Who wants 2D Conversions of VR vids?

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed I’ve been missing out on some pretty hot scenes and scripts just because I have no VR device. Now I’ve taken a look around and found a pretty good solution to convert that stuff to proper 2D scenes, allowing for keyframing scenes so that the camera always looks at the important stuff going on, zooming in or out for better framing and so on. Downside is, this takes time and money. The software is a subscription price and going through a scene will probably take 3-4 times the duration.

Just a quick test I did, excuse the awful quality (4mb upload limit):

Before I get into anything, I’d be interested to know how big the demand is even.

  • Yes, I’d love to get 2D conversions as I don’t have the equip
  • Yes, I’d love to get 2D conversions even though I have VR equip
  • No need, I have VR equipment
  • No need, I just watch VR scenes without equipment
  • No need, I don’t care for VR scenes either way

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Interesting :thinking:. Does not look bad. May I ask what the software is called?
Do you do the highlight zooming yourself or is it an AI that does it?

I could imagine that constant zooming in the video, with time becomes annoying.
But hard to tell without having tested it^^

You have no idea how happy this would make me!! I see so many good videos that I would love to watch but have no VR solution.

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i tried my hand at trying to covert these types of videos but wow I couldn’t figure I out.

Would love some 2D convertions!

You’re probably right. This section has quite a bit of movement and maybe I’ve overdone it as well :smiley: The zooming and panning is all done by hand using keyframes.

Cyber-Link Power Director is the name of the Software. It’s kinda cool actually for this purpose and pretty easy to work with. Only used the trial for now though.

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If you use a script player that supports mpv (like MFP/JFP) there is also this plugin: GitHub - dfaker/VR-reversal: VR-Reversal - Player for conversion of 3D video to 2D with optional saving of head tracking data and rendering out of 2D copies.
It basically allows you to pan/zoom VR videos inside mpv like in the browser players on streaming sites.

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if you are gonna do this you might as well call it a POV video because thats what it would be lmao. but almost enhanced because it wouldn’t be stuck in one place like in normal pov videos. however you would lose the 3d aspect. unless you put both views side by side and then had someone cross their eyes to view the video. then it would basically be a vr video without the vr like those other side by side 3d videos but upgraded with real depth

only problem i see is some of these videos are so zoomed in with certain scenes you cant see everything. so you might need to zoom out for this to work for some scenes. usually the ones that are really close for some reason

Yeah, some really close-up moments will probably look pretty distorted despite zooming out and everything, but I think most of it is very manageable.

So I see there seems to be quite the demand, even more than I would have anticipated.

A big question in my head is the unquestionable illegality of it all. The only way around that that I can think of would be to do it as a service for people, editing their files for them privately without publically sharing myself. What happens to the files afterwards would be none of my concern.

I could see myself doing that but if it’s not possible to do if for the benefit of the whole community, I’d have to find another reason to do it and I guess the only valid one would be money for that service :see_no_evil: :confused:

I know it sounds kinda shitty but I can’t think of another way to make it worthwhile. Any ideas?

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I actually have a code for a year subscription to Power Director if you want it. I got it for free but I use Davinci Resolve for any editing I have to do so I have no use for it.

When I go through looking for new vids to watch Im always sad when I see the VR tag. I have wanted to play the cock hero ones but the “fish eye” experience is terrible. Also if the program your trying out is simple to use I would probably check it out.

Thank you, that’s a great offer I would definitely pick you up on when - or if - we have found a solution for aforementioned problems…

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I have also had some excellent results using this Program

It allows you to track camera movements and views set key frames and transitions.
Highly Recommend.

I forgot to mention…It is OpenSource and FREE!


Okay, as I have not heard any other ideas or opposing voices yet, I want to offer the following service as a test run:

  • I will convert your VR scene to 2D
  • This means you’ll privately send me a scene and I’ll privately send it back to you converted. What you do with it is your thing.
  • As mentioned, given that this is not a thing that directly benefits the whole community and that it takes quite a bit of time, I require a compensation to make it not a total waste on my part. I thought about $1 per minute of video for this first test.

Please note this is not a lucrative business for me at all. If there is actual demand which I kinda doubt, I will probably not be able to offer it at that price for long. Maybe money pooling like the VR scripting discord could be an interesting thing to explore.

If anyone else wants to do this and is fine with doing it for free, please go ahead. I’m not in this for the money as I have way better ways to earn, I just can’t see myself spending these amounts of time given the aforementioned circumstances.

You could make a detailed tutorial on how to do it. For people who find it too much work or don’t understand it can then use your service. I wouldn’t think of anything else right now.

You would be much better off doing this on a Bounty Basis. Not sure if this site would be the place to run that (OnlyFans sounds like the ideal place) but the idea is simple and similar to the Script Request Forum.

Someone posts a link to the Video to be converted. Other can tip or post a bounty towards doing that clip. Then you can choose the clips that have the most support in tips. Set Minimum Target price if you like.

Here is the Documentation for VR2Normal. It is pretty easy to use.


Probably, yes. Question is where. A discord? How to get a sufficing amount people on there?

I would ask the owner of Eroscripts first if that is something they are open to supporting.

Discord would be good for keeping you out of any DCMA problems since you would probably have to share clips with the scripts.

Kickstarter type site is the ideal kind of place since it does all the accounting for you including any refunds to requests that you decide not to do.

It’s easy to set up the bounty part, The Collection (once done) and Refunding (when needed) is the hard part.

Getting people there would not be hard since that could easily be done with posts in the Request Section here.

But I would check with the powers that be here. They might be open to adding this as a feature of this site.

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There is an app for android called theta+ that allows to convert VR to 2D, i have used it with nice results, but seems that not accepting high resolutions, 5k, 6k, etc. (or maybe is the limitation of my device), but if you guys want to play Vr videos in 2D i recommend GoPro VR Player (kolor eyes player), it allows zoom and panning, and different types of projections, its an old player, but still works fine for this.

Theta+ app:

GoPro VR player: