The Handy Mermaid Collection Sleeve + Gen 2 Sleeve Review

Full Review: The Handy Mermaid Collection Sleeve Review + Gen 2 - Crafting Worlds

Pasted some here as well:

I recently embarked on a “hands-free” exploration of The Handy’s sleeves, and let me tell you, it was quite the journey – a journey that had me “hand over fist” for a closer look at the Gen 2 Sleeve and the Mermaid Sleeve Collection.

First up, the Gen 2 Sleeve,

a sensation-packed joyride that had me thinking, “Is this pleasure or a rollercoaster?” With bumps and ridges galore, it’s like a theme park of pleasure and depending on how long you keep it on after finishing… “pleasure”.


But be warned: speed demons might find themselves a bit numb. The grip is tight, but remember, slow and steady wins the race – a lesson I learned the hard way!

The outer texture

Full Sleeve. Much longer than the original.

Fun fact the logo can be seen through the sleeve!

It does hold better with The Handy strap than it’s predecessor with ridges on the outside. So Bravo on that. I do feel this sleeve would be better off as a secondary purchase, where the Dream Lips or Coral Pearl should ship WITH the Handy. More on that later.

Content Recommendations for this sleeve:
Slower motion, blowjobs, perhaps even a stop and go video or two. Or if you are into that post orgasm torture, this may be for you!

Now, onto the Mermaid Sleeve Collection

First up the – Coral Sleeve.

It’s like a symphony for the senses, an open-ended masterpiece that lets you choose your own adventure. It’s so good; you’ll be singing, “Under the sea, under the sea” in no time. But hey, a little wishful thinking: can we get an enclosed version? That open end had me feel like I literally just took a dip, cause the “water” was everywhere afterwards…

But what is lacks in “discretion” it makes up in true pleasure. I am talking about the ability to perfectly arouse the head, or shaft, or both. There is something about the texture circular design as well as the “lip” of the end of the sleeve that just make the perfect amount of sensation and suction(which is strange for an open ended sleeve). It is what I would call the PERFECT sleeve for handjob videos focusing on head play or Cock Hero videos as it makes them a true challenge.

Content Recommendations for this sleeve:
Hand Jobs, Cock Heros, Music Video Compilations.

And then, there’s the Mermaid Sleeve Collection – Pearl.

Talk about a gem of a sleeve! Perfect for a leisurely exploration, it’s like the slow dance of self-pleasure. Edging enthusiasts, this one’s for you – a pearl of wisdom in the world of solo adventures.

If you have some time, this is the sleeve to draw out the pleasure as long as possible without going numb!

The Handy has truly given us a “handy” selection of sleeves. Whether you’re into rollercoaster rides or slow dances, there’s a sleeve to suit every soloist’s taste. So, grab your conductor’s baton – or, you know, something similar – and dive into the pleasure-filled ocean of possibilities that The Handy Sleeves offer. After all, it’s all about the art of self-expression, one stroke at a time!

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Thanks for the reviews on the Mermaid sleeves! Super vivid! I’m never thought about getting open ended sleeves but now I’m interested. I have no idea how I would deal with the clean up with the open end and the handy jackhammering away for the finish :joy:
Do you just prepare a Kleenex at the other end and hope for the best?

This is exactly. Try to cover the top best you can. :joy:


Great review. First off: The Gen2 is amazing but… I really hated the soft open ended sleeve so I’m hesitant to give their open sleeves another chance. This review made me reconsider. I’m also hoping that they make a closed longer version of the Pearl and Coral style sleeve.

Next time I order, I’ll probably buy something like the Chrysm because it’s closed with only a tiny airhole. I would like to know if that creates a mess or not before I buy it so I eagerly await further reviews :slight_smile:

Very cool review and I love the pictures! Good job :raised_hands:

Full disclosure:

  • Sleeves were given for free(?)
  • Affiliate

This forum has a lot of good reviews, I just like that the background is fully transparent for all:-)


First off: I’m a big fan of the Handy and the Gen2 sleeve. Is there any chance of a closed XL handy sleeve in the future? You could call it the Zweihander. You can take that idea for free :wink:

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Oh for sure. If they sucked we would say too. Not in the sexually awesome way either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha! Love it! If we end up making it, I will send you a free sample;-)

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YES PLEASE! :heart_eyes:

Are the mermaid sleeves thick? Or do they have the same thickness as Gen 2 sleeve? I have the The Handy Dream Sleeve, the open ended one, and I find it too thick and uncomfortable

I would love to try more sleeves, however the cost of shipping them to the UK is too high.

They are not thick like the Dream Sleeves, other than the Lips. I actually disliked mostly all of the Dream Sleeve collection.

Thanks for the reviews! I have been wondering how the new sleeves compare.

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I completely agree on the content for the Coral, it’s perfect for handjob or blowjob content. It has this weird quality about it where it moves ever so slightly at the end of a stroke (not sure if it’s me changing sizes). Overall good experience, I’m coming from the Gen 1 closed sleeve so an open sleeve is something new for me.


Welcome! Working on the Lips and Chrisym now.

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I recently obtained a Chrysm. And to me the sleeve did overall well, its very similar to the gen 2 except feeling a bit sturdier (good for variety).

The biggest downside however was that hole, it made the sleeve perform worse than the gen 2. I had to close it off to improve it. In my case i used some tape for this, which isnt entirely reliable. But while it sticks, it enables a vacuum to be created in the sleeve (which also benefits by keeping the lube in).

Without closing it off, it pushes the lube out and sucks air back in. It quickly makes it feel dry and therefor causes more friction which for longer sessions means you need to relube. Its counter productive in its current design.

Its location isnt too bad though, although i would have placed it completely at the top (as that ensures the longest time it can push the air out). Being not at the top can cause fluids to leak out as those will generaly take the lowest possible position. At the top that only happens when you would for example cum when its fully down. And depending on design, you can avoid this mostly, or just like the side hole, direct it to a specific direction.

And instead of circlular would have made it a straight line (stretch allows it to form the hole). A straight line cut (i did test this with an older sleeve) seems to be far better at pushing air out, since when the sleeve moves down on the cock, it builds pressure, which pushes that end upen. But the moment the sleeve moves back up, it nearly instantly is pulled into vacuum which enforces the hole to close.

Such similar cut is what i did on the lotus sleeve first as i had the issue that it always wanted to push my cock out, or kept air stuck, and wanted to mitigate that (i didnt even care about a vacuum at that point). But i discovered it working extremely well for it. Never had fluids leak, had strong vacuums, and made the sleeve easy to use as it no longer wanted to push my cock out the moment it was given some rest.

The texture in the sleeve itself is at least nice. A more intense one than the gen2 yet feeling equaly linear.

But yeah,… that hole… it needs improvements as at the moment it makes it underperform significantly. They say it should create a vacuum, but for me it does the exact opposite, it makes it feel more like an open ended sleeve while not being one (can still be nice, but since it leaks lube, i cant realy call it a pure upgrade for those as you will still end up cleaning a bit with some bad luck).

I know i can mitigate the issue with strapping a condom over the end, but in that case going fully open ended is better (that is the only part that sometimes makes me not use an open ended sleeve when im in the mood for one). Open ended just feels a lot more diffirent than a closed end sleeve, and variety is important to me.

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Thanks for the review of the Chrysm. It must be really hard to top the Gen2. After spending hundreds of euros on all the major sleeve brands I always come back to the Gen2.

The only way to improve the Gen2 for me would be adding length. A cut-open gen1 and a closed gen1 with a grip in the middle works surprisingly well. It delivers a lot of that balls-deep-feel from Fleshlights with way more intense texture feel so it’s the best of both worlds.

@Hungswolo That’s exactly what I plan to do. Can I ask how you managed to connect them together so it holds and is cleanable?

I used a small piece of plastic rainpipe and cut slices for 2 straps to hold the 2 sleeves. The mess is manageable but air intake in the upper sleeve is a problem if you want to use the entire length of the upper sleeve. Just holding it with 2 hands, or 1 hand in the middle feels way better and makes no mess. It’s a bit of a hassle so usually I just go for the Gen2.

The grip in the middle is more of a wishlist thing I would like to see on a possible Handy XL sleeve because that’s key in making this work without adding rigidity to the sleeves. That soft extra length bouncing up against your pelvic bone really adds to the immersion. Keeping the grip relatively high also prevents the top part from flopping around.

I’ve ordered some TPE glue to see if I can glue them together but those orders keep getting cancelled.

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Thanks for the details. I’m walking the same path. Already got the glue, need it for other tasks as well. I wonder if it will be strong enough to hold without additional mechanical support. I plan to turn the tip sleeve inside out, so the bumps are only in the lower part.

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