What if SexLikeReal makes interactive VR sex toy?

I’m thinking of up and down stroker. Maybe rotation if we get enough requests (maybe for a second iteration).

Dedication to perfection in materials, ergonomics and functioning. Perfectly synced with SLR app.

Please let me know. Anyone looking to join our engineering team mail alex@sexlikereal.com


Genuinely curious to see what SLR would come up with here…

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You know what would be a killer move for adoption? Make it free with a long term sub (1 year, 2 year, lifetime, whatever makes financial sense). This will encourage people on the fence to both sub to SLR and to get in on the interactive side, and obviously you can somewhat subsidize this offer through script sales.


If it adds something more to the mix compared to current offerings so why not.
Some “requirements”:

  • An open API so that all these fantastic apps that people make here can be used.
  • A twist feature would be great.
  • Or maybe some kind of amount of pressure on the sleeve to make it possible to distinguish between light and hard strokes or vaginal/anal using the script. That is probably really hard to accomplish due to different lengths and girths and sleeve sizes/thickness.
  • Support for using Fleshlight (or other) sleeves.
  • Device prepared for mounted solutions.
  • Support for equal or faster scripts than can be used on The Handy. The Handy can handle most videos, but you still need to be a bit creative on some when it can’t keep up.
  • WiFi support, not only BLE.
  • Offline support. No server dependency causing network lag messing with the sync. Online support for streaming from SLR etc. should still be supported of course.
  • If a battery solution is used then make it possible to use the device with the power cord attached when the battery charge is low, just like a laptop computer.

We are totally heading for the best of it otherwise makes no sense to even bother with it.

Definitely an open API. Battery, server integration, as silent as we can get it. Optional mount. Preprogrammed offline functionality.

We shouldn’t rely on 3rd party components like FL sleeves, at it’s a ticket to a war.

No bluetooth.

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Detachable joint would be nice so people can 3d print their joints to support different types of sleeves. Then you can make your own sleeves for your original toy and give people choice to DYI their own solutions for what they have. It also make it easy to replace in case it breaks or something.


Just avoid a solution that prevents the use of 3rd party sleeves if possible. I think many have a lot of sleeves that they like and would like to continue to use, FL and others.


-Actual buttons on the device
-VESA mountable
-Can compete with an SR6
-Cooling system on the hardware for long sessions

Are some of my suggestions on top of everyone elses posts


i agree with sentinel on a lot of points but specialy these
1 please have it work with a power cord its so anoying if you want to use it but you forgot to charge it, or if it runs out of power halfway.
2 higher stroke speed then the handy.
3 and i also miss something like pressure (tightness) on the sleeve (even when it has only two settings loose/tight) especially on handjobs were she squeezes. (more works for realcumbers edging scripts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
I think that it would make a bigger impact then twisting while it might not have so much effect on scripting time as incorporating twists might have.

Basically a handy version 2 with something extra

Now i think of it might not be too difficult making a thightening system on a handylike device. Where the strap for the sleeve is fixed to the machine have something that can wind the strap up just a little bit.

oh and keep it affordable no use in making the best machine but nobody buys it because it costs to much


Just avoid a solution that prevents the use of 3rd party sleeves if possible. I think many have a lot of sleeves that they like and would like to continue to use, FL and others.

Precisely! I understand and agree with the need to not solely rely on third party sleeves, but they must be usable for a purchase from those like myself to be considered. The Keon solution would be preferred - design it so that full fleshlight sleeves would fit, without explicitly stating that it is built for them.

No 3D printing required, please. That is far too much of a faff. It sounds like you want to make a high quality device and high quality devices generally don’t require their users to organise some kind of 3D printing for missing parts.

I am curious as to what preprogrammed offline functionality means. Is the idea for scripts to be also usable without a server connection? I would need that in any toy that I buy. I would stay away from any device that ties script functionality to a subscription or a server being up. I’ve been burned too often by the smarthome industry to go anywhere near a device of that nature - I very much hope that you don’t intend to travel in that direction.

I feel that in order to provide the quality people are hoping for, it may be best not to overreach in terms of functionality - by that I mean, I would be happier with a fantastic device that only has up/down movements. I’d rather avoid the extra potential issues associated with adding squeezing, rotation etc (more points of device failure, less scripts, people intimidated by the increased workload to produce a script, increased script cost to name a few).

I absolutely applaud the commitment to an open api and a quality device. If those commitments remain, and if full functionality is not tied to the SLR subscription, I’ll be following with interest.


i dont think adding squeeze will have a big impact in scripting when it has only two settings loose (off) tight (on) for example when the video switches from vaginal to anal the scripter would add an on point when 3 minutes later they switch to vaginal again the scripter adds an off point.
For most scripts it would mean adding less than 100 points and most of these would be easily recognisable so quick to implement. Except maybe for 30 minute handjob video’s.


Really great suggestions guys - We are all extensive toy users here and the fact that @doublevr is listening and super interested is a great thing for a new potential toy to play with :slight_smile:

This is a good point - there can always be next versions with new features especially if first versions prove successful enough

Might be good if you guys can list a top 5 of priorities and maybe 1 must have new feature you would want in a new toy Id say


Great points @sentinel 's post above.

A twist mechanism, even if its a slight nudge clockwise and anticlockwise, has the added function of spreading the lube evenly for an up / down device. I think its worth the investment.


a sleeve warming function would be nice. also an option to stop or slow down the script for edging

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Making it work with battery only would be a reason to not buy it. I just hate toys that need to be recharged or can’t be used while charging. My mouse can also be used while it’s charging on the detachable cable. I have even removed the charging electronics in one of my toys to use it with a cable which was not possible before.

Without battery: Cheaper device. Maybe make it optional like for x-box controllers.

Rotation as second axis would be nice. Open API also.


I shall try for 5 items I would want in a product I would buy!

  1. Rugged and fast. This means it will not burn up prematurely or stall out.
  2. Wireless signal control.
  3. Battery with ability to fully power operation while recharging.
  4. Open source and fully operational offline.
  5. Must have stroke and twist.
  6. Must have mount and power enough for FL sleeve. (I don’t care if a 3d custom adapter is required for 3rd party sleeves.)

Well, darn, couldn’t do it! And even getting to 6 I had to cheat and doubled a couple! necessities.

I think SLR can build a basic unit and with all they have to piggy-back it with they will certainly have a marketable device.



You asked for a 5-point priority:

Inter-operability of sleeves. I appreciate the “economic ecology” of tying everything together however I would strongly argue against forced incompatibility (did Apple teach you nothing!). If that happens you are putting an expiration date on the project from outset - you won’t be able to be internally self-reliant sustainably.

Reliability. It has to work when you want it and for as long as you want it. If that means a power cable option then so be it…

Portability. It has to work where you want it. If that means USB charged batteries then so be it…(I don’t believe it is feasible to have a desk-mounted product as your only commercial option).

Connectivity. BT or wifi. This has to be solved. Somehow. Whether it is desktop software, phone, fablet or tablet. For me that means VR, and the number of posts on this forum (and on SLR’s) on how to connect your VR device is testament to how much of a problem this is. I am aware this will probably mean creating a bespoke player, however SLR have done a lot of that work already.

Mechanically robust. It has to have the technical specs to reflect on-screen speed and depth. I get the extra options but get the basics right first. Don’t do a New Fleshlight Launch Universal

2 pennies. In.


Looking forward to how this develops. And I agree with all points by sentinel.

I’m not sure if avoiding Bluetooth is a good idea. For home use WiFi is fine but when on the go (e.g. hotels) you’ll need a way to connect to the toy directly to get past the captive portal. If you haven’t seen already, @qdot gave a great talk describing all the issues with sex toy technology: Kyle Machulis // Steiner Lecture in Creative Inquiry, 3/21/2019 - YouTube

That will be the main issue: You can’t have a quality sex toy for cheap. For a device that’s better than the Handy, we’re looking at the $300-500 range (which the majority will not pay). But you need lots of buyers to scale up production and bring down the price.

Personally, I don’t expect SLR to top the OSR2/SR6 (that’s basic economies of scale). On the other hand, it’s sad that there is no market for a high-end male sex toy for people who do have the money. The only expensive male toy available is the Venus for Men but they haven’t updated it for 20+ years and it is inferior to the OSR2/SR6 IMO.

Some areas SLR could innovate:

  • Offer a Pro and a Regular version. Pro will have high-speed servos, more axes and addons like lube/suction (similar to OSR2 with all upgrades) while the Regular version is the budget alternative. Bonus points if buyers can later upgrade to the Pro version without having to purchase a whole new device.
  • Tie the sex toy into the subscription, like @vrpicasso recommends. That way, you can use high-quality parts and still offer the toy at a reasonal price, similar to how Xbox and PlayStation are selling their consoles at a loss but compensating it with game sales.
  • A mounting option should be a top priority because it’s not handsfree if you need to hold the toy in your hand. We need at least two options, for sitting down (attach it to a desk) and for laying down (just place it onto the bed). IMO placing the toy down is better than connecting it to the body (via a belt strap) but looking forward to your solution. And I don’t understand why the Handy or Kiiroo don’t offer a mount; the profit margin on this is huge, like $5-10 in materials can be sold for easily $100. The mounts could be sold as accessories to keep the toy price low, with a small discount when buying both toy and mount at the same time.

Not a must-have feature but I’d appreciate a dedicated button/slider to set stroke length mid-session. E.g. I’d want to start with a short stroke length at the beginning, then when I get erect I can increase stroke length. And if I want to delay/edge, I want to reduce stroke length again (similar to what @pure suggested).
That’s my main issue with the OSR2/SR6; having to use the VR controllers to set stroke length.

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I volunteer to be a beta tester.!!


           Too soon?