"Vibrations" in stroker scripts - What's your opinion?

Would like to hear your opinion on stroker scripts that has added small up-down actions, aka “vibrations”. I’ve saw scripters doing this to add a special touch to their script. Especially prevalent amongst scripts for capable machines such as the Handy / OSR2.

Take this as an example:
Both strokes were scripted for the same motion. But the vibing one added small movements to mimic a vibration as it strokes upwards.

Personally I love them as an artistic touch, but aren’t sure whether they are actually stimulating, and whether people would prefer to have them in the scripts they collect. Device compatibility is also an issue up my concern.

Do you want them?

  • Haha servos go brrrr
  • I don’t really care
  • I can’t enjoy them
  • My device won’t allow it

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If your device allows it, are they stimulating?

  • More stimulating than plain strokes.
  • Meh. Just feels like something.
  • In a bad way. Like beavers chopping my member.

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Feel free to elaborate by posting below!


I like em, but only if they aren’t over-used. Some scripts have them for the entire duration, I think they should be used selectively when they actually fit.


what Liquid said, adding the vibrations to say cum parts of videos im all for it. But beginning to end is a bit much

and as an added note: Scripters that include a “soft” version with less vibrations, i salute you and love the added work, Thank you


I absolut love them and i can´t live without them:-)

100% agree. I’ve been messing with them in my scripts lately and I think I’ve managed to find what works for me.

I like vibrations for rapid grinding, hip shaking, and/or orgasms, as well as tongue play and deep throating

Like when Brittany is all the way down here, rather than just leaving the script static at the “0” position, I’d throw in some vibration.

To me, it should be used for small, rapid movements rather than just as a general intensity enhancer.

I also think it works REALLY well with music. Check out this script for a solid example.


I agree with the “when it fits”. I don’t like when its used for the entire script, it reminds me of servos that aren’t quite right. Some of you may know what Im talking about if you have messed around with different servos. There are some servos that cause these micro vibrations that can be felt in any script and its super annoying when it should be like a long slow stroke but it feels like it studders the whole way. So yea I dont mind the vibes as long as it fits. Another thing to consider using vibes in an osr2 and a full size fleshlight can be pretyy heavy and seems like they would wear out the gears on cheaper servos, but I have no proof of that. Just my few cents, thanks

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I can’t stand super fast vibrations, my handy feels like its gonna break everytime. I do enjoy a slower one, and usually change scripts to make every vibration yellow at most, preferably green if that makes sense. And only during cum sections (guy or girl), don’t care in pmv’s or any of that.

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awwwww. you are too kind. I think my fav script i made with vibrations (fuck I need to make more) is this one…IMHO

U Got That - PMV - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

and i copied and pasted this script in a few other PMVs I did, but can’t remember :woman_shrugging:


Seriously though, I think you hit the sweet spot of exciting, but not over the top. It’s just… chef’s kiss :ok_hand:

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This is a case where less is often better, imo. With the Handy I find that scripts with too much vibration tend to make me numb, not very exciting. Scripts that use the vibration sparingly present an element of surprise that often enhances certain actions.

I’ll second the praise for scripters who add both soft and hard scripts. I find myself wishing for a medium sometimes but nothings perfect for everybody and I can customize them to my likings if desired.


I actually REALLY dislike scripts with just too much vibrations. Especially where it doesn’t make sense IMHO. I just lose interest and will turn it off. Obviously, to each their own.


As other have said, I’m ok with it when it’s done very sporadically, like to emphasize orgasm, but I don’t like it if there’s too much of it.
Though to be honest I don’t really care if a good script have any vibration or not.

If there’s a reason for them I like them…like a tongue flick. Otherwise, I just find them annoying because it takes a way from the realism. It’s the same reason I don’t like filler strokes…If I don’t see it happening, I don’t want to feel any movement.

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I was mainly concerned about physiological stimulation when making this topic, but you made a good point on the “surprise” factor! Whether or not vibrations stimulate one’s member any better may not weigh as much as its psychological delight when synced to the video content.

Using the unlocked launch, I find them less stimulating than not being there, as with a lot of small motions.

I put it down to the nature of the device - as the fleshlight case moves and not the sleeve directly, It takes a certain minimum threshold of movement to overcome the basic resistance (and the basic stretchy/squishiness of the sleeve) and produce a movement that can actually be felt. “Vibration” parts tend to be more akin to deadzones than areas of enhanced stimulation.

I’m using funscripts with estim(DIY Stereostim, Tronic’s midistim design specifically) and vibrations like those depicted feel significantly more intense. Similarly stuff like the Ahe, Crumbum, etc(not trying to post favorites it’s just what comes to mind right away) and anything like a fast paced PMV that aren’t a constant 0-100 type script are all more intense.

My experience is if the entire thing is designed to be more intense and feels intense, everything ‘levels off’ by the end because you get used to it. I think vibrations feel fantastic and when used in short edging or ‘challenge to not cum’ sequences of about a minute or so, or part of an ending cum sequence(maybe final minute for something short and 3-5 minutes if something is longer than 20 minutes-rough numbers but could really be anything), they are perfect.

That’s how I’d use them if I create a funscript, but this is from the perspective of estim conversion of a funscript using the Funstim tool. I’m surprised by the creativity of this community and I’m sure there are better ways to do this than I suggest, but it’s what I’d do as a start.

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I tend to use it to maximize the effect of a particular scene (titfuck, blowjob, cum, etc)
Especially, I use it often to express “the shaking of the body”

I think it’s good to use in the cum scene
I think it’s the highlight of my scripts
ex) (cum scene & vacuum representation)

I tend to try to control the force of the script
I tend to express acceleration, and I rarely use vibrations in slow scenes
It’s awkward if put fast vibrations in a slow script
Even if I use it, it’s like this

I’m adjusting the vibration expression To maintain the speed as possible so that it doesn’t strain the device (I use a handy, so I adjust the short expression to less than 500 units/s)

Of course, there are people who don’t like vibrations
I think vibration is personal preference

I used to do a poll with vibration scripts, and I found out that there are many people who like simple versions without vibration

So I add the simple version script as much as I can
My simple version adjusts the minimum interval for others other than ‘the handy’ (about 100ms to 133ms)
it recommends people who don’t like vibrations, and people who have devices that are hard to express them


Thanks for sharing! This is exactly what I meant by vibrations as a artistic touch, rather than a strategy to enhance pleasure.

Your old topic also had some good points regarding technical limitations. A lot of machines are connected through Bluetooth and that will put a hard limit over the command frequency. Which is also something to take into account when detailing a script…

Welp, I think including multiple versions are the way to go!

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Definitely only need to be used when trying to stimulate a certain movement. I will try to put them in when it seems like there is more friction on a down stroke and make the upstroke after with no vibration. Or vice-versa depending on the actions.

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I think they are way overused and often make my own version of a script that I like in other ways and is overusing them. The Simplify special function in OFS can work pretty well to take away vibrations.

It can work in a deepthroat but I prefer the slow wiggle there. Immersion FTW and a real life deepthroat does not feel like a power tool.

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