SR6 Questions / Exploring beyond the Handy

Heyo! I know there are about 1547 threads about this kind of stuff already, but I always find it difficult to find precise answers to my particular questions, so here goes!

I’ve had the Handy for ~6 months now and its hands down the best stroker-adjacent toy I’ve purchased. But with some disposable income available and a desire to explore & review my options, I’ve started looking at some other products, specifically the OSR/SR6, and to a lesser degree the syncbot. (while I’d love to hear some user reviews of the latter, this topic was mostly started for the former)

Main questions are:

  1. Intensity comparisons to the Handy, specifically in terms of ‘speed to stroke length’. While the Handy has definitely helped me recovers somewhat from DGS, I’m still someone who really likes high-intensity stimulation. And while the Handy can certainly get fairly up there, I’m someone that really prefers longer strokes, and I feel like this is kind of where the Handy suffers the most. I don’t really like the sensation of vibration-style stimulation, so a lot of the short, rapid “strokes” in more ‘intense’ funscripts end up taking me out of it more than anything. Tldr: I’d like something that can do full, or at least somewhat long strokes at a speed higher than the Handy. Is this something the SR6 manages well? Additionally if not, does the multi-axis support give it enough uniqueness to be more intense in different ways?

  2. Ease of maintenance for someone who is not an engineer? I am at best, a tech enthusiast and can manage some shoddy soldering when something absolutely needs fixing. A few things I’ve seen make it seem like there’s a lot of required maintenance if you plan to use these consistently, doubly so if I’m looking for higher intensity as the above question. Is this a huge issue if I’m buying one premade from somewhere like yourhobbiescustomized?

2.5. Durability with consistent use is a bit of a worry, but I may just be rewording question 2. Should I be worried about things breaking and having to buy higher quality/more expensive parts to keep up with what I’m looking for even if I buy something premade?

That’s it for now, I think! Sorry about the unnecessarily wordy questions, but I’ll greatly appreciate any feedback! :heart:


You should have a look at the SSR1

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Ah, thank you! I knew the SSR1 was a thing, and it might be nice as a direct upgrade, I was just curious how it compared to the SR6. It does definitely seem to be friendlier in the maintenance department, though, just going by what I can find!

The SSR1 is likely to be notably slower than an OSR2. The real benefit is the lack of servo noise.

While definitely noisier than the Handy, the OSR2 is considerably faster. As far as maintenance goes, here are the points of failure I’ve personally experienced:

  • USB port on control board breaking off
  • Servo horns breaking or stripping
  • Servo arm breaking

For the USB port issue, just be careful when inserting and removing the cable as much as possible. And make sure there’s no tension on the wire during use. The solution is to either resolder the connector (tried and failed on my part), or replace the board. It was a Romeo BLE Mini for me, which seems to be harder to find these days. Going with the ESP32 board option allows for cheaper replacement (just bought a pair for something like $16 recently).

For the servo horns, the solution I found was to use a different type. That does require modifying the arm models and reprinting them. The kind that the default design uses has a pretty narrow neck, which will inevitably break eventually under high speed stresses. The one I use now is this. It has a wider neck, and since I started using those, I haven’t had a break or a strip. They’re also better for alignment. The other horns had random alignment on the interior teeth (that mesh with the pinion on the servo), so the arms could not be aligned perfectly via placement, requiring software adjustment. The Axial horns have consistently aligned teeth, requiring no software adjustment.

I only had one arm actually break, and my solution was to reprint. This time with more perimeters and more infill.

One other issue to consider, for high-speed usage, is heat generation by the servos. They will get very hot indeed, and it’s imperative to use a design that has the fan in the lid. Even then, it would be best to use a high-temperature material for the parts.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably noticed one thing in particular - printing. For normal usage without a ton of high-speed stroking, ordering a pre-made OSR2 is just fine. If you’re going to be running it at high speed for extended periods of time, I really recommend you at least have a 3D printer so you can print replacement parts yourself, whether or not you decide to do the entire build yourself. As far as printers go, that’s a larger discussion, but try to stay away from any that have PTFE tubes in the extruder, as that limits your printing temperature, and hence what materials you can print with. While not cheap, if you want broad capability and reliability, I’d go with a Prusa.


It’s the superior device, nothing even comes remotely close… It’s nice, you can pickup parts and replacements for it as well.

I went from a Keon, to Handy, to OSR2+, and now have the SR6

If you order one go fully loaded, the lube dispenser, heating, and twist functions are amazing and stand out more than anything else. I’m using it in conjunction with script streaming from SLR with MultiFunPlayer. The twist function makes it feel a million times better, you can randomize all the features to move in conjunction with the main script. SR6 has made me cum harder than any person ever has lmfao.

If you get one and need help with setup feel free to DM me, my dumbass knows nothing and had an incredibly difficult time figuring out how any of it works but I finally got the hang of it.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Holy heck, this is a ton of quality info! Exactly the kind of stuff I was looking to hear, thank you very much! I think even with the maintenance considerations, I’ll prolly end up taking the plunge on a prebuilt one before the end of the year. Can’t give enough appreciation for these replies! :heart:

Also a new software just came out yesterday that allows true live multi-axis remote control of the OSR2+, SR6, or SSR1. This means you can do something like have a cam girl or partner stroke you off over the internet with your device; something that doesn’t really exist for the handy.

Here’s the link for more details: Ayva Remote

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Hey there, wanted to ask another question rather than start a brand new thread as I feel my Handy coming to the end of it’s life. (I think I’m hearing a slight tha-thunk sound sometimes linked with signs of bearing starting/has gone) However while I want to go to SR6 for the multi-axis, something I don’t wish to lose is the ability for game integration which currently requires a Bluetooth connection I believe and rarely a WiFi connection.
So does SR6 or the OSR2+ have any way to do game integration or is it currently only the Handy? (No idea about if the SSR1 or sync bot could do integration?)

Also I’ve seen people say about using two Handy’s (due to torque) to use it as an semi fucking machine and wonder how that is for the SR6 or OSR2+ if that’s even possible?

FunscriptPlayer by To4st support serial connection and support multi-axis commands.

EDI by @dimnogro can be connected via intiface. It sends single-axis commands.

For games that uses XToys you can make OSR work by adding it as a custom device and running a Python script. It sends single-axis commands.

SSR1 = Yes. SyncBot = Not Yet.

You can equip the OSR with servos of your own choice. If the servo has sufficient torque I believe it’s possible to be used for fuck machine.

Image credit to user soritesparadox in TempestMax’s server:

I don’t recommend going too high on torque to avoid damaging your member when used as a stroker. 25kg-cm works for me.


Interesting, thank you, so Bluetooth integration at least with EDI is possible, any idea about WiFi. (no idea if that’s implied)

Do you know if the upgraded servos on the website are sufficient torque or would I be required to look for sufficient ones myself? (which I have no idea about finding nor requirements for them to be usable)

Also I presume that I’m best off on going onto TempestMax’s server to ask soritesparadox about what they did to make their setup in the gif? (Mainly the attachment to have the dildo attached to the OSR)

My basket currently

Nah. OSR / SR6 is controlled via a USB serial cable connected to your PC. All three methods mentioned will work with that.

I forgot to mention VaM when it comes to game integration. The ToySerialController plugin makes the game perfectly syncs with an SR6. Worth a shot if you have VR headset.

You likely don’t need to buy separate servos and bearing arms if you are already ordering a pre-built unit. Better consult @M0SAIC on the details.

As for the fuck machine morph, @soritesparadox is also on this site. Mayhaps they can share some knowledge on that.


Actually there is a popular firmware by @Khrull that allows WiFi control, and I’ve written a firmware myself that allows Bluetooth LE—although the BLE one currently only works with my apps (Ayva Software) as far as I know. Tempest is also working on adding WiFi to the official firmware and that should be out in the near future.

@Ratattack15 The attachment I used for the dildo is a Vac-u-lock mod created by another member of the stroker community (Capt. Lussier). It hooks into the receiver just like a fleshlight case would, and works with any Vac-u-lock compatible dildo.

The only modifications I made to it were to make the parts where it inserts slightly larger as with the original I had issues with the attachment coming out of the receiver. So I wanted a tighter fit.

I started an OSR Wiki to try to consolidate information about these devices and make the community more accessible. Its still VERY fresh so not a ton of information on it yet but I expect it to grow.

You can find that here:

The page for the Vac-u-lock mod is here, though as of the time of this comment its just a placeholder with a link to the original post on the Discord, and my modified STL as an attachment.

I intend to add more info later.


Welp I got my SR6 and boy…from a quick test there is an instant difference with the twist functionality and well…slightly reduced stroke length but also easier control with avoiding the balls getting nipped by adjusting pitch defaults and bottom stroke points. Anyway TLDR of first thoughts: the twist alone is worth the upgrade along with much clearer/faster strokes.

Now though uh…I have a question for @soritesparadox if I may…have you found a good way to hold the device sideways? As I did a skeptical test with the desk mount and it did not have enough friction to not slowly slip off during movement I feel no matter how hard I tighten it around the metal-under-desk bars. In the gif it looked like you used some bar that through some mount it was screwed on to it?

Oh, I think that was a VESA monitor mount, maybe this one?

It worked… okay. I think the main issue was it twisting around the pole when force is applied.

But yeah, maybe something like that.

I’d recommend looking on Tempest’s discord forums though as there may be other mounting solutions that work better for standing / sideways play.

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