Uploading to torrent sites?

Could we not benefit from uploading some videos and scripts to torrent sites and potentially attract more people to EroScripts?
Maybe more people would buy devices and become interested in scripting.
That would make more content in the long run.

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torrents = illegal

illegal behaviour = trouble

trouble = site will be shut down

Sorry, I don’t like the idea. More Scripter will be nice, but without illegal stuff.


Why would they come here if they can download the torrent? If someone knows about funscripts then they probably also know about eroscripts anyway. And if they get to realtouchscripts a lot of newer content redirects here.

You also need permission from everyone who created those scripts, otherwise it’s just illegal to share others work.


Torrents are not illegal per se. It’s only illegal, when you download copyrighted material like music or movies. Otherwise it’s fine.

To the topic:
There is not need for it. As others pointed out, you shouldn’t just put a script on torrent, if you didn’t ask the scripter for permission. Also a lot of scripters have a portofolio, where you can find every script created by them. And ScriptAxis is a good and easy way to find every script available as well.


And there is also pornstar scripts index:

Seriously getting scripts here is as easy as it can get. If you want to move some traffic here it’s probably better idea to mention eroscripts if someone asks about place where they can get funscripts. Either it’s reddit or some other forum.

I would not share anything without a permission, I respect all the scripters, it is not an easy work it requires a lot of patience, I have tried it myself once and my script sucked. I will try it again at some point.

We could just start a topic where scripters could volunteer to have their script linked.

The idea is to introduce funscript to people who don’t know how freaking awesome it is, but they seed tonns of data on those sites so they are dedicated to something for them it’s torrenting, for us it’s interactive scripts.

This site doesn’t have to be affiliated with that, we don’t even have to upload videos ourself, just find some uploaders who would be uploading porn anyways, and ask them to mention that there is a better way to wank and we have the funscript for it.

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From my expierence when I download torrent and see some random files along with it they in 99% cases end up in the trash can. If you put funscript file along with the video noone will know what it is for. And if put txt file explaining what it is then why just not put the txt file itself? But then again it will sound like an advertisment and will end up in the trash can anyway.

Honestly I don’t dig the idea but maybe others will have different opinion on this.

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I think torrenting scripts would be a great way to kill the community and discourage people from getting into scripting. Attracting people that are big into distributing paid content without the copyright holder’s consent will inevitably lead to funscript piracy.

There are a few torrents containing funscripts out there already and they dont credit the creators at all, I’d also wager that there’s paid scripts mixed in which is even worse for the community; if scripting stops being profitable then we wont get any more scripts.

I think a better way to spread awareness would be if a few scripters could partner with some independant content creators to make content specifically desinged for interactive toys. These creators could then spread awareness to their fanbases.


I don’t think giving someone a random file that they don’t recognize is a very good way of introducing them to automatic strokers. Plus, as others have said, it greatly reduces the need for people to actually come to EroScripts, which is a bummer.

Obviously we can’t stop people from doing it, but we can at least agree not to do it ourselves and make sure that they don’t get spread on the forum itself.

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We’ve had similar discussions before Having a list or copy of all script files outside of this site

I don’t want to repost a script elsewhere without the permission of the creator. If you allow for a torrent to share everything, it’ll be basically impossible for any creator to retain control of their scripts.

That said there are people working to create a separate database/spreadsheet of everything


I don’t think torrenting is the way to go. P2P can be dangerous without the right protection (VPN/Onion routing)
I’m not against the idea of all of us using a private tracker and sharing stuff (legally) but there are more efficient ways of doing that already, so it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose. Great idea though.

if you want to shut down this site in a heartbeat, P2P is the way to go.

If you want to get more attraction to this site, just share the link to eroscripts and thats it. Uploading content from this site on other sites or share it via P2P will very soon lead to big problems. Just dont do it. I get the idea that you think its a good way to attract more people… and the intentions are good, but this will not help in anyway.


There isn’t really much need for a torrent for the scripts themselves. They are relatively small especially when considering the video sizes. And the only reason to use torrents for the videos would be for piracy, which is a good way to get everything closed down as others have said.

As a new user myself I haven’t had much issue moving around and seeing what is available and getting more familiar with this new world I have found myself in.

If this topic had a poll I would definitely vote it down :-1:

I don’t see how it will help to get new users here. The chance is higher that someone sees Handy on some review page or in a shop than that he downloads a video and opens the tiny files that comes with it. And without a player you don’t even know what it is.

I can remember when I have seen the Launch the first time. It was advertised everywhere. So it’s just a matter of time and Handy is also well known and people will land here after some time if they are curious.

I guess that people who use torrents to download porn will probably also see those ads one day.

Share Videos and Scripts over Torrents?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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@mADsCRIPTS torrents are not illegal in general. i could distribute my own scripts via torrents at any time and it would be absolutely legal/fine.

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I don’t think it’s a matter of polling though. This doesn’t seem like a collective decision right?

If individual scripters want to release a torrent of their work, or band together with other scripters to release a torrent, that’s up to them.


In this group I believe torrents would be useless. In general discussions on different groups I have seen comments from new members that are scared of torrents. If you share a video that you do not have ownership of you are breaking the law. That illegal sharing starts the instance you start a download by the way a torrent works.
Individuals can certainly put anything they own in a torrent and more power to them. I just hope they can seed their own torrent so it never dies. Did I hint that torrents often die? Yep they usually do if not supported by a large torrent site.

Thanks for all the responses to my question and it’s clear that you guys don’t support this idea.
I might one day start scripting once my macOS setup works the way I want it to be without a Windows VM and I will probably do some experiments with it.
In the meantime I can’t thank you all enough who have contributed to this site. You’ve done an amazing work and I’m glad to be here.