SLR not picking up scripts via DLNA?

HI , i just sorted my occulus GO to access my VR videos via DLNA on my windows PC which is great coz it was a pain to have to transfer onto GO all the time , i can access the videos via the SLR app on DEOVR (on occulus GO) but the script doesnt get picked up?.
They are identically named and work if i put video & script onto occulus GO itself.
Is it not possible to watch synced videos via DLNA on deovr?



I’m unsure but I think you have to have the scripts in the Interactive folder stored locally on Oculus Go even if you stream the video.

If that doesn’t work then start looking into this thread:

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That is the solution, works like a dream now , cheers !!

Good to know…

I have both videos and scripts on a hard drive setup with dlna and can get both the script to play as well as the video using alvr, then inside alvr opening the deovr app from within the alvr on the headset and playing the videos from there using dlna. It was a pia to figure out how to make it work and I still struggle getting the headset connected to alvr at times but the new release seems to work better.

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additional info: this is connecting to osr2+ com port using xtplayer and connecting to deovr from xtplayer. Then from within the headset you can play any video thru deovr from within alvr on the headset without taking headset off. - i wanted to do the same with slr app to but never figured it out… i will look at the option of moving the script files to the headset but right now this way i don’t have to move anything to the headset.

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