Use the Handy with Kodi?

Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to play vids on Kodi while running their scripts? This would be great for me as I prefer to watch this stuff away from the PC, and at the moment my only method of doing this with scripts synced is via VR. I could also use a tablet but then it’s all the mucking about putting files onto and off of the tablet, whereas with Kodi I can just stream to a TV (which is also bigger than the tablet).

Thanks for any info!


You can’t run scripts with Kodi alone but in combination with ScriptPlayer or launchcontrol.
I recommend ScriptPlayer ( I actually implemented Kodi support for ScriptPlayer :sweat_smile: )


Ah wow that’s great, thanks for the info! I’m a total noob with all this stuff and have never got beyond just dropping the script into the same folder and playing on DeoVR so I’ll check those apps out! :smiley:

Oh btw will this work with Kodi on other devices? In this case I use Kodi on my Firestick to stream from my Win10 PC? Cheers

If you know the IP address of the Firestick and enable “remote control via HTTP” it should hopefully work.
I’m trying to get this to work for myself as I’m writing this. It’s been a while since I used it.

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Great, thanks. The IP should be no problem, I am still just about to look at Scriptplayer for the first time, so I’ll hopefully understand that once I’ve had a look. I’m assuming that scriptplayer will be running on the pc then, meaning I’ll be running Kodi on PC as well as the firestick? Anyway no need to answer that, I’ll just go off and RTFM first :rofl: Thanks for being so helpful!

I just managed to connect so can confirm it still works.
It’s actually not well documented so feel free to ask if you have problems.
I had too look at the source code because I forgot how it worked. :sweat_smile:

You would run ScriptPlayer on a PC & Kodi on the Firestick no need to run Kodi on the PC.

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Well I’m lost already lol. I’ve installed ScriptPlayer, and I’ve downloaded the buttplug-csharp-0.5.9 zip file, but I can’t seem to see any executables in there, do I have to place folders directly into the registry or something? Apologies, I know nothing about programming, I’m very much an end user when it comes to things like this!

Hmm I ran the app.reg in the root of the buttplug zip, I’m hoping that’s correct!

What device do you want to use? I don’t know where you got the buttplug-csharp-0.5.9 zip from but you probably don’t need it.

Ah ok thanks, I’m just following the tutorial I found on github. I’m planning to use the Handy in conjunction with streaming vids to my firestick from a Win10 PC

The handy is already supported by ScriptPlayer. I hope you got the newest version of ScriptPlayer.

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Ah great, thanks! I think I may have had an earlier version, I’ve installed that one now and I’ll try to get it working

Ok I think I’m getting there but not quite… I have connected ScriptPlayer to the Handy and tested it successfully with a local file. I’ve also entered the details for the Kodi input, including the correct IP for that firestick (although it asks for a password, which I’m not sure about, so I entered the password that I had already set on Windows for Kodi to access my hard drive - I also left HTTP and TCP ports as default) but the main screen on Scriptplayer is saying Kodi. Not connected. Enable control via http (settings - services - control). But within the settings dropdown there’s no such option as ‘services’ ?

Ok I’m a dumbass. In my defence I’ve had very poor sleep all week :smiley: I realise that those settings are within Kodi and not within scriptplayer. Hasn’t quite worked yet but I’m very nearly there!

Success! Thanks :slight_smile: From my first observations it seems to lose sync quite easily when you jump around the file, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of that. Thanks so much man, you totally pointed me in the right direction :smiley:

Yeah I actually never used this with the handy only with the launch.
You probably have to hit pause & play whenever you jump around in the video to resync with the handy.

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