Syncbot Measurements

I ordered the syncbot, meanwhile I try to find a handsfree solution,
maybe something similar to the handy, the thing that I need help with is if someone that got the device can measure the diameter and circumference because it’s not a perfect cylinder as I can see, I will try and share my working solution,
Thank you.

I don’t have a tape measure but you could join the Syncbot discord and ask there, all the Tech’s/Dev’s are there to answer any related questions

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I’m also looking for a handsfree solution - and havent’t found one so far.
But to answer the original question:
The circumference of the synbot at the top is 27,4 cm
The diameter at the widest point is 8,8 cm and at the smallest point it’s 8 cm
If you find a working solution - let me know.

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Perfect! Thank you, I will remember that :slight_smile:

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