VR recommendations

I’m currently on OG Vive w a PC setup w Fleshlight launch with 14tb of videos in my living.

Problem is my brother lives w me now =(

Looking at quest 2, I have a 1660ti laptop w a free tb or two on the SSD. So no idea how I’d watch my videos other than moving the ones I wanna watch manually.

Other option is just to pay for SLR + scripts and sideload their program on it.

Any advice is appreciated!

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If you get a Quest 2 you can setup a media server in you local network. This server can be used to access your video collection and stream the videos from your PC to your VR headset.

You will need to install a SMB or DNLA capable VR player like HereSphere or Pigasus VR or DeoVR on your Quest 2.

There a many options for media servers. Checkout this thread for recomendations.

I hope this helps a little :slight_smile:


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