What is the best sleeve for the handy currently?

I ordered with the handy today and I would like to buy a good sleeve to make it even more realistic. I will mainly use the handy with scripts (including fast ones). Which sleeve do you think is the best? I’ve often read that the Quickshot STU (Mouth/Butt) is supposed to be good.

Thanks :wink:

What’s best for everyone varies from person to person although there are some commonality preferred sleeves such as the Handy v2 sleeve, Fleshlights Fleshgrip and Quickshot Vantage. The Quickshot STU is my 3rd favorite. I’ve tried a handfew of cheaper sleeves from Amazon, Adam & Eve, etc so that’s my only comparison. One day I will try a real Japanese sleeve or onahole. Many of those textures look enticing.

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i’ve tried the quickshot and dream collection lips, so far the original is better imo. haven’t tried anything else though.

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There are a lot of reviews and experiences in this awesome thread: Handy sleeve alternatives

The Handy Gen2 sleeve has been my favorite for quite awhile. However, the Lotus is a very close second.

Oh yeah thanks!

My best hint is to avoid going for realism, and instead simply go for something good. A lot of the action on screen simply cant be simulated. Sure, some videos are more accurate on that, and can be good. But in a lot of cases the videos simply arent going to be very accurate. Dont expect realism and you are generaly already going to enjoy any sleeve a lot more.

So just go for something that you think feels good. And sure, you can focus on a few aspects here as some sleeves do have features that can work well with certain scripts. This can on that aid into realism a little bit, just because at least a certain feature exists. Anyway, my findings about sleeves so far.

For PMVs i generaly prefer the default gen 2 sleeve. The gen2 sleeve is on that quite uniform and doesnt realy focus on any specific aspect. The lotus is nice, and a bit less intense, which for CH videos that can be desired. The lotus is however a bit more tight. Open end sleeves can do a good job here as well because again realism is not required here at all.

For regular sex videos nearly any sleeve works as these are usualy the ones where the action will match most of the time (no effect of hands or tongue). The lotus is ment to be the closest to this. But i would say any closed end sleeve will work fine here. I would just take whatever sleeve you like most.

For blowjobs i would go for the lips sleeve because the upper chamber is tighter and can on that give a better sensation with those scripts as those scripts are often focussed towards the upper end making this variety well noticed (can mimic a deepthroat effect). Obviously the suction part is going to be missing here, but a sturdier closed end sleeve can slightly compensate (which the lips and lotus sleeves both can do).

And for the remainders again just the gen2 sleeve (or gen1, which is the same but shorter) as it works well for nearly everything. But on that, i generaly avoid open end sleeves, so i cant comment what works well here.

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Thank you for your detailed opinion!
I’ll definitely take your advice :wink:

I recently bought The Handy + three extra sleeves for a total of four.

  1. Default sleeve – no complaints, it’s exactly what it should be
  2. Gen2 – enjoyed less than the free one; free one fits me perfectly, gen2 just adds extra length and is a little looser
  3. “Open-Ended : Medium” – interesting, but (a) tight (b) doesn’t respond well to having the strap tightened around it (c) wait too intense and soon as I start cumming
  4. “Dream : Lotus” – I can’t even get my dick into it properly, and I’m below-average – and it keeps trying to pop off it; very pretty, though

I wish there was an option with a less-stimulating interior, like almost smooth. Might not be as exciting during the build-up, but it might let me enjoy the ejaculation more.

You can use the default sleeve inside-out. It’s smooth this way.

I like the Lotus the best. Doesn’t have too much texture. Sleeves with too much textures numbs me or something because it made it difficult to keep my dick hard when having sex. I thought I got to a point where I needed dick pills. Took a break from the sleeve that came with handy and bought the lotus, and now everything is back to normal.

If my girlfriend ever decided to get a boob job, I am throwing away my handy lol. If you notice all my scripts I posted are women with big tits lol.

Even when above average (only slightly), these issues are still there. Dick size is not the issue here. The problem is that the sleeve is tight and wants to push back because of it. And with trapped air, it can make popping off realy easy.

1 thing that seems to help is that you first squeeze the sleeve tight before you insert your dick. As it not only removes the trapped air that would otherwise push you out, that little vacuum you create then helps at keeping it in.

A more loose version would on that be welcome though.

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This is my rig, DYI hands free using some pipe clamps, awesome Stanley clamp, and a sturdy desk.

I have spent/wasted a bunch of money on personal ‘entertainment’ over the years. The quick shot ‘Mia Malkova’ is the best for me, the ‘Riley Ried’ is the second. I have them all. I am average size so it’s a great fit.

I bought the handy a several months ago and have used it often. I really like it. I use it about as often as my old favorite, the e-stim 2B which is the ultimate edging device and a whole other story…

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There are many tight sleeves that don’t have this issue.
IMO it is because it gets gradually tighter the further in you go and the strap prevents it from giving way, so it always has the tendency to push you outwards.

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