can assume that ‘SLR products and essential non-VR offline use’ implies no Wi-Fi or headset/device connectivity, so no scripts, when not connected to SLR. Basically an app controlled wank machine.

So far the advantages it may have over the Handy are that it is being ‘conceptualized’ to have a centrally mounted receiver rather than offset, and some sort of soft external skin and possibly interchangeable outer shell.

So they’re fighting for the same market share, but within the SLR sphere only, and the SLR device will have just enough differences to the Handy that it can be marketed as a ‘better’ machine that’s ‘better’ at crunching SLR scripts, but they will be able to aim it at a lower price point, scoop up the SLR viewers who aren’t using a stroker yet, and then lock them into their walled garden, @doublevr even makes the Apple analogy at the very beginning of the OP here. They also have the advantage of already allowing other devices running in their walled garden, so they can still sell subscriptions to people who don’t want two machines. Excellent strategy.

i was never a fan of Apple, precisely because of their walled garden, but there you’re talking complete life system lock in, offered up at an eye watering price, here it’s just a wank machine, hopefully going cheap!

(Note, yea they need to be crystal clear at point of sale that machine is locked to SLR only, or bad shit will descend, but i’m sure they won’t be that stupid…)

And honestly, seeing the sheer volume of material they’re releasing scripts for every day now, from loads of studios that aren’t SLR, if the damned machine works, then hats off to them. Join at that point, and you’d never have to watch porn anywhere else, as long as you only want VR material. i’m a whore for fuck machines, and use SLR a lot, i’ll buy one on day one, as long as i believe the design would allow my suction device to integrate, no probs. Will post a review! Along with about 300 other peeps, i guess!

And if you want more variety, get a Handy 2 (hopefully? by that stage?) and come over to Eroscripts!

So aye, good luck to SLR, this is a huge ocean, plenty of room to fish…


A number of the statements in this thread are factually not correct. Just to be clear:

  1. We make the best stuff of what’s currently possible for the best pleasure of everyone using it. There’s a huge community effort behind the project and I’m excited where everything is going. Everything is done with people in mind providing the best experience possible and seamless connectivity you don’t even notice.
  2. We won’t intentionally lock it to SLR only, yet we design it with the SLR first in mind. I can perfectly see other usecases for device on and off.

wow. they could have just answered said no lol

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…well that’s an unequivocal answer, thank you very much!

Nice to be wrong… xD

The guy was super aggressive on the forum escalating things for no reason and making wrong statements based on his speculations. Can’t understand people going mad without even being provoked.

Aaah, well thats different :+1:

No point coming here to lie, i have everything you said to me screen shotted including my supposed super aggresive comments if anyone wants to see them.

Bear in mind everyone here is fully aware you are the 1 that gets aggresive and angry, as well as being the 1 known for deleteing posts and often whole threads you disagree with.

Any normal business would see every comment on a post is slating your customer servive and attitude and either wind it in, stay out of it or at least take a moment to look at the situation and stop fueling the fire, but heck, what do customers know, we we must all be wrong :rofl::rofl:

What if we show device mesh with controls inside VR.

Potentially we can know position of the device

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That sounds promising.

banned from SLR again, Double, everyone knows your petty like that.

Was it because I called you out for being a blatent liar and then provided proof, that you couldn’t get out of (not for the 1st time I will add) or because I suggested the name Downright opulent uber brilliant lingering extreme virtual reality intuitive system allowing major organ rotating orgasms now for your new toy and you finally learnt what read the initials means?