Syncbot AI Masturbator integration with Manual Script. Free Syncbot Give Away for Eroscript!

There’s nothing anyone can do about it other than be extremely suspicious of every commenter with something positive to say and even then you wont always be sure. That doesn’t sound healthy.

Also, the second the tech gets good enough we will see AI commenters who cant be distinguished from real people. What do we do about them then? Require 3D photo verfication like Onlyfans creators?

Love your thought process on what’s coming to a locally hosted universe near you.

Well, actually, as a community we can make each other aware of misleading marketing practices so we can all be educated consumers.

One of the most common startup marketing techniques is the equivalent of pump-n-dump. They try to build as much buzz as possible from the get-go by saturation of social media, review-for-free-stuff exchanges, and press releases. The goal is to generate quick sales so they can get out of the red and make themselves attractive to investors. Most of the time the product hasn’t gone through enough iterations to be stable, so early adopters get saddled with a less than optimum product. End result is that the product has a very small chance of actually living up to the hype.

Sex products are a special case because many sales are spur-of-the-moment urge purchases bought when a consumer is blinded by horniness. Research by sex product consumers is largely cursory and its very easy to get taken in by the deceptive marketing because its the first and most prevalent thing you see.

Frankly, the majority of online reviews are bullshit or hyperbole. Its bad enough that you have to wade through all the one-stars for people pissed about shipping alone. Or shitton of 5-stars because people can’t function in the grayspace of “its great, but…”. And don’t get me started on post-purchase rationalisation–why some fucks feel the need to vocalize their delusions just to avoid a little buyers remorse is beyond me.

So after you’ve waded past the hyperbole, you still have to deal with the bullshit–shills, paid reviews, affiliate hype, etc. And lets face some facts here: if you did a review in exchange for a free/discounted product, thats a paid review and you’re going to be biased in favor to at least some degree.

I feel strongly that the only way to combat all this and support the community is to be aggressively vocal about any hint of deceptive marketing. If you see some suss shit, speak up.


Well said. I guess the problem is always going to be education as marketing tactics get less and less obvious to the unconcerned eye. I do my best to find reviews that dont have affiliate links these days, it definitely wasnt as big an issue a few years ago. Look at how bad Amazon reviews have become with no solution in sight. I got a syncbot for free, two actually and I have yet to write a review since I still dont know how to feel about this thing I probably never would’ve bought. I guess I would miss it if I didnt have it but would I rebuy it? Probably not, I’d go with an OSR prebuilt. I also have this strong feeling its going to break like the day after I post my review :upside_down_face:

I’m really interested to see if the Handy devs are going to put out a new device this year or next. They have a great track record at this point and a lot of people with trust they could handle making a 3-axis device that doesnt break after 40 uses. I need my dick sucked well and reliably people.

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…suction devices are extremely subjective, because of the need for a perfect fit. A fraction to tight, it ain’t moving, a fraction too loose and the suction dissipates. Consequently, there are gonna be a (small) minority of people for whom an off the shelf device like Scambot feels like it’s been personally designed for them, and is gonna feel like the best thing they have ever used, up to that point. And as long as you lucked out, and got a non-defective Scambot iteration, that last for at least a few months, you’re a ‘winner’.

As i’ve always maintained, by pure chance there’s gonna be a few people for whom this device absolutely rocks. Unfortunately, the flip side’s numerous peeps left sadly wanting, either through a mismatch in size, or just the shitty quality of the device.

Meanwhile, heard of ‘The Rabbit’? Floated as an AI answer to all your social media problems, turns out the damned thing is indeed a massive rug pull! Amusing similarities with Scambot, riding the AI hype train to a quick but shady profit together:

i hate to say it, but do your research if spending money. EVERYONE wants a piece of you. Be careful out there…x


Hey man, I know the Syncbot team did some sketchy advertising and commenting but I wouldn’t compare their device anywhere near the Rabbit R1. They have excellent customer service, it fits all sizes of dicks. There is no need for a perfect fit. You just have to understand its not a full insertion device, though I will say anyone under 6 inches will probably enjoy it more than anyone over 7 inches. Also anyone with abnormal girth might find the experience much more intense or not for them. I think circumcised vs not also probably makes a big difference in the way it feels.

I’ve used the Handy for years with all sorts of sleeves and nothing about it comes close to how good and realistic the Syncbot feels. Hands down. I was extremely skeptical when I received both (one lost to a fire) of my 100% free review Syncbots and it took me multiple uses to begin to think I liked it. Now I have a hard time choosing the Handy over it.

I think you should stop writing about it until you try the device. You seem to be quite biased by whatever negative viewpoints you’ve read and the fact that their marketing has been halfway scummy. Calling something you’ve never tried a scam because you’ve read a few points from unsatisfied users is pretty immature in my book.

After I get over 100+ uses without it breaking I’m going to write up a real review. If the machine is well built at this point it is 100% worth the money, especially with similar strokers going for $1000 like the Nimblestroker.

@Syncbot_support Do us all a favor and send @TheLandOfInfiniteFun a review version if you can. He has no clue what he’s missing.

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There is nothing halfway scummy about creating accounts to refute negative feedback about your product. That is 100% scum. There is nothing there that couldn’t otherwise be built without them, it doesn’t really even matter how well the device works. They are con artists and should be considered spam.

At the end of the day content matters more than mechanics anyway and the thing only works with 2D. By your own admission, they’ve given you two free units and here you are defending them with unofficial reviews. Don’t see anybody who actually bought one doing that, do you?


…it’s all good dude. i’ve been tracking the miserable shysters for over two years now, i’m confident in my assessment…

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Hey I’m just giving my 2 cents as someone whos actually tried the product and thinks at this point its worth the money (if you have it to spare and want to try something new, once again, I have spent $0 on it so this is purely based on how damn good it feels and the way it plays funscripts pretty well). There are plenty of syncbot users joining all the time making and asking for syncbot scripts. Its not going anywhere. Im absolutely against fake accounts and comments but i respect they are playing the 2024 meta and people like you are doing their best to help people watch out for fake reviews and such. As I said, the whole internet is currently infested with fake reviews, almost every product good and bad. I dont think we should use the fact that a company does shady marketing as the reason their device isnt good and worth the money. It might not be worth supporting a company that does things like that but again, if you avoided every company that has fake reviews youd hardly be able to buy anything in 2024. Im not a supporter of their company but I am in support of how damn good the product they created feels during use. If you want me to sign a petition or upvote a post exposing their scummy tactics I’m all for it. Im still going to tell the truth when it comes to whether the product works. I dont feel like I’m defending them, merely refuting made up info from people who haven’t tried the device. Plus a bit of telling it like it is about modern day marketing. Thank you for helping expose the scummy tactics. Does that make any purchase of the device a scam? Absolutely not.

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Seems like a good way to flag and remove fake accounts.

You’re just further proving my point that you’re a tinfoil hat who’s going to accuse anyone who says anything positive about the device or using it happily that they are a paid shill.

Any of the few accounts in this thread you think are fake? Genuinely curious.
I’d love to see more scripts made for it. Is there another device in the $450 price range that is mobile like this and has 3-axis? You can put things over it and around it which I think is a huge advantage over strap in strokers in some ways. It honestly seems like a good deal unless there is some product I’m unaware of. To a lot of people who use devices like this $450 is no big deal. Many people here have bought sex dolls which often get used a few times and then shamefully disposed of due to size constraints. Even if it were to only work for a hundred or so 2 hour sessions I could see some people not being able to resist getting another if it broke. I was considering it hard when I lost mine. Funscripts play really well. Somehow it instantly translates single axis to 3-axis in a way that is really unique and I think every guy who tries it who’s had a real bj will be like holy fuck that feels crazy real. These are my honest thoughts on the device.

I still eat meat products even though I don’t like the killing of animals. I’ll switch to lab grown meat the second its viable and delicious. I’ll even pay a small premium for it over “real” meat. Do we have that kind of option right now with other toys like the syncbot? Not that I’m aware of.

If you don’t like the smell of burning meat… get off the planet.

Lets do our best to carefully flag obviously fake accounts and reviews. Hopefully over time they realize long term customers are better made through honest marketing and they stop making work for the mods and insightful users like yourself.

…as a consumer, i vote with my money, and if a company employs extremely coercive marketing tactics, that include, but are not limited to, demanding it’s own paying customers leave positive reviews for them on external websites like this one, or Reddit, before allowing them access to the software that they are in part leaving a review for, then i cannot, in all good conscience, support them in any way.

i’m very happy there’s a number of people who are genuinely happy with the device. But the fact it requires hundreds of dollars of outlay every year on average to maintain, because of the appallingly shoddy build quality, is something that anyone who is actually considering paying hard-earned coin for the device absolutely needs to know, before they make said purchase. They come to ES for advice, we need to give them an informed and balanced opinion, and that does include two different perspectives at this point.

To pretend otherwise would be misleading…


That has nothing to do with my tinfoil hat and everything to do with the company’s record of shady practices. It isn’t paranoid to assume the same result from them in the future, it is the classic definition of insanity to assume anything else.

If they use bots, scams, and shills to sell and promote it then I can hardly expect fair and honest business practices if I were to invest in their product. Which I don’t really see mentioned anywhere but this forum.

No, but I don’t know if anyone [of the two, you being one] on that thread actually paid for the product. For half the price you could get a fully loaded OSR2 with suction, a heated case, autolubrication and a bunch more movement. Oh and replace the sketch company with open hardware.

Look, I know you are a real account and though I wish you’d take out the vibration stuff I know I’ve enjoyed some of the scripts you’ve made. But TBH you’ve also indicated they’ve paid you with at least $900 worth of free product and frankly nothing about your dismissal of shady marketing tactics or consequences for using them leads me to believe you’d have second thoughts about selling out.

I’m an old school capitalist who believes in integrity and that reward follows putting out quality products and services and being trustworthy… merit. To those doing otherwise, their reputation shoudl proceed them.


Hah interesting you dont like the vibration. I’ll consider making more no-vibe versions. I even added some last second on my latest project.

I hear you loud and clear but i dont think comparing them to every other company doing the same thing is dismissing anything. Its just stating the landscape as it is. Maybe the Handy devs do the same thing but with better accounts. How could we know? I think people are simply better off putting their money where a good product is. The OSR and the Syncbot are completely separate machines that set out to achieve different things. Even if you had a fully loaded OSR I can almost guarantee you would still pick up the Syncbot every few sessions for something totally different yet still 3-axis. The OSR also doesnt simply translate single axis scripts to 3-axis as far as i know. (<— Edit: Nvm that community is all hella smart coders and Syncbot team probably just took the idea from there or even the code)

Edit: No-Vibe versions of the Doomscroll scripts are now in the Mega with some other small detail changes. Thanks for the reminder @shaitand I was meaning to make those soon.

When it comes to SyncBot’s scripting AI, yes the stroke axis made sense, but I couldn’t see how it script rotation and contraction based on the video (or if that’s feasible at all). There is indeed some correlation with the stroke axis, for example when there’s rapid vibrations on the stroke, the rotation also spins faster.

My best guess is that it’s an algorithm that generates the rotation and contraction motion based on existing motions in the single-axis script, which is also why this Fun2Sync program (now merged into SyncPlayer) completes its conversion task almost instantaneously.

This is possible thanks to softwares like MultiFunPlayer brewed by its community. You can link the rest of the axis with your single-axis script and fine-tune them to mimick a cowgirl grinding for instance, or just randomize them but still have their speed controlled by the stroke.

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Ok cool thanks Falafel. Makes sense they didn’t really think of it themselves, it seemed smarter than I expected. I’ll get an OSR later this year for sure, I’m too curious about MultiFunPlayer. Multi-axis scripts just seem like such an intense chore to get through with nearly 3x the normal amount of scripting per minute.

Syncbot definitely doesn’t do its instant conversion based on the video but sometimes with the right sliders it syncs up very well. Its a toss up with every funscript. Some are a 10, some are never play again please for the love of god.

I tried their conversion AI detection software a few times and its pretty junk. It takes a long time and comes up with a very low quality script.
Just playing funscripts on it is impressively different though, not gonna lie. I really enjoy laying down with it and covering it with stuff which i feel makes for some totally different types of sessions. Sol_k (who also got one totally free) says he prefers it over the Handy and can’t go back. He puts it in a Meiki Plush Hip thing which sounds friggin great. This is the kind of reason I dont like hearing price comparisons to the OSR when that is a stationary device with a ton of outside moving parts.

Company = Terrible 1/10 farts
(Seems like decent customer service though)

Product = Well fuck me sideways - Insane 9/10 realism & mobility

Cant say I wouldn’t pay $450 for it now that I get what it feels like and if it continues to last long term. I’ll definitely add an edit if it breaks any time soon. Not worth it if it doesn’t last at least like 200 hours which would probably be a year+ of heavy use.

I guess I just have a hard time criticizing sex toy marketing tactics while I eat Tyson chicken then puff an American Spirit.

Also, big deal to me, a girl might have fun holding this while making out or at least not think it was too big a deal if found. No girl in the world would hold an OSR while making out (literally dangerous) and if a girlfriend found one you’d have some splainin’ to do. Everybody I know knows I make scripts and PMVs and get my dick sucked by a crazy machine but for most people this is a very discreet activity.

I’m now done speaking of it because I don’t like sounding like a sellout just because I’m in support of a good unique feeling. I wish it ran on normal 3-axis scripts and didnt need its own format.

So I’ve just been booted from the Sycbot Discord channel. I purchased the Pro version last November and had an issue pretty quickly with one of the Scabbards which I tried to get resolved with their support team to no avail. I wasn’t too happy about it but with some suggestions from other users I was able to repair it myself to put it back in use. Fast forward to the present when I realized the Syncbot just wasn’t for me. Of the 3 main ‘toys’ I use the Handy and Stereostim far exceeded the Syncobot pleasure-wise for me by a mile. To me there is absolutely nothing ‘real’ feeling about the Syncbot and it’s actions - I personally find it a big ole mess of movement. Plus I found the community support to be minimal - by comparison.

So I made the decision to part with it. My first thought was to just throw it away and chalk it up to my impulsiveness. But then I though maybe I could help someone else out. So I posted a condensed version of the above on their Discord (acknowledging the ‘yuck’ factor with exchanging sex toys) and offered the whole pro package I had for sale at a very low price without including the Scabbards and lube of course.

Bam!! Banned. My post was against their community guidelines. When I asked for more details about my ban I was told very tersely that they “don’t recommend trading sex toys”.

OK I get that. I guess I didn’t think that was exactly what I was doing. I mean it was essentially a case, USB cable, removal tool, USB dongle and the main Syncbot unit which does not come into contact with the user.

Was I a total tool in this case? Just looking for some other opinions.