Haptics Connect for FL Launch, Lovense Max 2, Vorze in VR

Hey guys

I’m happy to announce Haptics Connect Android and Haptics Connect iPhones that should replace SLR Interactive and connect your favorite sex toys with SLR app and DeoVR player.

Enjoy superb SexLikeReal scripts with all the Bluetooth devices below:

  • Kiiroo Keon (Launch replacement)
  • Kiiroo Onyx+
  • Vorze A10 Piston SA
  • Vorze A10 Cyclone SA
  • Fleshlight Kiiroo Launch (discontinued)

Lovense devices:

  • Max 2 - vibration, contractions. Set contractions value in the settings menu.
  • Nora (female) - vibration. Adding support for rotation
  • Gush (new product, pocket size) - vibration
  • Calor - vibration

Looking to get into VR? Get the right headset What’s the best headset for VR porn?

TheHandy works directly with the SLR app and DeoVR over Wi-Fi and doesn’t require Haptics Connect.

Check Interactive Sex Toy Scripts Complete Help Guide (Kiiroo,Vorze,Handy,Lovense)) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos for more details


Hi, Any plans to replace the native Quest 2 version too or will it just keep working? It works really well for me and would like to continue to use it.

We plan to have HapticsConnect built-in into SLR app for Quest

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which would also be cool if you could control the app without a controller with handtracking (ques2) so the controllers wouldn’t bother you when you see the VR, it would definitely be a highy ligth again


How do i login to slr with this? I would like to use my iphone and keon instead of old android phone

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Complete step by step guide with pictures here → Interactive Sex Toy Scripts Complete Help Guide (Kiiroo,Vorze,Handy,Lovense)) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Check ‘Option 2’

I dont have that option in my settings where it should be. Im assuming in need premium for this to work then.

Are you sure you are checking in the right spot? (In Haptics connect app on your android or iOS phone)

SLR premium is not required - you can see the settings like any app without even being logged in

Coming soon

this sounds awesome, so i can delete the SLR Interactive app now yes?

Yes. It won’t be updated. Everything was moved to Haptics Connect

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Sorry for the late reply. I have the minimum speed and settings what i dont have is this part: IMPORTANT STEP FOR iOS APP users!

  • Manual username login is not intended to work on iOS
  • Instead, You will need to Log in to www.sexlikereal.com from your mobile device browser
  • There you will find the button to click to ‘Connect SLR to Haptics Connect App’ in your Profile section

I do not have the button to connect slr to haptics connect app in SLR settings on my phone

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@technoshaman - All good - I just double checked - In order to see the ‘Connect to Haptics Connect’ Deeplink button in your profile page on your web browser, you will need to have an active SLR Premium membership.

You can currently use the app on android and sign in manually without active SLR premium, or use the no phone direct on Quest 2 method → How To Install Haptics Connect App directly on your Quest 2 - (without phone) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

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Thank you for checking I was wondering where the button was lol

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Unfortunatey, it appears now that SLR+Haptics Connect is completely locked down to Premium SLR members only. If you have local content and scripts you’ve created yourself IT DOES NOT MATTER – in order for SLR to work w/ DeoVR, etc. you still must have a premium membership for it to be willing to talk to devices!
What other options are there for players of local content which DO NOT REQUIRE $$$ to use?

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yea wtf I tried to use haptics today and its telling me its only for Premium!!!

Why wouldn’t you like to get Premium?

It costs us a lot to make things work. I guess you also get paid for things you do.

Sorry, but Haptics Connect is totally BS. It doesnt’ work for me. I’ve a Quest and a Xiaomi Mi11 or S20 FE. Also i have a Yearly Sub for SLR and Haptic is allowed in SLR Settings. My Keon, is making the 2 Test Strokes and Haptics is shown a connected in SLR (green light). So far so good, but it doesn’t work. With the SLR Interactive i never had any Problems

Dev team is looking into that. Less harsh language would be highly appreciated

Sorry, but when i pay Money for a Service and can’t use it, i be harsh, or do you think 32$ a Month and no working Servie is okay? I don’t think so