Stand/holder for handy

any recommendations or advice on how to make the handy “hands free”? like a stand I can buy off amazon or something. I want to make sure whatever I get is strong enough to hold and keep the machine in place, especially when it’s moving around in use. On the floor or desk-attached are both fine.


The Handy team is working on an official solution - there should be some kind of update on that in the near future.

If you want to see what that solution will potentially look like, check out the sponsored video that they recently did with Marc Rebillet. They gave him a beta version of it. He adjusts it around and shows how the Handy unit locks in.

Otherwise, there are lots of folks here on Eroscripts and on the Discord who have discussed their own custom solutions.


the official one looks pretty neat- is there and estimate on how much its gonna cost?

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Price is still TBD as of last week. From the same thread the Handy Team also says they’re looking at a Q2 (July?) release timeframe.


If you want a quick fix while you’re waiting for the official product, you could try taping it to a table.

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i actually am now using a mic stand that i forgot about before. its kinda jank because the handy is attached by packaging tape lol. if i had access to a 3d printer i think i could design a better way to hook it onto the stand.

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I recommend this cheap quick and easy setup:

  • Universal [Gooseneck Ipad mount that you can remove the tablet holder part off of ( (just unclip/disconnect the removable ipad holder part)

  • Then just get large zipties from the dollar store or you can get Adjustable Clamps for reusability

Heres videos of it in action →


here are some printable clamps. works well combined with a fitting belt

I was actually looking at this recently on the Discord. Do you have experience with any of these “final” versions he posted? Which style do you recommend, and are there pictures demonstrating it anywhere to reference?


STANLEY 1-83-069 MAXSTEEL Multi Angle Vice, Yellow/Black
Saw this on Amazon only 20 quid