There's something called SexualScriptPlayer

A cute piece of software I came across on Fantia. Developed by bbb.

Features a girl that performs a handjob following the script you’re playing. She also lip sync to the audio of a chosen media. I can imagine this being used with ASMR.

Seems to bridge connection via BLE. I however failed to connect my handy to it. If anyone owns a launch or A10 you may give this a try.

The developer seems to have vanished into thin air after the first release…


This is actually a really good idea. Wondering if its possible to get this to work with handy.


please get this working with the handy or make something similar

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OOF very nice! We NEED Handy Support!


In Japan, girl follow script!

…this is a great concept, if one had a selection of different models, from VAM or wherever, as well as different scenarios / scenes / role plays, you can take any weird thing that turns you in particular on and have it dance / wank you off / thrash you with nettles / slap you with slimy tentacles / etc, to the feel of your favourite script.

Been thinking recently anyway about scripts specifically designed to edge and torment and get you off, but written entirely freestyle, with no reference to a video source. i think that might be an interesting genre of scripting, and obviously fits with this program very nicely. Someone had recently commented about the idea of ‘videoing themselves masturbating then attempting to script the motion’, as a way of determining the best motions to use, for example. Scripts specifically designed to edge and torment… could be AI generated as well, quite easy if it doesn’t have to follow a video.

Now that’s what i call ‘Freestyle’…


SLOW.funscript (9.4 KB)

Heres a random one for ya :+1:

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does it work with Kiiroo Keon?

…awwww, gawd bless u guvnor!


i just thought… we don’t have a category for complete stand-alone scripts, do we…?

Device list is relatively short, I think the only US/Euro based device was the Launch.

I don’t think so, I think it something that would be mentioned when posting a script.

Let me know what you think, I have some more of these if you’re interested

Well… this looks very interesting… :flushed:

System behind it isn’t to complicated from the looks of it.

@TheLandOfInfiniteFun Did you experience any de-sync with the player? We always had issues running Fun-scripts inside unity, then again it has been a while. :thinking:


We need this but more like Super Deepthroat. Have the girl give a bj instead of hj (obviously) and allow for changing the hair/eye color/skin color etc

@Vilux Here u go

Yea I’ve seen that before… it sounded like people were having a hard time getting it to work properly?

Also just based on the way it’s supposed to work I feel like it could never be too accurate… In that case the handy is always trying to match/catch up to what you’re doing with your mouse, right? Rather than matching the animations to a script

I dont know tho i havent tried it yet.

…not run it myself, was just imagining the possibilities…

We’re actually thinking of adapting it, problem is really only syncing video + funscript in Unity.

For some reason it always desyncs more and more over time, would love to take a look at how the bbb guy did it though. Since he seems to have implemented some systems to improve it…We’ll make it less noticeable, since it does seem to still be an issue.


After taking a deeper look, I have to really give huge props to the bbb dev, there a lot of tricks and mechanics he used to properly let the video and funscript run together.

Finally got the syncing in unity done as well as him, based on the way it works in SexualScriptPlayer.

It’s beyond sad that he never posted anything else :pensive:

Seems like he also vanished from the web entirely after this one post, wasn’t even able to find a way to contact him. @Falafel you wouldn’t have seen a contact form or something either I assume :sweat_smile:?


There seems to be none except Fantia’s built-in meesage feature. You can access it from the メッセージ tab on their page.

A Fantia account and bbb’s supporter membership is likely required (they offer a 300 yen/m tier but a free membership will do).

Website language can be changed at the bottom of the page. A translator tool would also be helpful…