The Handy setup question

Hi Guys,

I just got a handy and have a slight issue in that I am not that tech savvie. I have been given an oculus go which I think I get how to setup with that deo play thingy?

I wondered if someone could give an abc oif how its done? Say if I found a video and script etc.

Also is it possible to watch a videa via my PC and sync the handy to that rather than the headset? Say for example iof I wanted to get this one running (Sucker for London);

London Lix Handy Multicontrol Show (19th April) - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

Thanks in advance.

If you want to use scripts in VR I did a short guide a while ago:

If you want to use scripts on your PC you can use one of the following:

  1. - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts
  2. HandyControl 1.2.3 (28.11.2021) - Added Support for Pyro (Remote Control)
  3. ScriptPlayer 1.1.0 - New Release (18.01.2020)

In all cases you have to drag the video/script into the player. You can find more details in the links, but if you will have questions just ask.


Cheers mate for helping out the technophobe haha.

I get the headset next week so will give that a go. I imagine its pretty mental with vr clips lol.

Your life is about to change lol. Getting set up takes some getting used to (be patient), but after the break in period… WOW!

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