Syncbot AI Masturbator integration with Manual Script. Free Syncbot Give Away for Eroscript!

It’ll probably be a long while as they want to keep things proprietary with the Syncbot currently.

Can anyone tell me if you need to ‘sign in’ with an account to run the SyncPlayer software?

@Syncbot_support A couple questions and then comments if you wouldn’t mind commenting. I’m very close to pulling the trigger on a purchase but I’d like these discussed first.

  1. You mentioned previously that there was no VR support, is there at least support to connect to casting software as a server? Heresphere supports that in the case of using Intiface to connect to a Handy or Kiroo toy. (Until they added native support.

  2. Does your “PornGPT” AI tool that we can enter in videos to get scripted support scripting VR videos?

  3. When you say that your team is working diligently to support VR, what is the timeframe we’re looking at? Are you saying weeks, months, years to support? Want to know how long we’ll be looking to wait if we purchase one.

I appreciate the effort Syncbot has done to at least attempt to get a tool to allow existing funscripts to be changed to your proprietary script format. I think what else I’d like to see would be the following:

  1. Tool that changes funscript to Syncbot also allowed to work in reverse, so if a script is off we can transform it, edit it, and retransform back to Syncbot for any weird times where the AI picked up something weird.

  2. I’d like to see some more discussion and effort towards native support on players. I’d love to see a day where I can load up Heresphere, connect to the Syncbot natively and just play a video while the toy and tool do the work.

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No login is required. Thank you for your interest in Syncbot!

I’ve been watching this for a little while.
I’m a very picky technologist and I have a few questions.

  1. The greatest downside of the handy is that the handy API is cloud hosted, and can’t be hosted on a local device. The only work around is buttplug. This does not bode well as if handy goes under and loses support I have to rely on buttplug so it doesn’t become an expensive paperweight. Is syncbot doing anything opensource, to ensure that this will not become an expensive paperweight?

  2. Regarding OS support, I don’t use windows or mac. I use linux. Is the sync browser linux compatible? Is it built on electron or a chromium fork?

  3. Is there repairability documentation? If I need to repair it, are there resources that I can repair it myself, or like apple™ am I at your will to get it repaired for a price/warranty?

  4. API documentation - I understand the scripting is proprietary with this device. This does mean that interacting with it is only possible through “Official” means. Is there an API that does not require these official means.

  5. From a technical standpoint, how exactly does the AI component work? I presume it’s using computer vision and sound recognition to determine how to generate the scripts. but otherwise there seems to be no information about this.

  6. Finally, how does the motion information get sent to the syncbot? I presume it is similar to the handy (over HTTP). Is this information passing through the internet, or only my local network?


1.We are still considering Heresphere
3.We will support major hardwares(Oculus…Pico) first before Heresphere. The detailed time frame is depend on our sales. Our research would go faster if more and more people buy Syncbot.

1.A lot of people asked that, but we refused politely for the benefit of manual scripters. The reason Syncbot:About Script Converting ----------Live and Let Live
2. We are still considering Heresphere

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lol, seriously? Thing wont even considered be anymore.

Thank you for the reply. Look forward to the VR support.

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This is what’s keeping me from ordering, so once you support buttplug, I’ll place an order. Is the driver software Windows only or are there also (going to be) versions for Linux?

Does anyone know if they ever did the giveaway/contacted the winners?

You really should shout this from the rooftops, loud and clear. I read about charging lights on your website and decided to stop reading about the Syncbot. After having to bin a Keon that kept running out of juice halfway through, I am not interested in spending any money on something that can’t be plugged in.

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I am not a tech guy so I could only answer as much as I could. And I might be wrong.

1.For the sake of politeness, we avoid discussing the downsides of any one in public posts. From a technological perspective, a “cloud-hosted only” system often results in longer signal transmission routes. The key point is not that a longer signal transmission route is necessarily slower,the point is that in this industry,hardware always involves two major signal routes: the video signal and motion signal (referred to as ‘motion information’ by you). It’s practically very hard for these two signals to have the exact same ‘time error.’ Since they go through different paths in some cases, they may utilize different servers and various relay devices.When it involves feedbacks. There would be actually four routes at least and it is more difficult to control the time difference. That’s why Syncbot are being with SyncPlayer and SyncBrowser and SyncHub. Synchub could deal with time error while you are using SyncPlayer and SyncBrowser.
When you are using Syncbot with Syncplayer, you don’t have to get online at all, it is all local.
2.We hope we could do linux, but not yet.
3.We need no warranty to repair for our users.
4.Scripting is not proprietary. We are co-working with manual scripters here in Eroscript.
5.We actually don’t know what AI is doing. It is not programming. But the input is about vision and sound, our annotation team are basically a bunch of scripters.
6. Bluetooth mode and Synchub.

Great answers. I think #4 was a bit confusing so I’ll rephrase.
Does the syncbot have an analog to the handy API
Not for scripting but a way to make my own “client” send a script to the syncbot.

Similar to how other websites can make handy integration.

Anyone in the US (California) able to place an order? I can add everything to my cart, but when entering my address it says there are no shipping options available.

We are delighted to announce the winner of the first round of our giveaway: @Szkieletor. His prize was dispatched in late August.

For the second round, we are pleased to inform you that @stockdoodle emerged as the winner. We’ve been in touch with him via email and will be shipping out his prize within the next few days.

Thank you for participating in our giveaway. We appreciate your support! :slight_smile:


Just saying you should handle giveaways better, otherwise it gives off the wrong impression.

You said the giveaway as being exclusive to this community, but the giveaway link: is the same one you have used for giveaways on reddit.

I also don’t recall the giveaway link asking for a eroscript username. Do you just ask them in email and if they said they didn’t have one, would you tell them oops sorry you didn’t win, because the reddit giveaways don’t say you have to be on this site? I don’t see any mention for a second round, so I’m guessing you mainly pulled from the first giveaway entries. Is the giveaway an ongoing thing with the chance to win the package or coupon?

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Yes you are right sir. They are unclear. There were 2 rounds of giveaway. One after another, and they are all finished. Thank you for reminding us. We will do better.

So I keep reading that there is no vr headset support for this yet. I’m curious though, if it can already sync thru pornhub, what stops someone from simply accessing pornhub on a vr headset, such as a quest 2, and linking the syncbot to the headset thru bluetooth. Is that where the issue currently lies? Is there an option currently or in the works to be able to load syncplayer onto a quest 2 or other headset?

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VR would come sonn


damn! I was on vacation! Too bad, I would have loved to start scripting with this device :slight_smile: