Spent 300€ in toys, now I need free resources

So I bought the Kiiroo Keon Masturbator, a fleshlight and a phone holder for around 300€. Now turns out all these “collections of interactive videos” are behind premium subscriptions.

I don’t really care if they are cheap or not, I just think 300€ are more than enough for this matter and I don’t want to spend another cent anytime soon.

Sooo… do you have any website, resources etc that I could use? So far I got:

I’ve also read some edging tricks for manual mode, but I don’t think I will use manual for now.

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I used to have a kiiroo keon a while back and used faptap I think. I am pretty sure you can connect the keon to intiface and use intiface to connect to faptap.

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I do think that the handy is a better interactive toy for many scripts you will find on this website and faptap though. The handy can do faster scripts than the keon can.


hi, there are thousands of free scripts available on this forum, you just need to download scriptplayer and intiface

Script player is for desktop, I have android only

I certainly don’t mean this as an insult, and I know I have the benefit of being an RTS transplant, but I am legit so confused how people end up here without realizing that they are in a free script oasis. It seems like I’ve seen this post many times since this sites creation. I always assume that people are here specifically FOR the free scripts.

Anyway to answer your question OP here’s a post on connecting your device.

After that, I would recommend checking out the software category. I know that at least one member has made a player that works on Android.

Then head on over to the “Free Scripts” category and begin downloading all the smut you desire.

Also, one of the site’s best scripters just responded to you above. If you click on @qweer’s name and click on “Portfolio,” you’re going to find a ton of quality scripts that have been contributed to the community for free.

Lastly, you may decide at some point that you want to try making your own scripts. Here’s a great well-rounded tutorial series by @Husky.

And here’s a new tutorial series that’s currently being created by @Slibowitz teaching his specific method for scripting.

You’re definitely going to want to check out their portfolios too. They’re also some of the best on the site.

I hope this helps, and welcome to EroScripts!


Because the process is confusing and sometimes not even doable. For example the guide you linked requires me to use two devices to link the toy, while I only have one phone.

Honestly I would recommend you get a PC to make the most out of this whole process.
Faptap has a ton of videos but I think you need a PC to connect it easily with the Kiiroo. The Kiiroo is just not as simple to connect with videos as The Handy or even the Syncbot for that matter.

Seems decently quick, you just connect your Keon to your PC via bluetooth and then Faptap can pair to it with Chrome.

I dunno, maybe you should’ve spent $200 on a Handy and $100 on a computer.

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