What about turning "lips" around?

Same problem and I really really dislike this sleeve for displacing itself easily. Now I never understood having the narrow part at the top when it should be at the bottom technically for what it was designed for. What if it was opened at the top and used reversed top down?


I also have problems with the top part squeezing too hard. I’m told it gets softer over time just like the default sleeve.

I made 2 pattern based scripts especially for the Lips because a lot of speeds just don’t work for some reason. It’s still a work in progress so feedback is greatly appreciated.

LarkinLoveLatexLIPS.funscript (111.3 KB)

First draft of an out of sync pmv:

DeftonesLIPS.funscript (39.5 KB)


One thing to keep in mind. It is basically impossible to create a one size fits all sleeve, as well as create a pattern, or any other number of things which could be personal preference. So to compensate for this, they have created a slew of different sleeves to choose from so that hopefully one, or several of them is “perfect” for you.

I wish that they would add a picture of the box front of each sleeve in the store. That way you can clearly see what the pattern is and get an idea of the tightness, instead of those pictures on a white background. You can’t tell anything from those.

They have the same image in TheHandy store as comes on the box https://www.thehandy.com/app/uploads/2022/05/Shop_content_Lips-technical-drawing-1024x1024.jpg

The Lips is one of my top two sleeves. I’m probably right in the statistical middle when it comes to dimensions–maybe a little above average girth with a glans to match.
The Lips always starts off a little rough to get through when the sleeve is cold. Once its warmer up a little, I find its pretty easy to slip past the tight part and the extra stimulation on the glans really does it for me. I put a small hole in the top that allows me to add the extra lube/water that is crucial. The hole is small enough that it seals itself and maintains a little bit of the suction.

I suspect there may be some variation in manufacturing/QC. I have a backup of the Lips and I just compared it to my normal in-use sleeve. Looking inside I’d guess that my broken-in version has an aperture maybe 25-50% larger than the Lips straight out of the box. It looks like they trimmed quite a bit off the minor ridges that line the constricting ring on the in-use sleeve. It may also have stretched over time because it was too tight for me when I 1st started with the Lips 1.5 years ago.


Oops… I was only looking at the pic in the top level of the store. I found the pic when I went into the sleeve’s page. Good to know for the next I’m sleeve shopping.

I dont think it will be usable like this for many so better stay clear of this one. Not kidding about using it the way around to be real lips. I have cut/removed the cap


and will print a disk to close this.


looks intriguing

Like I mentioned above, I’ve been using the Lips for 1.5 years and I really enjoy it.
I had purchased a backup and noticed yesterday that the interior dimension of the newer/unused one were significantly smaller.

Well I tried the new one out yesterday and it isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It took a little longer to warm up enough, but once the TPE softened enough from the heat, I popped right into and out of the upper chamber no problem.

Before you toss it to the side, try warming it up it first or at least let it ride long enough to build up warmth to soften.

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