Why is this community so full of ****?

THIS!!! Thank you.


I am in the same boat. I appreciate all scripters for their work, and only comment when a script/video is especially great, or if I can add something to the conversation. I think there are other many silent appreciators of scripter’s work

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When anonymous, people dont care about dignity. For them you realy need to convince them of the potential consequences. And with piracy, they can be life changing. Getting a 100k fine is for many people enough to be in poverty for the rest of their life. Thats why those warnings are important and why its important for people to know what is legal.

Modern day poet. Always appreciate a witty turn of phrase. :clap:


I remember when I got my lifetime pass to Pornhub. A month later they deleted 2/3 of their content and disabled downloads. Active subscriptions to content, even when it isn’t porn, doesn’t guarantee your access to that content. A lot of times even buying individual videos doesn’t mean you will always have access to that content. I’ve lost dozens of scripts I purchased from websites that have come and gone. Maybe SLR has some clause in their contracts with studios to serve videos to customers who purchased them even if the studio pulls their content from SLR, but I doubt it. For this reason, piracy will not die for people who refused to be cucked by the companies they pay for content. This is why piracy is the backup by default.

Gaming has already adapted and minimized piracy better than anyone. Localized pricing, older games for cheap on GoG, and competitive markets. It took some well run companies to stand as pillars of their industry to pull this off. It’s not clear that the porn industry could ever even achieve something similar.

You can exclaim that we should invest in the current porn business models while they swirl the bowl like blockbuster, but many people will vote with their wallets against it. Pornhub showed us how an irresponsible company can push people away from financial engagement with their industry. It honestly needs an Elon Musk of porn to sweep up some major studios and change the industry for the better.

There will be a point of no return for the porn industry. Compute power and software will very quickly be at a point where you can digitally recreate any scene with anyone. We’re probably 10 years from being able to fully generate porn with AI. From Dall-E to asking Siri to generate you 15 minutes of femdom with a thicc red head. I, for one, believe the porn industry will squander the time they have left.

I don’t believe piracy should be a go-to, but no industry has succeeded in making it irrelevant.

created a topic for the dm level specific idea Should DMs be restricted to higher user levels?

I also wonder if we should all be trying to enforce a much stricter culture of not being an annoying begger. This means lots more flagging of posts.

Of course that relies on all of you to help flag.

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I will start flagging if that’s what the consensus is.

There’s an inherent problem with wanting to be open and free to everyone while also wanting to keep the community clean. I know its somewhat of a taboo word in this day in age but some people need to be gatekept out of the community until they’re ready to not act like a leech.

If someone wants to lurk, grab scripts and videos and leave, thats w/e, theyre not bothering anyone.

If they want to bother the community with script requests outside of the relevant area(indicating they didn’t fucking read any rules/guidelines), or beg for links and mega, then they don’t deserve any rights or respect.

If you’re gonna be lazy, fucking pay for easy access. If you’re gonna be cheap then fucking put the effort in to pirate.

Is there a way for mods to put strikes against accounts for this type of behavior then after a certain amount they get banned? Accounts are free but trust lvl requires an ounce of effort


i don’t think there’s any automatic like ‘3 strikes you’re out’ system. Mods have to manually choose specific action on an account.

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Off topic, but I can’t resist. The first thing that came into mind was a Big Bang Theory episode…


‘3 strokes you’re out’

First thing that came to my mind when I wrote it lol

There’s also the uncomfortable truth that almost all PMVs, HMVs, and Cock Heroes are a form of piracy. I highly doubt that many of them would pass the scrutiny of transformative works under DMCA. I doubt we will ever see torches and pitchforks from this forum go after them when there is little difference between a free link to them versus any other media that falls under copyright.

I’m still not for piracy as previously mentioned, just calling out the hypocrisy.



There actualy is. If media was publicly released, and you make a derived works out of that, depending on country that can actualy still be legal. Especialy PMV’s and CHs generaly make something completely new out of the content.

Sure, they cannot ask any money for that, but a free video can often still be excluded because the original source is already publicly available through a legal way.

They can do a DCMA takedown for it, but in many cases they instead just claim the advertisement profits and just keep the video alive (it still generates money after all).

This is where mega links are usualy an issue vs PH links. But again, laws differ per country.

So its not hypocrisy. Its a completely diffirent case.

Paid media generaly doesnt want to be in a public source. And often is also disallowed for PH videos for that same reason. Asking for a free source here is therefor actualy an issue. Its diffirent towards a source that is public and relies on advertisement for income. For those free videos, the derived work can generate money the same way, but for paid media, you remove their primary income.

Sure, in mosy cases its not clear where the content came from. And this is definitely a grey area where people just dont care. But again, people dont even care about paid media considering they ask for free sources…


The main issue that must be overcame is that the focus once modified is not supposed to be the original copyright media. Usually it is a person reacting to YouTube content where they argue that people are watching for their reaction. There are also movie reviewers, like cinema sins, where they can get away with showing 25% of a movie because they talk over it the entire time.

With PMVs, HMVs, and Cock Heroes they typically attempt to overcome copyright by adding more copyright material like music. None of the assortment of media is presented in a way where the focus is not the original materials the entire time. This disqualifies it from being fair use with what exists for legal arguments.

I can get into the specific cases like MxR Plays vs. Jukin Media or H3H3 vs Matthew Hosseinzadeh. There is a big difference between how you can interpret the law and how it is actually applied when filtered by judicial scrutiny.

Who is checking a PMV to make sure all of the clips are from publicly available, non paid sources? Even if they were publicly available, how do you know they are not still under license from the copyright owner for ad revenue sharing? The only way to make a blanket justification that it is ok is to answer with convenient assumptions at every challange.

I think it’s pretty obvious that people will always look at eroscripts partially as a video sharing forum.

However, it would be nice to add the rule that says that if you see a comment asking for free link, do not repeat it unless X time has passed and limit the answer to only one working link at the time. It’s beneficial for scripters and users. The users don’t have to look into the post if someone posted actual free link, the scripters don’t have to look at users who try to outdo each other who posts more free links/requests in comments.

Very niche content can be a fair use argument because otherwise such niche content is unlikely to be made at all. This is why most of the time the number of viewers is an important aspect for takedowns.

Yes, its deliberately done that way in law. And in such way that even if later on a creator becomes more popular and falls out of niche, that they can still apply the DCMA.

Its often not illegal to do, but only with certain conditions (which vary per country like almost everything). Countries generaly do not want to include everything because these grey areas of piracy actualy do benefit the countries. The less rules, the more your civilians can copy.

If you for example took a lot of samples from media you are not supposed to use in such way. And created something new out of it. If the audience is very small. Then its simply fair use because you know big companies will never create such content (no audience thats worthy enough). Yet you could have made it for whatever reason. Your reasoning can be a valid reason to make the derived works. It needs popularity before it becomes worthy. And then when it finaly is they can do those DCMA’s (which generaly backfire in popularity to the requester) or request for profit sharing (which at that point is usualy even a fair share).

In most works of art its not about the individual sections, its about the art as a whole. Thats where the fair use argument usualy takes place.

And yes, they often can do DCMA’s on such niche content, but usualy they just dont care. Even just a studio name in a CH video can actualy cause a new person to join that flatform and generate income for them.

as madscripts has reiterated, this is not a topic about piracy. If you want to discuss that, please create another topic about it