Tips for setting up the Lotus and Lips sleeves so that the handy can push through the tighter parts

Hi, does anyone have any tips for using the handy Lips and Lotus sleeves?

Idk if I’m too girthy for the sleeves because every time I use them and the script for a video is a little bit faster than slow, my handy gets “stuck” during the tighter parts of the sleeve:
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With “stuck” I mean that the handy can’t push through the tighter part before the script tells it to move up again.

I have managed to make them work once but idk what I did differently to make it push through the tighter part of the sleeve (which sucks because that’s where it feels the best).

Try using a bunch of lube. That helped me!


Hmmm… I’ll try this pay 2 win method next time I use the sleeves.

Try squeezing out the air from the top and letting it suck you in and as the other guy said, lube. Try to work the lube around before starting, don’t need a bunch but manually moving the sleeve up and down/spinning helps.


these particular sleeves, when strapped to the top edge of the strap area, protrude below the handy when in the full down position. because of this, it bumps into you during use. cutting the bottom of the sleeve allowed free range of motion like the normal sleeves and helps with the problem, in addition to the other tips people have given

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Make sure you are using water based lube, I have attempted using non water based lube when I first bought my Handy way back when and did not have a good time. Here is one I use and recommend and while you’re setting the sleeve up with the Handy make sure to squeeze the air out of the sleeve, this also creates a bit of a suction affect. If that does not work it may be a setting within your device, or your lead screw needs lubrication. You are able to hold down the up or down arrows on the Handy so that it adjusts the stroke length from the base to the tip rather than the other way around like it usually does. Check your Handy by holding the down arrow button until you see the red LED flash. If you are interested in lubricating the lead screw this video will help Handy Care - How to Relubricate the Lead Screw - YouTube and heres the food grade lubricant grease I used to re-lube mine that worked great


Ty, I just realized that I’ve had my handy for over 2 years with almost daily use and haven’t relubricated it once. I’ll lube it up once the lube arrives and see if that helps.

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You might also try adding a small amount of water with your lube. I use a empty lube pump bottle, one pump of water is usually enough to loosen up the lube.

Alternatively, you could just run your hand under the water and splash some on your member. Then give your sleeve the old wet Willie.

What happens when you use the sleeve on its own? Are you able to use it and not have it get snagged or too tight, if so then it could be how you are strapping the toy to the handy. Whenever you turn on the The Handy it brings down the stroker but not quite all the way to the bottom of the device, move it all the way down by hand after it is done moving on its own. And then when you are getting ready to attach your sleeve try to make sure the bottom of the strap is about a quarter inch from the bottom of the sleeve(or just as low as you can get it) the height at which your sleeve gets strapped in will affect how well its able to stroke. I would also recommend maybe trying to strap your sleeve in a bit tighter, it could also be that your sleeve is moving around while in use.

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In my case it goes to the bottom entirely, but usualy i push it slightly upward as that actualy makes it easier. My experience is that the lotus is a pain regardless on that part.

But the wraps themselve can do a lot. the basic (sturdy) one barely has any stretch in it which helps better when using the lotus as its constantly pushing. Where the newer one has some stretch which for the lips can allow it to stretch enough to avoid blocking. The silicone in the wrap also helps at gripping so it isnt required to be as tight. The newer strap however, would for the lotus still require a constant stretch, which in this case actualy hinders as it allows the sleeve to release itself faster, or become even tigther.

Im still waiting for a lotus gen2 to be wider overal. While the lips is good as it is. When you have the lotus properly in place, its a good sleeve for longer sessions, but its such an anoyance to get into that proper setup, i often just avoid it.

#1 tip is to wrap an ankle sock around the sleeve for stability, then strap it into the handy.

#2 is Put your schlong into the sleeve while it’s on The Handy, erect, and then adjust the tightness so that it’s slightly firm but not tight.

#3 probably more lube like people are saying.

Also, you might have to just move further back if you’re that longer and girthier than the length of the sleeve. I like to start the strokes from the very tip. Idk if this is relevant.

Ty for the answers everyone!

Relubricating the lead screw of the handy is what fixed it for me.
If you haven’t relubricated the screw in a long time, then I recommend doing so.

It turns out that even my gen2 handy sleeve couldn’t go full speed because I hadn’t relubricated the screw in over 2 years. After lubricating the screw, my handy is alot faster then before.

The lube I used is called Super Lube. Idk if it the best, but it’s working really good for me.

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