What shall I script in VR next? [closed]

What would you like me to script next in VR?

Decision has been made. See this post.

Give me some suggestions and I might pick up something. No promises.
The following are my preferences, which will have a large impact on my selection:

  • VR video
  • slim/skinny girls
  • no breast augmentations unless they are modest and feels natural
  • not too many tattoos (not easy to find girls without lots of tattoos these days)
  • B/G, mostly because it’s often tedious to script HJ/BJ with more than one girl.
  • hot outfits and high heels that isn’t removed 2 min after the video start is a plus

If someone suggest something that match my preferences above and I have access to the video I will pick it up. To get a rough indication of my preferences you should also look at my current script portfolio. I will pick something as soon as some one post something I like given that I have access to the video in my archive or through an active sub and that it hasn’t been scripted before. First come, first served, if the conditions are the right.


This one may be tough to script due to the POV, but there aren’t many cuckold VR scenes out there. But Lilu does meet your/my taste of being slim with natural boobs.

Not her hottest outfit, but it is hot how she keeps it on for 1/3rd of the scene and gets penetrated with it still on.

I know its Czech, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to script this one as it was released quite a while ago.


LMK if this misses the mark and I’ll come up with other suggestions :wink:

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Shouldn’t be that hard to script tbh and it’s very different from what I’ve been scripting before so it’s definitely an alternative. It isn’t extremely long either which is a plus. However, I will wait for a bit more suggestions before I decide what to script next (I’ve got the video in my archive though).

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Nothing specific that I would recommend but Lethal Hardcore VR has a bunch of videos that probably check all those boxes.

How about another Sybil A video?

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Given how good your scripts are I get the feeling you’ll have a lot of requests!

I think the following list largely follows your preferences, maybe you’ll find something you like in these:

VirtualRealPorn: Freya Dee - Breakfast in Bed
BrasilVR: Luara Amaral - Grand Slam
VirtualTaboo: Jessika Knight - Help is Coming
Darkroom VR: Jenny Doll - Price of Hospitality
VRCosplayX: Khloe Kapri - Westworld
Wankz VR: Jane Wilde - Cums with the House
Wankz VR: April Snow - As Fuck Would Have It
Lustreality: Alyssa Reece - Impregnation of your Hot Stepmom

Thanks for putting out the offer out to everyone. No matter what you go with we know the script will be great!

I don’t have access to much of the LethalHardcoreVR portfolio unfortunately. I’ve skipped that studio since, IMHO, they don’t produce videos with good enough image quality compared WankzVR, BadoinkVR and CzechVR etc. Their 6K feels like 4K to me. But you are right that they probably have a lot that match my criterias.

how about the latest lily lou scene on badoinkvr


Don’t see a lot of girls with the Emma Watson look.

Love the scenario for this one, where you’re being coerced by the girl (who isn’t done justice by screenshots IMO) using a past indiscretion.

I would also vote for this!
Or maybee that:

I’ve always loved Brooklyn Gray (especially in a hot-girl-next-door-sort of way) but there’s no scripts that I’ve found for her VR scenes.

2 VRHush/SLR ones:


i vote for this.

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An older request I did awhile back, she keeps her stockings on however


An amazing video featuring Evelyn Claire


Another Evelyn Claire video but dressed as Arwen from LOTR for the whole scene


This would be nice, but hilariously enough she does lose her clothes 2 mins in lol


Definitely not enough Bailey Base scripts out there, plus she keeps her outfit on for the entirety of the film



I recall hearing talks of someone on here considering scripting Katy Jayne’s Atomic Blonde scene, perhaps this is as good a time as any? Atomic Blonde with Katy Jayne VR Porn Video in 4K-8K | VR Bangers

Going with two girls that haven’t gotten much VR love from producers and not much here either, Wetvr because it’s got some good stuff that gets overlooked.

Aliya Brynn - Hot scene, good dirty talk, flexible, one or two scripts

Tristan Summers - Only VR scene, no scripts for here either.

Well there is always Kylie, because you can’t go wrong with her lol.
Kylie Rocket

My recommendation is the Black Widow scene from VRCosplayX:

I would also like to mention the following two scenes, although they do not fully meet the criteria. Both are MFF scenes but with very pretty outfits and natural non-tattooed girls. Both also available on SLR.

What about BabeVR’s Tit for tat with Zoe Taylor?

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Would love to see some more Gianna Dior scripted. This scene is definitely one of my favorites of hers.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!
There are a few I’m considering right now. Before I decide I need to check them first so that they don’t contain too much of obscured views, super fast sections that most devices barely can handle and that they aren’t 1h+ long. I also saw one interesting video that I haven’t had time to watch yet so I’m gonna do that too.

I’ll let you know when I’ve decided what to script!

Thanks again for taking time making your suggestions.