SLR is paying $500 to creators for Originals scripts [ON HOLD]

Hello guys!

We are very excited to announce that SLR now has a new offer for script creators.

We would love to see all SLR Originals scripted and to fulfil this we offer to pay 500$ for a script. No need to have a company or create an account with us, you just need a PayPal account.

Procedure is:

  • Send an email to, I will explain you the details and help with video reservation.
  • After that you would need to create a script for the reserved video and send it to our QA team.
  • As soon as QA approves a script, we will load it to the website and you will be paid accordingly.

The only requirement is:

  • These scripts will only be available at SLR and you will not be able to post them anywhere else.

If you are interested or have any questions - let me know.

Also, if you are interested in other ways of working with us, check out this post


500 dollars per script? is that realistic?

It sounds like a fair payment. Sadly I am not scripting VR vids :expressionless:

We believe in great scripts :fire:

Great offer from slr, too bad if I didn’t have a shift job I would accept the offer but I think it would take too long so I have a lot of respect for everyone who writes screenplays. I hope there are a few who do master high art .

ANY script?
3 minute videos
2 hour videos?

Makes sense, it’s a limited offer (only SLR originals) and you probably don’t get a revenue afterwards.

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Originals are more or less constant duration.

Ok, but where do we sign up for this QA team? :sweat_drops:

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wow, nice offer, is @Realcumber still the main scripter for slr originals? he hasnt left has he?

You don’t get the money?

I think Husky means that you won’t get any revenue per play or per sale of the script, you only get the $500.


dang if only I had experience scripting vr vids

Correct. you are in essence selling the copyrights to SLR.


He is with us, nothing changed :wink:


One does not contradict the other. You do not need to be a business or have sole proprietor status to take this offer, you can be a private person.
We are a company, so we need to follow certain laws, this is why there is an agreement between two parties involved. It would be more suspicious if we would just send money to everyone, no strings attached.
In any case, if you don’t like it, its ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are working on more discreet peer-to-peer way to get scripts on SLR.
Right now we need to have a basis to release a payment thus all the data are required.

In the future we are going to automate that and come up with community logic

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Some data might not actualy be allowed to be sent. Someones personal number for example, for which the document number is the replacement then (and this can differ on a per country basis even, in some countries blocking your personal number is mandatory).

Address information is again something that isnt required either. A homeless person can effectively still have a job. Sure, these are rare cases, but as they exist, the law often does consider it. And the address is again tied to the document number (as this translates to the personal id, which the government knows the addresses for).

The picture of the id part however is for other verification reasons, and therefor can be required. As for example the photo of the person is used as a check, and to see if the data was potentialy forged. But the issue here is, those documents often have tactile information, and you cannot send that digitaly. This tactile info is used to ensure that even a well photoshopped document still wont be validated. In these cases they generaly just want the document number and photo, as those 2 as a match cant be faked (and can be easily checked). The photo obviously must be from the document though (as that is still a check to see if it matches, and a lot harder to obtain - for plenty of people effectively impossible - for those who want to fake documents).

Especialy in a community where people want to remain anonymous as much as possible, its worth to consider these things.


If you value your privacy then just don’t take the offer.
If you are fine with sharing some personal info then go ahead with the offer.
It is as easy as that. No one is forcing anyone to share their personal identifiable information. And as SomeoneRandom mentioned, if laws in your country prohibit you to take the offer then just continue to the next thread and forget about this.


I could be interested.
Is there a way to “de-fisheye” sexlikereal originals videos? I’m used to work with 180 degrees vr videos, i never used JoyFunScripter on its 2d view and it seems a bit messy :face_exhaling: