Tips on using the Handy through college WiFi

I’ll be moving into college in a couple of days. Wi-Fi is freely available there, but I’ve completely forgotten that I need to connect the Handy to wifi in order to use it. Rather than connecting my device to my college internet, is there any way to use funscripts offline through my phone or laptop? Thanks for the help.

You could probably use your phones hotspot to connect the laptop and handy to the internet and sidestep the college entirely.

I’m fairly sure that currently, the handy scripts can only be used through the internet, because the bluetooth isn’t up and running yet. Offline mode would work, but that’s fairly basic.

There’s at least three options available that I’m aware of.

  1. Bluetooth does work now with ScriptPlayer and IntiFace. There’s a thread here about it.
    Script-Player Handy Over Bluetooth Firmware 3. Much better expirience
  2. You can get a personal router and use that to connect to the college internet/wifi.
  3. Similarly, you can get a Hotspot device.
  4. You can set up “Mobile Hotspot” on Windows 10 that will share your internet access through another SSID that you choose. (There’s a few options with Windows 10 actually)

Is there a way I could use my phone as a hotspot for the handy? I like using the virtual blowjob website to play a script while I browse videos in bed. I’m surprised the handy team hasn’t made it so you can control it completely through Bluetooth in the handyconnect app. Unfortunately, personal routers aren’t allowed at my school.

Yes, most phones provide Hot Spot option. Better option to use laptop or pc as hotspot as 2120 suggested.

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