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After we shared a tool to convert 1D Funscripts into 3D, more and more people requested that we create another tool to convert 3D Syncbot scripts generated by AI into 3D Funscripts.

We politely declined these requests for the benefit of scripters.

To be honest, converting Syncbot scripts into Funscripts is something we are not willing to do because it would reduce the income of scripters and hurt the current Encouragement Mechanism. There are some people who create manual scripts as a career, and there are also others who create manual scripts for fun and for self-fulfillment. These things are sacred to V&T since we know they are the very source of our common cause. Personally, I have also worked as a scripter myself, and it is a very tough work. One of the reasons we call ourselves Valor&Toughness.

Until 2023, most Syncbot 3D scripts are made by AI (in fact, it could be infinite), and most Funscripts are created by hardworking scripters. Syncbot AI 3D scripts got the world’s highest total cost and lowest marginal cost. And it is getting better day by day.If Syncbot scripts could be converted into Funscripts with open-source softwares, then some people would start to sell those “S-F” scripts one day. Not us, but some one will. Even there is only one or two people do it,it would lower the price of Manual Funscripts significantly.If endless 3D AI scripts start to compete with manual script directly, that is something V&T doesn’t want to happen. Gresham’s Law always favors the lowest marginal cost.

That is why we invite Master scripters like Bek to manually create 3D scripts for everyone. We want people to know about 3D script playing rather than only knowing about Syncbot. V&T wishes it could be a Pareto improvement for everyone. It is like modern people can have a nice suit from a high-tech factory, and we can also have another nice suit from a Master tailor.

This is also about the relationship between AI and humans. From V&T’s point of view, AI should always help people. Without the tens of thousands of work hours put in by scripters and AI annotators like Bek and me, AlphaZen and Porngpt would never have become a reality.

Live and let live.


The new tool would be available next month. For friendly people only.


Syncbot converter tool or syncbot scripting tool?

If only the cretins over at SLR had enough decency to think similarly


Sorry for late reply Sir, too busy these days.
A scripting tool for elite scripters to manually create 3 axis of motions(Thrusting Contraction Rotation)

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Nice, I look forward to that one.

BTW, do you think we should withdraw Fun2script after the manual tool released?

The amount of scripts that will be created in funscript format , will still outweigh the amount manually created for the Syncbot. So for the best compatibility, keeping Fun2Script is the better move. Giving it integration with the new tool, to tweak and enhance, would make it even better.


It would be great if you could edit scripts created by AI and fun2script


Gj so far. Nice communication im impressed. But yea if possible perhaps create some editing functions. I dont expect this to go fast because i think most tools for the handy were made by fans, i would def keep it as a function wich might not be perfect is better than nothing. And if people want to sell something they should state that. I dont know about laws but im pretty sure that if you sell something you have to declare it so. Otherwise its considered public domain, Hope that helps clear it up! ^^ cheers btw gj so far.

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Would you please DM me your Email?

Emergency Update

We would like to bring to your attention an issue caused by a Windows update that took place 72 hours ago. The new Windows environment has had an impact on our AI analysis so there is a possibility that our AI may not be able to process some of local files properly in the recently updated Windows environment. SyncPlayer may encounter an “internal error” when performing video analysis on certain updated computers.Our team is working on an urgent targeted update to syncplayer, and we strongly recommend that you upgrade your syncplayer next week!

Please use Manual scripts for your needs while we resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Detailed Information
Windows 11 version KB5033375
Windows 10 version KB5033372

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I bought the program yesterday and it is impossible for me to connect the handy. It connects the first time and then remains in the connection process

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how can i get the update